Ida–Shigi Shigi

10 10 2007

I have long wanted to write something about Paolo Ballesteros and his portrayal of God Officer Poe in the “sequel” of the original Shaider in GMA‘s Zaido.  Why?  Because he looks soooooo beautiful and fabulous in it!  It doesn’t matter if he has never admitted to being gay in real life.  (I hope he does.  I so hope someone would actually own up to be gay without going all loud and screaming in the Philippine entertainment industry.  It’s about time someone holds up the banner of gay-hood without being typically gay.) 

The original Japanese character is a transvestite.  He’s the grandson of the main villain of the story.  In the Philippine dubbed version, he went by the name, Babaylan IdaZaido has retained this name but changed the costume–color, headdress, etc. .  Now Paolo plays the role of Ida and, my oh my, doesn’t he look soooo good in it!

Every time I get to see Zaido, I am tickled pink when I see Ida.  Really! 

Paolo said that it’s just work but didn’t elaborate on the gay issue.  His parting shot in this article, however, is pregnant with meanings.  Admission or not, I love the way he said it. 




2 responses

16 10 2007
tinuod nga botbot

aw, vayot diay sya? hehehehe
haven’t watched zaido even once, and i guess i never will ehehehehe.. i’m into lastikman.. waaaaahooooooooo

16 10 2007

hellow tinuod nga botbot. hehe. yep, vayot ang character. ang actor? um, la pa miangkon. hehehe. but his portrayal adds flavor to the show. reminds of me of those “tagalized” japanese TV series. hehe.

kapamilya diay ka? hehe. sige, kung asa ka malipay, suportahan ra tikaw. kapuso man ko, anumang kulang ng buhay. hehe.

thanks for dropping by.

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