The People Behind the News: Lessons on Responsibility and Self-Preservation

2 12 2007

As a journalist by scholarship, I feel for the people who were not given the kind of respect that they deserved.  But my highly esteemed mass communication guru said, perhaps the experience is something that we should all learn from—be careful. 

While media people get perks that ordinary citizens like us do not, there are some who use their huge IDs to get into the front seat of every major event in the world.  Some have even (mis)taken the ID for a shield.  I was very thankful that every single detail of the other day’s fiasco was covered.  But amidst all the clamour for the “manhandling” and the cuffing, I think some people deserved what they got. 

Jessica Soho rose to fame after she braved the crossfire in the series of coup d’etat in Cory Aquino’s regime.  Christiaan Amanpour got my respect for covering major turning points in our history by being in the center of all the literally and figuratively hard hitting news.  But there’s a limit to being a journalist.  And in situations where rules of engagement are aspired to be followed to the dot, a plea not to add more to the problem should be heeded.  Had the media people left when they were asked to leave or even just stay in a safer place, things would not have had turned really sour. 

As Spidey’s uncle wisely put it, “With great power comes great responsibility.”  I could not agree more.




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4 12 2007

this reminds me of the quote, “responsibility without freedom is tyranny, and freedom without responsibility leads to anarchy”..

4 12 2007

and anarchy always reminds me of the movie Was tun, wenn’s brent? (What to Do in Case of Fire?)

we are caught in the middle. sure, we need change. we have the power to do it. we even have the freedom, albeit an abstract idea, to make it. but responsibility?

responsibility is such a big word. it’s too big that we can’t even understand it fully, much less try to incorporate it to our actions. and i’m pretty sure that applies to all of us. sigh…

so asa na man ta padung? where are we going to? now that reminds me of evita…

9 12 2007

i got this through SMS:

Lessons Learned From Trillanes
1. pwede palang maglakad from Manila City hall to Manila Pen
2. kasya pala tangke sa hotel
3. pag naposasan pala media, nakakalimutan ang nag-aaklas, sila muna pinag-uusapan
4. di pala kagandahan si pinky Webb pag walang make-up
5. kulot pala si Ces Drilon pag di nag blower.

watching the news on tv, what immediately struck me was that media, particularly one network, had been very irresponsible in dealing with what was going on. the reporting, even the commentaries came off rather one sided, and then sooner dispensed the real issue in exchange for something they could have discussed later.

although i do not agree with how the media were handled, and lapses on the part of the police were grossly evident, i actually sympathize with the latter as they were merely following rules.

oist, karon pa ko kabalik. gitapulan ko’g blog pa, but missed blog hopping at least. 🙂

oist pud ka. haha. you’re sorely missed. naks. as if ako la pod ga-hiatus. work has kept me busy and i’ve already lost lots of moolah through eBay coz I lost some of my books and I’m trying to complete my collections again. but yeah, i agree with items 2-5. hehehe. pero i think they came from makati city hall, which is actually not that far from manila pen so ang #1 sa imong na-receive nga text is kinda incorrect. hehehehe. hemingways, covering events live can be a real pain. first off, media people are of course, human beings subject to their own biases. what I hated during the earlier part of the coverage was one ANC anchor’s handling of the coverage. it’s really hard when you put people who pay more attention to how they speak and pronounce English rather than in getting the meat of the news itself. hehehe. i was switching channels that day just to get the blow by blow account, and ANC, being the only local “CNN”, not necessarily meaning it’s comparable to it (yeah, I’m biased) but man! it was awful! when GMA focused on the news and put Arnold Clavio as one of the anchors plus Susan Enriquez on the other end together with Tina Panganiban-Perez and Sandra Aguinaldo (I’ll never forget how the late FPJ reprimanded her in public before) and all the rest, I got a better idea on what was really going on.

I mean Pinky Webb is Pinky Webb and she’s cool, posh and Edu’s latest flame and she looks good when she’s reading a teleprompter in front of the studio’s cam but I’ve seen Ms. Hontiveros handle live coverage and she aces it all the time and she never looks awful. oh well, this is just another reason why I give GMA the most credit when it comes to the news and public affairs department.

13 12 2007

LOL. it should have been Makati. must be a typo. sorry.

13 12 2007

don’t apologize, milord. hehehe. it’s all good. 😀

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