Free Fallin’

22 10 2007

A pingback today brought me back to good ‘ol dormdays in UP.  There’s this band, The Bridge, whose members (there were just three of them then, I’m not really sure if they’ve added a few more to their team) are the type who would make any “girl” giggle—brooding look, silent, very talented, seemingly shy, lanky, unshaven, in jeans, husky, husky voice!—you get the picture, girls!  Well, they didn’t have that much of a following but in our dorm and theirs, they were already celebs in their own right.  One of my closest friends had a huge crush on one of their lead vocalist that there were moments when we really stalked the guy! Then I developed a huge crush on his cousin, who was also a major role player in their band.  In UP Fair ’98, they gave an undies-snapping rendition of Change the World by Eric Clapton.  They figured in so many other gigs in UP and in the small but popular bars near UP (70s Bistro, Freedom Cafe, Ora Cafe–those were their names then).  Their favorite song, or so we thought, because they used to sing it a lot, was Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ Free Fallin’ and man, what a song.  I mean we, women, are drawn to bad guys who are full of angst and a soft spot somewhere.  So, check this out:

“Free Fallin'”
Free Fallin

By Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne
Copyright © 1989 Gone Gator Music (ASCAP)/ SBK April Music Inc. (ASCAP)
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

She’s a good girl, loves her mama
loves Jesus and America too
She’s a good girl, crazy ’bout Elvis
loves horses and her boyfriend too

It’s a long day livin’ in Reseda
there’s a freeway runnin’ through the yard
and I’m a bad boy, ’cause I don’t even miss her
I’m a bad boy for breakin’ her heart

And I’m free, I’m free fallin’

All the vampires walkin’ through the valley
move west down Ventura Blvd.
And all the bad boys are standing in the shadows
All the good girls are home with broken hearts

(Repeat Chorus)

I wanna glide down over Mulholland
I wanna write her name in the sky
I wanna free fall out into nothin’
Gonna leave this world for awhile

(Repeat Chorus)




14 responses

24 10 2007

Oh my gosh! Who is your closefriend?! My friend was so soo crazy about Johnoy too! Wahahaha! We used to tambay in coop, back of Vinzon’s, near Johnoy’s lair. Ampucha, si cousin pala type mo ha! They’re friends of my housemate — you know, Narra boys! I like it when The Bridge plays coversongs from Dave Matthew’s Band. Hay, true they’ve got that kilig factor kahit mga chaka naman sila. Hahaha… That was in the late 90s. I dunno what happened to that girl. She stayed too long in college. One time I saw her hosting UP Fair. I think she’s with Gabriela or LFS. Hahaha.. naging tibak.

Oh girl, I like Jodie of The Brew. You know him? He was my classmate in Math54. Gusto ko ngang kausapin at landiin with a “hi classmate” line when one time they had a gig in Gweilos. Kaso may gf ata nakabantay. Hay, rockstars!

24 10 2007

Kaw gyud no, manglaglag gyud kas akong mga mystery men! LOL. Hahaha. I like the cousin. I’m not sure if they made me love Dave Matthews even more or it was Dave Matthews Band that made me love them. Hehehe. Lover lay down! LOL.

Syet! They owned that internet cafe oi! My god, don’t we love the Narra Boys? Even Papa Waggy who grew roots in Narra? LOL.

Haha, I dunno Jodie. But I remember Francis Brew nuon. Hahaha. The NU 107 DJ nga lead guitar sa The Dawn or he’s the lead guitarist sa The Dawn nga DJ sa NU 107. Hehe. Not that I’m old! But the guy used to frequent Sampa before coz naa syay girl didto. Oh well, yeah, rockstars rock. Even I liked Mark Abaya then, until he turned into a popstar! Haha.

24 10 2007

Jodie was low profile. That was his charm. Oh yes, I used to see Francis around CHE when he was courting a CT instructor before the Sampa girl, also Chito Miranda courting that chaka girl in CHE. Glenn Jacinto also became a fling of a pretty coursemate, another girl from CHE. Sus, chismosa jud ko.

