my mother kicks butt

19 08 2007

This is a repost from our family portal. Reading this again makes me think, “I sound like a stage daughter.” Is there such a thing? I’m not sure. I just know that whatever mama felt when I joined contests (err, not the ones that involved wearing swimsuits, i’m afraid. too bad, eh?) and the pride that swells up her everytime I win anything, or just do well, it was pure bliss. I know. I feel it now. She doesn’t play the playstation or drink booze with me or talk about sex (that’d be the day!), or look like Princess Diana, but she’s COOL! Not all daughters get to be this lucky. This was written sometime in Feb. 2007.

i have finally beaten my mom in a game of chinese checkers. if we host a mini-olympics on chinese checkers in the family, my mother would most likely come out victorious, hands down, any day. by a mere move, i finally got a win in one of our nightly sessions over skype. yep, we play online because she is in ozamis and i am here in cebu.
you see, there’s really nothing extraordinary about moms beating their own kids in board games or in anything at all. they do that all the time. but then again, my wiz of a mother is 69 years old. err, yeah, even her age is a bit funky. 😀 she was schooled in a small town far down south and for most of her life, led a very laidback existence until my papa sort of “retired” from his tough cookie, i’m-the-master-of-this-house-so-beat-it role a few summers and springs ago. things have taken a different route from then on.

however, i have always thought of her as someone really cool. although when she first got her own cellphone, she had to place price stickers on the keys because they were too small for her bad eyes. i remember one time when we were exchanging SMS and we were in agreement all throughout when all of a sudden she said NO. because i was in a hurry, i called her to ask why she changed her mind. in a very nonchalant manner that only my mother could muster, she said, “oh, i couldn’t locate Y, so i just said NO instead. N and O are easier to locate.”

mama is funny that way. like me, she’s a walking contradiction. she is very passionate about so many things like eating on time and going about in a rush. in barely a few winks, she shrugs off the seemingly important events of the day like lunch, for example, to watch her favorite korean soap. oh, and she argues that she really doesn’t have time for any nonsense. hehe.

going back to my original musings, i just want to smile and dedicate this first post to the woman who has shaped the person that i am now–-whether you like it or not, ma, hehe–-my mother. for the enigma that she is, and for the many times that she has shocked so many people when she admits that she chats with her kids (old kids) and grandkids through YM, MSN, Skype and tagboards! and well, she beats all of us in chinese checkers, dominoes, the original checkers, chess and many others. she sometimes shows off an air of braggadocio and says she gets really bored with beating all of us. and take note, she does this while watching her favorite evening soap on a local channel. hehe.
my mother has set the bar way high in motherhood. and from where i stand (or sit) no one has ever come close.

not even for a mile.




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