19 08 2007

My first ever WordPress entry.  Now, this is really lame.  I have always drooled over blogs.  For someone who earns a living by typing the night (AND day) away just so websites can have mouth-watering contents, I suck at blogging–big time!

I’ve been eternally planning to get my own WordPress account but I guess I’ve allowed Procky to get the better of me.  Seems like procrastination has become a fad these days so it’s not really that hard to get into it.  Yeah, yeah, yeah. 

I want to jumpstart everything so gimme a minute and I’ll repost all my other entries from all my other so-called bloggies here and there. 

Stay there, aight? 

I’ve always liked talking to myself so talking to an imaginary reader suits me just fine.  Bwahaha.




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