Sampa ka? I used to frequent there, didto man ako cousin unya duol ra pod sa college. Wahahaha.. si Waggy the artist. One time ba he kissed Pepe Smith’s boots during a Narra openhouse. High na high na! Hahaha, my gazzy gas!

24 10 2007

My God, girl!!! As in when I get to Manila, you have to clear your sked coz I super wanna meet you. Gaabot gyud ta I’m sure somewhere. I was the VP sa Sampa atong time when we had a week-long “open house” where the dorm was completely opened to the public pagka-last day na. Katong naay marathon mini-concerts with God’s Monkeys, ItchyWorms (when they were still a mix of whimpy Narra, Molave and some UP Bliss boys), Slapshock, Brown Beat All Stars and a few others nga nakalimut na gyud ko. Hehe. Ako ra tawn naningkamut atog organize kay deadma baya nang mga taga-Sampa but after that, mura nalingaw na to among life. Hehe. CHE diay ka! I know that petite girl that Chito courted. Hehe. Ako bestfriend kay ID man to sya so every now and then, go ko sa CHE. So you must know CP! LOL.

I know Liza Gallo but CT to sya. I forgot kinsa tong mga taga FT. Hmmm… Jovannie Rose Colasito? I’m not sure if nag-FT to syag dayon. Does CHE still do Bb. ACHEng?

My god, Waggy RAPED Dawn, that transvestite who later became Donita! My god, I can’t forget that day. Open house tos Narra and way before nausa ang GinPomelo, the guys in Narra already initiated us with that, using London Dry Gin! Imagine ka-jologs na lang gyud natong mga taga peyups. Hahaha. Anyway, we were kinda tipsy na morning pa lang and Daddy Waggy was painting this huge canvas for the backdrop sa ilang show that night. Ug sa dihang mi-rampa ang bayot nga si Dawn in a sleeveless dress (mura moss green to color ato) and teased the then also tipsy and high Waggy. Ingon sya, Daddy Waggy, hi. Gisampa bitaw na syang Waggy sa katong naay kahoy sa tunga sa open area near their basketball court? Dawn was pressed against the tree and his back was to Waggy and Waggy raised her dress and opened his zipper and “simulated” THAT motion. LOL. WIth matching dialogue girl, Daddy Waggy pala ha! And wagi ang dialogue sa bayot, feeling molested child, “Daddy Waggy, wag!” Hahahahaha!

I think Waggy was the convergence point between those who were in UP in the late 80s to those who left after 2000. Hehe.

25 10 2007

Wow! Maayoha nimo oi. I think I was there siguro in that openhouse. Uso pod to disco disco sa una. Yuck! Hahahaa… Naay one time openhouse sa Sampa ba, wa jud ko niuli kay naa man to si Bayani Balane(?) ato! Aguy day, supercrush kaayo nako na siya, taga-Narra, long hair, roommate ni Noel, taga-Archi! Ibog kaayo ko ato niya sa una ay, pero from afar ra ko taman kay talawan man, gwapo pod kaayo to siya oi lisod lang kab-uton, murag di madala maski idaan sa confidence, lipay lang jud ko makakita niya. Shucks! Sorry di jud mawala ang lalaki sa topic. Hahaha…. Lisod man gud ning deprived ta ba. Hehehe…

Mao jud to nga openhouse when Waggy made that backdrop! I was there that night! Murag nakaguba pa jud daw siyag PLDT payphone?! Pastilan, I could just imagine Donita’s masochistic agony, which Im sure gi-enjoy niya…. Ambot kung uso na pod to ag Boracay cocktail nila — rhum with Moo? Murag nahubog pod ko ato dah! Sus oi! Grabeh ang Narra noh? Didto ra nag-abot ag mga bakloosh og ag mga bogoy! Hahaha… Pero wa juy makapildi ni Romeo Lee pod! 70s pa siguro to noh?

FT biya ko. ID ako roommate sa Kalayaan and then CT ako best friend. Yehess! We should get together, I like that! Di diay madayun ag singles party kay adto Europe ako miga unya nabuntis nga wa sa plano iya sis. Hehehe…
Ingna ko pag naa na ka diri. You text or call me: 09178571621 (Sha). I’ll be glad to meet you too. 🙂

25 10 2007

In fairness, lingaw baya tong mga disco disco sa dorms! Hahahaha.

