Troy–Yet Another Spoof, Bisaya Edition

25 10 2007


May be offensive to some.  This is just a spoof and should not be taken as anything otherwise. 

This is in Cebuano and I believe I can’t do justice to it by translating it to any other language so…

Watch at your own risk.




6 responses

25 10 2007

hahaha…naka hilak nko cge katawa sa video…bwahahaha..

btw, i like your blog, very’re smart 🙂

ok lng ako teka e link?

25 10 2007

hahahaha. funny kaayo no?

feel free to link me up. wanted to do the same but i can’t seem to see your blog. mura guba ang link?

thanks for the kind words.

25 10 2007

guba? wla ko kasayod. try this link,

25 10 2007

Thanks dear. That’s more like it. Hehe.

27 10 2007

Thanks so much! I have seen 300 bisaya version also. So funny. Thanks for sharing.

29 10 2007

Thanks for dropping by. 🙂 Glad you had fun.

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