Ten Things I Hate–Tagged

23 09 2007

Dokie tagged me and since I am new to social blogging, I’m actually giving this my time of day.  Hehe.  I used to be a blogger in recluse so…

It’s supposed to be about ten things that I hate so here goes…

FOOD: Leftovers from YESTERDAY!

FRUITS: Rambutan.  I hate having to go through so much trouble just to eat a little part of it only to go through the same trouble of opening it and eating so little again.  I mean, yeah, you can actually just squeeze it all out in one sweep then help yourself to seeds disguised in a thin film of not so heavenly goodness.  Where’s the fun in there?

VEGGIES: I’m headed towards a healthier diet so I can’t think of any veg that I hate. 

PEOPLE: Holden would scorn these people alongside moi–phonies!  Hypocrites.  I can think of so many things to describe people that I hate but they all lead to this one word–hypocrites!  Especially those who are connected to anything religious.  I don’t have anything against honest to goodness believers of various gods, in fact, I admire those who proclaim their faith for all the world to see and hear.  But only to those who really mean and live by what they preach.  Ok?  Nuff said. 

I specifically hate gay and philandering priests who hide under their cassocks!   Jeez! 

I also DON’T LIKE girly-girls.  Well, at least not right away for some.  I’m not boyish and yeah, I say yuck and eww every now and then but I hate the cheerleadery girly-girly-girls who act like they’re god’s gift to men and that other women are yucky because they’re not like them.  I have girly girl friends who are really the real deal but there’s less than 5 of them–the rest? They’re like the rest of them!

Judgmental fools who feel like other people are low-lives because they do some faux pas.  Those goody-two-shoes who give shoes a bad name. 

One more thing, I hate people who complain a lot without doing anything to contribute to make the world a better place. 

EVENT/SITUATION/INCIDENT: I hate being talked to the moment I wake up.  I also hate being rushed into doing something or going somewhere.  I hate being rushed.  PERIOD.  People who know me, and love me, know I’m perennially late so no one bothers me with it.  That’s one reason why I refuse to work in the corporate world anymore.  And no, I don’t want to work in the government.  I know I can get away with being late, even being absent for a million days, but I can’t live with myself if I would be in that situation.  No offense to the people in the government service who work their as*es off just to make our lives a tad easier but no, I’m off-topic already!

And I hate parties where I have to dress up, unless I’m in the mood for it, which is uber-rare.

TV SHOWS/MOVIES: Still Breathing with Brendan Fraser.   You know those movies that make your head hurt a lot but you can’t sleep through them and you can’t even get out of the theater, or turn off the DVD player, as the case may be. 

I also hate really scary movies–well, only when I watch them alone. 

Wowowee–the host, the format, the dancers, the phoniness.

PBB–I used to loooove Laurenti Dyogi but he can’t help but go mainstream and then downstream. 

MUSIC: Novelty songs that refuse to get off my mind.  Those songs that you hate but out of the blue you hear yourself sing–lyrics memorized and all?!

HOUSEHOLD CHORES: Picking up after others. 

THINGS AROUND THE WORLD: Not things but people.  Things don’t just happen.  They become so because of people who manipulate everything for a myriad of selfish reasons.  I don’t have anything against people who do things for their own gain but if involves stepping on others’ toes, that’s something else. 

One more thing–APATHY.  It’s a disease that’s growing faster by the millisecond. 

THINGS ABOUT MYSELF: I have a bad temper.  My mother told the househelp when I came home after a five-year hiatus (read: attempt at independence), “when she’s good, she’s really good but mess with her and you’ll see hell coz when she’s bad, she’s really bad.”

I rarely forget bad things that people do to me.  I can easily forgive and when I do say I feel fine about things, I sincerely do so.





4 responses

24 09 2007

But if it’s the philandering priest Padre Amaro, would you still hate him?

24 09 2007

I still would. Hehehe. I’ll have Gael Garcia Bernal anytime but that story was really disturbing. And the girl suffered!

Oh, and I remember the scene where he had the girl wear the blessed virgin’s blue cloak before making love to her, urgh! that really offended my sensibilities. I’m no religious fanatic but that was really disturbing. And the attempt to justify his mistakes by highlighting the corruption of the Church is totally off tangent.

I’d rather have The Priest anytime, but then again, I’m more supportive of gay people who are wronged.

Point is, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Thanks for dropping by girl!

24 09 2007

Ay, I cried in the ending part of The Priest and then suddenly the lights of upfc lit. Waaahahaha, sakpan! Umuwing luhaan at tawanan….

It was a touching movie.

24 09 2007

shucks! didto sad ko kita ato! daan pa gyud ko gaabot gyud tas diliman! hehehehe. i can never forget that part where they were caught then he was asked for his occupation. and then he said, “priest.” and the cop went, “oh, father!” hehehehe.

and kato sad before ato, katong nasakpan nyang naay other guy iyang lover and the lover said, “what did you expect?” hehehe. gosh! the way it was delivered was priceless! hehehehe.

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