Kalimot ko kung asa mi nangadto ato nga time but I remember Boracay from the UP Fair better. LOL. Ka-remember ko nga ang Narra boys ang nagpasikat ato.

My God! Romeo Lee was with us for one night atong Edsa 2 coz friends silang Anna Domingo, you know her? ID girl nga chinita. Mountaineers man ngali to sila.

Ug syempre gi-post gyud nimo imong number diha!

Kalimot man kog kinsa to akong crush then oi, basta nahan gyud sad ko atong Jon! LOL. Sige mi kuyog ni Aaron Pundol then kay sya may official coach kunuhay sa basketball team sa Sampa.

Kinsa man tong imong tibak friend nga kuyog nimog stalk ni Johnoy? Daghan kog friends sa LFS kay for a time, tambay sad ko didto with them. Ganahan gani kong Dennis Longid before! LOL.

26 10 2007

Lingaw jud, duro pod ko sayaw ato oi. Gakisi-kisi ang agi. Makakatawa lang ko maghuna-huna ba. Hehehe…

Anna Domingo sounds family but I’m bad with names, I don’t forget the faces though so I’m sure I’ll recognize her. Kinsa to si CP? Si pogi CP nga taga-Cebu? My cousin (who was a Sampa dormer) is April Rose Herrera, FLCD, sa 2nd floor to siya dapit sa dalan atbang sa Bio sa may UPIS nga side, roommate ni Gary(?) ag girl nga tambok kaayo og uyab from somewhere, unya later giilisdan niya with an SJ guy (rocker pod!) nga supercrush pod sa ako migang taga-Haribon, suya kaayo siya ato bayhana, hahaha. Si Abie was that girl who really liked Johnoy a lot! Di ko sure if LFS or Gabriela siya or some soro. Ka-remember ko ana ni Dennis Longid, chinitong payat unya tangkad. Mountaineer? Samasa ba to siya? Ag ako ate nga taga-Variates sa una kay active man ato panahon sa Samasa, Stand-UP, ISA. Murag sila ra tong kaubana.

Naka-hang-out pod ko one time ana ni Romeo Lee (ahehehe! feeling cool) with the Haribon pips who were mostly Mountaineers pod kay niuban ko sa ako miga nagdinner somewhere. Weird siyag humor kay ang salida himuon niyag iyang istorya as if one of the characters siya. Praning!

Hay! Funny lagi mag-reminisce. 🙂

26 10 2007

Yes, Pogi CP from Cebu!!!

Familiar ang mga names girl! Tsk. Syet!

Dennis Longid was the student regent sometime in 1998 man ngali to. He’s from Stand-UP oi.

After ato, when Cielo Magno and I became friends, naks, murag nahimo na kong SAMASA, well, kinda because na-disillusion ko in some ways sa others.

Weird baya gyud tos Manong Romeo Lee oi, deep-deep baya to iyang trip, but present man to sya sa tanang E-heads nga gigs as filler every now and then. Hehe.

12 11 2007

Day naa koy balita nimo kang Mr Danao!!!!!
Aha naman ka?!
Wa daw siyay girlfriend karon.
Sa ADB siya nagwork, naa nay car. Imagine!
Tigyosi gihapon.
Sige dayun day kay duol ra ang Iligan!

12 11 2007

Girl, sa akong ka-busy, mihapit gyud ko diri kay kashagiton kaayo ko! hahahahahaha. Kinsang Mr. Danao na? Johnoy o si Jon? Syeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ADB in Iligan? There’s one? Hehe.

14 11 2007

Si Jon shempre!
Ay adb sa ortigas man siguro.
Pero inig pasko diay mouli siguro siya iligan.
Duol ra kaayo ozamiz. 🙂

26 02 2008

Guys, i am very sorry to interrupt…but it seems like we were in peyups around the same time…actually,i am doing a research and then that search engine called google brought me here…do you still happen to remember the previous USC chair right before mong palatino?i believe she’s from SAMASA..can’t find her..i am desperate..sorry to do this…:)
peace out and thanks!

you mean cielo?

