Viva El Pacman

7 10 2007

I never played the game.  Well, for starters, we didn’t even have a TV set while I was growing up.  Second, when we got our first set, I was too hooked to watching TV to even want a family computer.  My brother bought one and I never liked playing anything in it save for Circus Chable. So I didn’t know what Pacman is. 

Of course I came to know it later on.  But I still never felt like playing it.  When games on cellphones reached a turning point and I had to say goodbye to good ol’ Snake, Pacman also had a short stint in some cellphone platforms.  Pacman eats his opponents one after the other, outwits them and outruns them.  Guess that’s why Manny Pacquiao has become the Pacman, other than his name sounding almost similar to it. 

But Manny Pacquiao was already Pacman then.  I remember his first well-publicized win.  He was 19 then.  So was I.  Jinkee was also just his girlfriend then.  Regardless of what Pacquaio has become, or what bloopers he may have had in his life, I take my hat off to the guy.  He’s a good businessman.  He knows how to handle money.  He doesn’t forget his benefactors.  He takes his game seriously—his discipline is unparalleled.  And he’s a gentleman in the ring.  I wasn’t so happy with him in the Pacquiao-Larios fight but he still blew me away.  He strives to become a better person.  And while air sometimes gets to his head, he seems to listen when people close to him tells him to cut the crap.

Pacman’s ability to make the world stop—at least for us, Filipinos, is undeniable.  And for at least a few hours, I felt that Filipinos around the world have broken barriers to cheer in unison.  Hell, I think even blogaddicts left their stations to watch the fight—unless you’ve got internet TV.  Cable or not, you could hear people say Ugh! Aww! Yes! No! Bang! and what-have-yous.  Simply amazing. 

Congratulations, Philippines, we’ve won once more.  Pacman did us all proud.  Just what we need after all the bashing that we got this week.  What a way to end a bad week.  Hope this new one turns out to be a really better one.




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8 10 2007
8 10 2007

Thanks for dropping by.

I was reading’s spoilers yesterday but since Solar Sports had the fight without spots, the blow by blow accounts by Doghouseboxing weren’t much of a spoiler.

It wasn’t that great of a fight especially after media heightened everybody’s expectation and since it was supposedly Barrera’s revenge but I’m sure the advertisers got what they paid for. Twelve rounds of millions. LOL.

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