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27 09 2007

I e-mailed Howie Severino a few days ago after I watched I-Witness on GMA.  His docu, Is Brod Thicker than Water, brought back both fond and sad memories of UP.  The people who were interviewed were people that I know personally.  Jeff, for one, used to be a constant open-house and dorm friend.  I congratulated Howie and his team for another great docu. 

He e-mailed back and told me he read my entry about the frat-related violence in the campus and thanked me for my “brutally honest” comments.  Haha.  I was so embarrassed with myself.  I made a comment about him doing studio jobs every now and then and how he sucked at them.  Hehe.  But as he said, he’d never get tired of being on the road and “out there” and would probably choose that path any day, except that taking on studio jobs would afford him the chance to be with his kid.  Oh well, as I said, it’s a calling and I hope he makes more copies of himself soon because he is of a dying breed. 

Thanks for your time, Howie.  Mabuhay ka rin! And for that, I’ll cheer One Big Fight!




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