Hello, Bayantel

4 09 2007

Got myself a new DSL provider–Bayantel because for the past few weeks, SmartBro has sucked big time.  I’m not even sure if it’s because of my location (i’m just a poor girl living in a place surrounded by tall buildings) because the SmartBro tech people just tells me their connection is ok and all that bull.  Try calling their customer support hotline and ask about WiFly, they can’t even tell you straight what that is.  I had to educate not just one but FOUR customer support reps what their product is! Jeez!  So I gave up.  Well, not entirely.  I’m using SmartBro as my backup connection.  So now I’m just waiting for two things to come: 1) my dual wan router 2) uninterrupted and fast internet connection –an affirmation that I made the right choice.  Oh, and my phone adapter for my unlimited inbound and outbound calls to the US.  Skype will still be one of my best friends but free is free! 

Don’t bet on Bayantel’s customer support either.  I called their Manila hotline before to inquire if they cover Ozamiz.  The babe on the other line asked me where the f*ck is Ozamiz City.  And so I bitched and told her where my new home is–I was so tempted to give her the coordinates! And she didn’t know where Misamis Occidental is!!!  Gov. Leo, help!  And so I told her to get a map and hung up.  Then I called again.  This time another babe took my call.  She knows Ozamiz City.  But she doesn’t know if they cover the area! Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!  And so, I looked for Bayantel on the directory–I should have done that first, stupid moi.  And voila–they’re in Ozamiz!  But the operations manager was the one who took my call coz the sales officer was out.  Whoa!  And so I asked for their rates, speed, packages, etc. Just to get an idea.  And they offer a rather cheap VoIP service as well!  Great.  And so I left my number coz he said he’ll let his sales officer call me.  And call she did.  After two hours, I was signed up and in less than a week, I now have my connection.  Yey!  I hope I won’t have any technical issues that I can’t handle because with the way their tech guys talked to me, they can’t even differentiate the default gateway from IP address.  THAT scared me!  So I hope I won’t have to call for tech support.  Sigh. 

Tap your heels for me for good luck!

A little under 10 minutes later…




One response

1 07 2009
maria mabborang

hello bayantel,i want to inform your office regarding the poor service they are giving us,our landline has no dialtone for more than 2weeks,we request your office by calling them,and by sending email to them but no action has been made,they sent us many refernce no.and told us that its been escalated for restoration,i saved the no. but i don`t know if they are playing games with us,to the those of the highest positioned for this business,would you please check your employees why they are doing this to us customers,we paid the bill on time,so do you your part as we did so,lets us not wait for the media to make action for this coz its your responsibility,this is business as you all know,so why not make the service better

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