Itaktak Mo…

4 09 2007

I saw that YouTube clip on Wilyonaryo’s supposed glitch the very same day that it hit the online galaxy where I belong, the very same day that it happened.  If you don’t know any better, you would just think that it was indeed just an honest mistake.  But if you come from my world where the trusting and the ambivalent die first, you’d wonder what went on there.   I have read the comments and people were indeed outraged. 

Then came Willie’s tearful (or less) tirade against Joey de Leon as if the latter was the first to ever comment and start the fire!  (Be warned: I’m a loyal Joey de Leon fan.  He’s the man!  He talks crap the way crap is supposed to be talked about.  Hehe.  But really.  The man’s a genius.  And I love the way he picked a fight with Cristy Fermin, man, that was pure delish!) When news about his lashing out at Joey hit the press,  I tried to check what drove Willie Revillame to go “crying” and maligning Joey de Leon on worldwide TV.

The object of Willie’s ire?  Joey’s column in Manila Bulletin.  If the link doesn’t work, here’s the controversial article:

“A little more than a week ago, I read somewhere in this paper that someone in the Kapamilya network remarked that, “Ang kapamilya hindi napapalitan, pero ang puso pwedeng i-transplant,”—obviously referring to the well-publicized and quite controversial transfer of a former known kapuso to their side.

“Well, maybe I thought, they even got an ovation for that statement from their audience and followers. And maybe too, the person who thought of it found the idea cute and brilliant. Hmmm… but you know, throughout history, there have been lines spoken, and even by the greatest of men, which when carefully examined closely, are silly and untrue.

“Take for instance—”You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.” And, “the best things in life are free.” Not quite true, right? ‘Yung first one pwede siguro if you’re a big star in television and you have a lot of what you call in the business—exchange deals.

“Or you’re a young goddess of a woman and you have a filthy rich provider who is like a faucet—hot and cold. But all these have a “kapalit,” kaya nga exchange deal eh. In the first one, the big star will have to plug always. And in the second one, the sexy goddess will always be plugged.

“Transferring networks, or even working for some of these TV stations at the same time (”grossing the net”or “inter-networking”) is not new to me. Remember, I belong to the only daily show in Philippine TV history, or maybe the world, which have aired in three different major networks; surviving and outlasting five presidents… and still counting! Yes, we are the KONTOT (Kings Of Network Transfers On Television)! We are the Transfermers!

“That is why this issue about this angel from heaven, I mean seven, who transferred to you know where, is the least of anxieties. I really just find their statement so untrue and unfair, and I feel I need to react (and besides, wala akong article for this week). O, eto na—tatagalugin ko na para mas may dating at may diin. At saka tutal Tagalog din naman ‘yung binitiwang mga salita eh. Ready?

“Maganda lang siguro pakinggan ‘yung mga sinabi n’yo, pero ikinalulungkot ko, mali eh. Para bang isang babaeng nagparetoke-mukha lang maganda, pero hindi totoo.

“Una, pwede bang magharap kayo sa akin ng tao na nagpa-transplant ng puso na nagtagal ang buhay?! Pwede talaga, pero pwede bang magtagal?

“Pangalawa, lalo na sa panahon ngayon, ang daling magpalit ng pamilya ng mga tao. ‘Yung iba nga may pamilya dito, may pamilya duon eh. Sa showbiz na lang—ilan sa inyo at sa atin ang nagpalit na ng pamilya?

“Sa totoo lang, ito ang mas tumpak—ang puso natin ay mahirap palitan, pero ang pamilya pwede—at pwede pang dagdagan.

“At eto pa ang isang dumadagundong na katotohanan—pwede tayong mabuhay nang walang pamilya, pero hindi tayo pwedeng mabuhay ng walang puso.

“Alam nyo, may art din ‘yung pagsundot at patama. But naturally, all these are “tuksuhan lang.” Tayong lahat ay may mga pinagsamahan. Magkikita at maaring magkasama rin tayo balang araw. Kaya, walang pikunan. Paliwanagan lang. Biruan lang. Teasing is not bad. Cheating is… on TV!”
I can’t help it.  I loooove the guy’s acerbic wit.  If there’s one major turn-on for me, that’s that! He’s downright opinionated, intrigero and really naughty–why, he’s like a tyke with a bandit’s catch-me-if-you-can air.  But one thing that Joey and I share is that fierce loyalty.  Yes, he has transferred from one station to another but that is purely because he goes where TAPE takes its pack and of course, there were unpatchable differences–like ABS-CBN wanting to buy the rights of Eat Bulaga from TAPE and the sequestration of RPN then. If he’s so palaaway, how come he never had a really bad case in court, well, the allegation of rape of Pepsi Paloma that paved the way for the late Rene Cayetano’s fame was a close call, but that was purely hyped up.  And Willie had the audacity to bring up that issue notwithstanding the possible effect of that issue to the children who look up to Joey, not to mention the his grandkids.  The guy has cleaned up his act.  If he does anything naughty, it’s all for laughs.  If he’s so pasaway, why does a network as big as GMA, that has never tolerated felons, give him more than 5 shows making him visible 7 days a week?  And it’s not just one TV network!  There’s also ABC. 

