Die Hard 4.5–One More Spoof, Bisaya Edition

25 10 2007

Yet another spoof from the same funny Ozamiznon


May be offensive to some.  This is just a spoof and should not be taken as anything otherwise. 

This is in Cebuano and I believe I can’t do justice to it by translating it to any other language so…

Watch at your own risk.




6 responses

29 10 2007

a friend translated this to me hahaha

kinda gross pero kakatawa astig hehe

29 10 2007

hehehe. hey blue! thanks for dropping by again. it’s funny, well, actually, it’s the idea that something as heavy as an action film like die hard can be dubbed with something as totally far-out as that, that makes it funny, plus the attempts at making the voices sound like the lives of the characters really depend on it. hehe.

18 11 2007

LOL. i’ve seen these spoofs on youtube before, but had no idea they were done by a fellow Ozamiznon. astig! 😀

by the way, daghan na kaayo kong na-miss aning blog-a. sorry…
good to be back.

18 11 2007

hey dokie. thanks for gracing my blog. haven’t been visiting this for some time now either. hehehe. reply reply ras comments. hehe.

ayo-ayo. wa pa gyud ta gabangga diri da.

17 04 2008

bisaya ra kaau!!!!

22 06 2008

That made me laugh!!!! I did not understand some of the language I am a Leytena with no usable grasp of the Cebuano dialect =(
BUT it was really funny lol

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