Indulge the Groupie in Me — Wentworth Miller

9 10 2007

What is it about this guy that turns me on?  Or many other women, and we-men, for that matter? 

Is it the fact that he doesn’t sport much hair now? 

Or is it because regardless of how he crawls into dirty tunnels or creeps between greasy pipes, he never looks dirty?

Or is it because he poses an enigma and an air of mystery that most men can’t hold on to for so long?

Or is it because he’s multi-racial that makes him look like he’s been genetically engineered to hot perfection?

Or is it because his body looks good enough to eat?  Ya know, that lanky but muscled physique without that I-could-kill-you-in-one-swing or my-chest-is-bigger-than-yours look (and feel!)

Or is it because he’s been constantly rumored to be gay?

Or is it because he’s one of those few actors who come from prestigious schools and well-schooled families?

Or is it the eyes that speak volumes without as much as a twitch?

Or is it because so many other women and gay guys want to get him to bed with them? 

Is it because he’s Michael Scofield?

Why, oh why, Wentworth?  Are you worth my time?  You definitely are.  You’re one of those guys that could make me leave everything just so I can watch your TV series non-stop from sun-up to sun-down. 

Or is it just Prison Break?  But nah, the show’s not even THAT great.  Well, the first season is!  But the next ones are thrilling and exciting but it somehow departs from the original theme.  Though it looks like it’s bound to get back on track from Sona in this third installment. But still…




2 responses

10 10 2007

He is yummy! (Ah, murag nakatilaw.. hahaha!)
I like the squinty look effect.
I first saw him in that Mariah Carey video.
Ang swerte ni Mariah!

10 10 2007

Swerte muleng. Hay. When kaha ko katilaw pod ni Wentworth no? Gay or not, mutilaw gihapon ko. Bwahahahaha. Linya ta?

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