Chronicles of She-Who-Mourns Part 1 (Republished)

19 08 2007

April 06, 2007

It’s funny how life can be so recalcitrant most of the time.  Just when you decide to do something about it, it drags its sorry butt and makes everything so goddarn heavy. 

I’ve taken refuge in the shell that I have built for myself eons ago–my self. People find it hard to believe that I am a solitary animal (yeah, oink) and that I prefer the lifeless company of my own shadow.  I do love the seemingly never-ending futilely suppressed laughter in the unholy hours past midnight, couch potato sessions till dawn, and gossip-swapping marathons that last till time becomes nothing short of an abstract idea with my friends.  And I do love the warmth and the it’s-ok-i’m-here-assurance that my family’s embrace and sheer presence offer.  But there are simply things that I have and need to go through on my own. 

And this is one of those things…




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