29 04 2009

haha, break. huy sharon!!! haha, lingawa’g tsismis uy!

7 12 2009
Tambok nga Bayot Si Gordon Elletson

Gordon never went to Vietnam nor did he every earn one of those “green beenies” and never did black-op missions that he lies about having obtained and done. Truth is Gordon Elletson never earned a green beret , never did black-ops and spent the majority of his uneventful military career on a nice safe military base in Germany which is widely as a medical base. In short he is one those idiots who sits around on bar stools across Texas and speaks of his non-eventful military career by trying to make himself sound “KEWL” by fabricating a career in his mind which never existed in reality. Dili warrior pero tambok nga bayot si Gordon Elletson, hehehe

There is nothing wrong with serving in peace time and own a safe base in Germany , or anyplace else, but to fabricate a military career is a insult to those who truly risked life and limb in defense of American freedoms. One such person is Bradley Hughes and it is the opinion of many people that Gordon Elletson bashed Bradley and his wife publicly on his now defunct website because he was jealous with regards to Bradley’s military service during Vietnam.

Gordon Elletson claims to have PTSD do to combat experiences but how can that be as he never saw any serrious combat like that which Bradley Hughes fought gallantly in. Now for the truth. Gordon Elletson was molested as a child and has admitted this on public forum. This in all probability is the cause of his PTSD as well as his abuse of drugs, alcohol, women and children. Many studies have shown that victims of child abusers grow often into predators who abuse children. It is like a dog, if you beat dog etc he will become aggressive. Could this sexual abuse in Gordon’s past be the cause of why he grew into a abuser? Also after being used sexually by a man he may have doubted his manhood. This may be the cause of Gordy Elletson going around trying to feel like a real man by hitting women and small children.

The bad thing is unlike the dog in paragraph above Gordon ” TexKano ” Elletson rationalizes his behavior by using his various mental illnesses as a defense so he doesn’t have to face fault of his actions. In many ways though the dog has more sense than Gordon Elletson as the dog knows not to shit where it sleeps , sadly Gordy Elletson does not. To see evidence of this one needs to only read his own biography and how he abused his ex-wives by hitting them then moved to the Philippines where he brutally abused Xavier Madlangbayan by hitting him with a cane in the middle of a US embassy outreach function held at Pryce Plaza hotel in CDO , Cagayan de Oro, Philippines.

Gordon is mentally ill though and must stay highly medicated in order to function in society, he has admitted this on a site. But even more evidence is how he called his American wives bitches and stuff because they left his abusive ass. Is he so stupid to not see they did not like to be abused nor should any person be subjected to abuse. He then in Philippines carried on this bullshit attitude and after beating Xavier Madlangbayan went home and bragged about it openly on the Internet. He then called Dr. Severino Madlangbayan , a highly respected member of the Iligan community, a banana eating monkey for getting angry about having his small grandson beaten in a public environment.

Gordon though in his mentally deranged state justifies these inexcusable actions just as he justified putting Bradley Hughes , Jerry Olson and others on his nonsensical wall of same.

It is my belief that Gordon Elletson poses a threat to the community and should either leave on his own or face deportation. In fact his mental illness alone is enough to block his immigration into Philippines as one of stipulations of the RA13 is that person must not suffer from serious mental illness, especially those which cause them to be violent in public.

The real victim in this crime is Xavier Madlangbayan as he suffered emotional trauma due to abuse at the hands of Gordon Elletson. In fact Xaviers mother, Margie Madlangbayan, stated on public forum that Xavier stated several times on the way to court “”mommy,is Gordon going to be there?what if he hits me again? To which she replied “Xavier,he will pay for what he did.He will never put his hands on you again,over my dead body.” I find her comment very great as it would be the comment of any parent in the situation as parental instincts cross all cultural lines and all of us who are parents would also fight to the end of the world in protection of our children.

They say it takes a village to raise a child so let us join together and make our voices heard so we can bring this fatass Gordon Elletson to justice and insure that no other Filipino children face abuse at the hands of this violent foreign monster who not only abuses children but is also arrogant (or crazy) enough to brag online about his disgusting actions.

For more info on Gordon Elletson please see link below.

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