5 10 2007

I officially pin the JOLOGS star on my forehead. 

Ever since I got home (kinda home) in Ozamiz, I’ve done nothing but


work my ass off —prostitute myself to various companies in faraway lands, write for a travel-related website, get into my telemarketing garb and sweet-talk gatekeepers so I can talk to decision makers, call small-scale businesses and offer this and that

smoke my lungs out

watch TV

read blogs and write a few entries every now and then

read all the entertainment sites that I can find—my favorite?  the Philippine Entertainment Portal and Abante when Alfie Lorenzo’s around

play with myself, ahem, I mean play Capitalism II (yeah, I’m boring) or GTA San Andreas or Jeopardy or Red Alert 2 or WarCraft III by myself. LOL.

There are nights when I do all of them at the same time.  Yeah!  I’m your ultimate poster girl for multitasking. 





talk to my mom and laugh our guts out together

play with the dogs, bathe them when I am in the mood for some serious wet sessions!

lecture (naks) the househelp—I have OCD, remember?  I get ticked off with misaligned books in the shelves, drinking glasses that look frosted because they weren’t washed the proper way (you should wash drinking glasses with your bare hands NEVER with scouring pads or sponge), the other day’s leftover that are going to be today’s leftovers as well and all that jazz.

smoke my lungs out

read pinoy showbiz links


same as any other weekday/weeknight routine save for StarTalk!!!


same as any other weekday/weeknight routine save for Showbiz Central!!!

I watch the news but I think the highlight of my weeks is reading pinoy showbiz juicy tidbits…

Ask me about what’s the latest on pinoy showbiz.  I’ll probably even give you a backgrounder!  OMG! 

Oh well, this is my life.  Hehe. 




5 responses

5 10 2007

if that’s how you describe being jologs, then i am one too. i do a lot of multi tasking myself.. i eat, talk on the fone, browse pages of men’s magazines, and pick my nose with the middle finger all at the same time while driving nyahahaha!

thanks for having my banner on your sidebar. appreciate it :D. i’ll be coming back here for sure!

jologs rule! lol

5 10 2007

thanks azmeister. call it the revenge of the jologs. hehe. well, i was more referring to my now intimate relationship with pinoy showbiz chismis. lol. but yeah, jologs rule!

and thanks for dropping by.

7 10 2007

if i am in Phils, i wouldn’t miss any of those Pinoy showbiz news, jologs din ako coz i wanna be updated in showbiz.. and PeP is fave site we regularly check out while working… lolz

7 10 2007

haha, i know! thanks for dropping by rhapsody. you should read abante online and abante tonite as well–at least for alfie lorenzo’s take on life and tita piolo! LOL.

11 04 2010

Your blog has been one of my favorites of all time. … Thanks for writing such a great blog. I always enjoyed reading it,

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