Going back to the article, there’s nothing there that blatantly pointed an accusing finger to Willie Revillame.   As Joey aptly said, bato-bato sa langit ang tamaan wag magalit.  And pikon Willie is the loser here.  Joey was doing what he does best, counter-punch.  Loyal to his network that he is, he defended it and ended his article with an inside joke.  Those who get it would just laugh.  Those who don’t would just ignore it.  But those who may be guilty would use their shows to talkback.

Willie opened a can of worms, and who gets burned?  Definitely, not Joey although the mudslinging done by Willie that fateful day may just be the cause for his another trip to the courthouse.  He maligned Joey de Leon in public.  What he did was slanderous and a downright oral defamation in worldwide TV documented by video clips everywhere, for crying out loud. So what if Joey makes side comments and writes articles like that?  He’s an entertainment columnist, showbiz-oriented talk show host and  rival variety show mainstay.  He has all the right to say as he pleases so long as he doesn’t cross the line, because he gets paid for it.  And he’s not plastik.  He doesn’t say he idolizes this person and that as a way of making sipsip.   Willie should have ignored the article and the alleged side comments but he chose to make himself the center of attention, and now, pity. Come on, boy, grow up!

After all the brouhaha, Willie apologizes?  After all that he did?  And for what?  Because he’s tired and stressed out?  Well, he brags that he hosts a daily show on his own (which makes me wonder what he calls his co-hosts if they’re not “hosts”) so that’s probably it.  But is he sorry for real?  Did he mean what he said?  Coz I didn’t hear him apologize directly. 

Moral of the story, read and understand what you read.  But I guess the best thing that happened here is that the supposed glitch is now being closely watched and investigated. 

Lolit Solis was right in telling Joey not to make peace with Willie.  Why?  So the main issue will just die down?  The notorious design flaw? I don’t buy it! Don’t underestimate the masses.  Don’t twist our minds with your excuses.  Just because the poor see a glimmer of hope in watching and in participating shows like Wowowee and Wilyonaryo, specifically, does not mean the poor can be easily conned.  Cory Vidanes was right.  All games shows experience technical glitches. But that is exactly the main reason why a new game show, segment or portion, or even any prop for that matter, should be tested.  It should have a million and one dry runs to ensure that it doesn’t go kablam when it goes on air.  Besides, what was so complicated about using that box?!  It was a manual procedure that didn’t need to use anything fancy!  Does that mean they never tested it before launching it? Does that mean they never briefed Willie on how to use it? Don’t tell me, Willie didn’t understand how it was supposed to work?! Like he didn’t know how to properly pull the film?  Oh come on! Gimme a break. If i were to believe these people, i’d say they are so irresponsible.  

Don’t divert the people’s attention to Joey de leon.  Joey de Leon is Joey de Leon. He wouldn’t stay in the biz for over 4 decades kung wala sya’y K. And for those who say Joey is laos because he is insecure of Willie, think.  If having over 5 shows in one network and a few other in other networks, and a column in a paper with nationwide circulation, make one laos, then laos is great.  

Without Eat Bulaga, Joey de Leon will still be around because he’s got the skills and the talent–ask Ariel and Maverick. Without Joey, Eat Bulaga will still be around but it won’t be the same.  But where will Willie find himself if Wowowee is axed?  I’m sure Wowowee will survive without its Pappy.  But what will Willie do now that he’s used to playing “solo”?  I don’t think he’ll like playing side kick to the big stars anew.




3 responses

24 10 2007

Willie gives us happiness.Pinoys living abroad salute willie and we love him so much.He touched so many people’s lives.He’s such a humble person.Your Joey de leon is such a jerk.He loves word war really.GMA artists are like that.Like Lolit Solis also.They always love to make false stories about ABS CBN artists.Know what? Accept the fact that Willie is more famous now than joey .Even if you’ll go to hotels around the world,children are singing boom tarat.I dnt even know the song before and they are the ones who told me that it’s willie’s song..i asked them if they know joey? they said.yes,the bad guy.

24 10 2007

You don’t know how willie helped us.You don’t even know him.And i know Joey de leon very well.He can dance Itaktak better than the dancers.Go abroad,only oldies know joey.But willie? from 1 yr old-90’s….

24 10 2007

Do you see anything anywhere this blog that asks who is more popular between the two? And dahling, people who keep up the word wars are those who have a lot to say. They know when to stop and they do so without hiding behind other people. And those who pretend to be sick? They’re usually guilty. At least Lolit Solis did not deny having cheated. Unlike some people there…

Oh, and you’re just helping Joey build his case against your idol by giving us printable proof that indeed the children across the globe now know Joey as the bad guy because of what your idol ratted out on TV. Thank you. If indeed Joey will file a case, I’ll submit your comments with your IP address as proof. But don’t you think it’s a little bit too late to react?

Thanks for dropping by. You must really be a huge fan for you to create two aliases just so you can leave two comments. Or is the other one your imaginary friend who adores Willie as well?

Tsk. Itaktak mo, baby!

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