20 08 2007

So why am I blogging now?  Not that I haven’t but I never really thought of it as something that I would actually do.  Ugh!  Am I confusing you?  Don’t worry, it’s you and me on that train, sweetie.  LOL.  I’m not high, I just woke up so I really don’t make sense when it’s THAT time of the day, regardless of what time that is.  I think I should stop.  I’m really not making sense.  Hehe. 

Jun Anteola the master behind http://junanteola.wordpress.com shot me an e-mail because I left a comment in his blog about me stalking him.  LOL.  I was just checking my mail, out of pure habit, when I chanced upon his message.  And it woke me up.  Hehe.  I rarely get hello-emails so I smiled big time.  Now my still-sleepy self has finally caught up with my adrenaline and overpowered everything else.  But I have to really wake up and finish that rewrite that my client needs NOW.  So I’ll talk about Jun and blogging and the whole new world in a bit. 




2 responses

20 08 2007

matulog ka ulit! waaahhh… 😛

you’re now on my blogroll.

and welcome to wordpress.

20 08 2007

wehehe. thanks, kind sir. :p my day has just begun. 😀

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