Rape…An Unfinished Story

1 10 2007

Snooky Serna was interviewed in Showbiz Central on GMA yesterday because of the controversy that sprung from her declaration on DJ Mo’s radio program that she lost her virginity when she was 14 because she was raped.  Apparently, she was violated by someone that she trusted and since she refused to give any other details, I can only surmise that she was romantically involved with the guy.  This brings to mind a lot of issues that women–and girls–face on our day to day existence that we don’t talk about or merely shrug off for a million and one reasons. 

What is rape and what can we do when we are in a situation where we are forced to do something that we do not want but for whatever reason, succumb to such demands?

This calls for more “sitting down time” on my part because I have a lot of things to say about this but I don’t have that now so, let it be a cliffhanger for now…




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2 10 2007
batang buotan

Was it really rape? Yes, according to Philippine laws. Some girls don’t talk about it because of shame yet many cry because even husbands-to-be can’t accept that it happened to wife-to-be.

2 10 2007

I pity snooky serna. she’s been through a lot lately. anyhow. pareho tayo ng theme na ginagamit hehe. ganda ng freshy ano?

btw do you you seemed familiar with the franciscans hehe. I was intrigued on your comment on my guestbook.

Pax Et Bonum.

3 10 2007

@batang buotan — there are still so many things in our country that have it’s-a-man’s-world written all over them. but thanks to raul roco, the anti-rape law was revised to be a bit more politically correct and a bit fairer. it could still use a few more revisions but at the end of the day, it’s still our judicial system that counts.

it’s sad. there are so many things that women do not talk about for fear of getting judged at instead of getting the necessary help and support that we desperately need in those very low moments. i promise to write what i really want to write down soon. LOL.

salamat sa paglaag bai! 🙂

@bluepanjeet — nice to see you here. i sent you an e-mail to get you intrigued some more. hehe.

3 10 2007

Now I know you a little bit more. thanks for sharing some of you via email. i really appreciate it. just read it this afternoon.

anyhow I read your comment on Jun Anteola’s blog. You make sense actually. It’s not teri hatcher’s fault but the producers and the writers. I am one with you on that. You are a very objective blogger. keep it up. it’s a trait of a franciscan! God Bless and more power to your blog!

3 10 2007

salamat po. i try to.

hmmm, franciscan? hehehe. i love animals! and i like walking barefoot. but i loooooove money and i wanna be rich. hehehe. and i want to be selfish every now and then.

salamat for dropping by.

5 10 2007
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