In the Name of Bigotry

1 09 2007

The long awaited resignation of Malu Fernandez has finally ended when the self-proclaimed diva stepped down from her high chair.  With so many blogs talking about it, I have decided to just read this blog because it contains all the salient points in this matter.  But I’m sure she’ll be back in a day or two. 

While I do not find her articles funny, I think he who sinneth not should cast the first stone.  We are all guilty of bitching about other people in one way or another because we are born that way.  Not perhaps as openly as Malu did but all the same, we engaged in the same bigotry that we crusaded against at some point in our lives.  

But with all that done and over with, I think we should just move on.  There’s no use dwelling on anything negative for so long.  It consumes you.  And while the blogosphere’s move to literally remove her from where she was connected has succeeded, there’s no reason to celebrate.  Why?  Because the facts remain.  In our rage against some people’s insensitivity, we have become insensitive and cruel.  And because Malu Fernandez has never been truly repentant.  For her to let up only to leave a subtle retort is not helping.  Yes we can definitely wage wars against anything oppressive the way the government is using up all the yet-to-be-earned cash to spend on an all-out war against alleged terrorists, but is it really worth our time and energy?

 Oh well…




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3 09 2007

i had wanted to write about this Malu brouhaha, too, while it was yet fresh. but then after reading all the responses on the few blogs which featured it earliest, i thought it’s had enough. i couldn’t resist leaving a comment in one of them, though.

i noticed that most of those who left comments, specially the most deeply personal insults, don’t seem to be bloggers, and took advantage of their relative anonymity. i believe we, as blog administrators, have the responsibility to moderate and edit out the unnecessary. true, these people were just venting out their anger, and given that these represent true people with real sentiments, the more articulate and objective of these could have sufficed.

4 09 2007

i know. it went out of control. but hey, let’s face it, we can all be really mean. that’s why malu, for all that she is, is just another one of us, unfortunately. but i’d still want to try to teach her how to blend her blusher well, invite her to go on south beach diet with me, and do lots and lots of bellydancing together.

30 11 2007

Hi, my name is disman-kl, i like your site and i ll be back 😉

6 12 2007


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