At Home at Home–NOT!

19 08 2007

And so after almost five years in Cebu, I have come “home” to Ozamiz but not quite.  You see, I’m not a native of this place and while my parents call it home now, I still feel like a stranger, an outsider, a sore thumb–a very sore thumb!

Since I arrived in the first week of May, I have only gone out of the house less than 10 times.  Uh-huh.  While I’m a homebody by choice, I can’t help but feel lonely somehow.  Oh yeah, I love talking to my mom and bitching at the househelp every now and then, but I do miss my friends.  I don’t have friends here, poor me. 

So please, befriend me, flirt with me, make love to me, have coffee with me, I beg of you.  LOL.  Seriously!




2 responses

23 08 2007

i’m your friend!

mangape nya ta Ged. Miss you tons!

23 08 2007

you mean, you won’t make love with me instead?

hehehe. miss you big time. i’m happy jellybean’s now ok. take care, sister. mwah!

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