Gordon for President

17 02 2008

Is it too early to campaign for the next president?  Yes?  Yeah, right!

There have been soooo many of them who have already been giving feelers here and there.  Some of them have even verbalized their “dreams” of leading this downtrodden land.  So why can’t I make my own declaration? I’m not the one running anyway. 

In a previous post, I have shortlisted my presidentiables.  I have already mentioned Richard “Dick” Gordon.  I also said that he will not win.  Why?  He’s not the typical KBL politician (Kasal or Weddings, Binyag or Baptisms and Dedications, Libing or Burial/Funerals).  He may be energetic but he’s not charismatic and patronizing.  But he’s one guy who delivers and whose tail doesn’t go between his legs when his decisions cross party lines.  For that, he’s on my good side.  Well, I think Subic speaks for him. 

Bayani Fernando, on the other hand, is my other living bet.  But I strongly believe that he’s better off as an operative.  While listening to the last episode of Hwang Jin-i (my back was to the TV set because I was beating a deadline), I heard the head Kisaeng say that the committee of dance teachers from all across old Korea chose the other dancer because she’s not as good as the lead of the story but because she sees and acknowledges another person’s talents and that the better dancer is needed by the country to continue dancing because she’s good at it.  Fernando is like that.  The country needs more people like him.  He may not be popular because of the effects of his actions on the surface but because of the longer-term effects of those actions, he has nailed it for me. 

So why Gordon?  Why not Mar Roxas?  Why not Kabayang Noli De Castro?  Why not JDV?  Why not Manny Villar?

Mar Roxas looks really good on paper.  His résumé is awesome.  Why, when he was just starting to make the waves in the Philippines back in the 90s, I was already been a fan!  In fact, when I chaired an event in our dorm in UP, I made it a point to really have him as our guest speaker.  He graciously accepted our invitation, I was ecstatic.  Now that I think about it, I hate it that digicams weren’t that popular then.  I remember that he smelled and looked really good!  He came late because he came from a session in the Congress that wrapped up really late.  Oh, and as a giggly college girl who had a huge crush on the guy, I blushed to my roots when he kissed me on the cheek.  Yeah!  It was just one of those besos that people exchange instead of handshakes but it sent me to cloud 9.  So Korina, my dear, una syang naging akin!  LOL.  But I will not vote for him.  Why?  He’s too politically motivated.  He has changed big time.  I’m pretty sure he’s a good person and that he has really good intentions for the country but the people around him are too strong for him.  I’m not discounting his ability to think for himself but let’s just say that with so many strong people around you, you can’t help but be swayed into doing things that you may not personally like without actually realizing that you’re doing it.  It’s too early for him too.  Perhaps, by the next presidential election after 2010, he’ll be ripe enough.  And perhaps by then, I’ll vote for him. 

Kabayang Noli is not a presidentiable.  I’m sorry but I really do think the shoes are too big for him. 

Why not JDV?  Well, in the 1998 presidential election, I was a NAMFREL volunteer.  The strongest contenders then were House Speaker Jose De Venecia, the late Raul Roco, and then Vice President Joseph Estrada.  I was not qualified to vote during that time because I turned 18 June of that year so there was really no chance that I could vote.  So what I did before that was get myself all-informed about who’s who in the race.  And I started my NAMFREL tradition.  I started volunteering on elections back in the 1995 elections when I was still in high school.  It was VOTECARE then.  It’s PPCRV now.  In 1998, it was NAMFREL for me and before our “shift” we were told to make sure that our flashlights were working and to be on our toes at all times as there were rumors that JDV was going to cause some power interruption to do some last minute “adjustments” and well, it didn’t happen and Erap won hands down.  I remember crying upon seeing the huge whiteboard outside the hall where we were stationed at in Ateneo.  JDV has never been someone that I liked.  I liked Ramon Mitra better when he was still the Speaker of the House and I liked him when he was running for presidency and even before that.  Marcelo Fernan was my favorite politico then.  Alongside Roco, Serge Osmeña and many others.  Recently, JDV has given me more reasons never to vote for him. 

How about Villar?  I must admit, he is possibly one of those who’s got almost everything needed to win a presidential election.  He’s got the money, the machinery and the popularity.  But does he have the balls to run this country, let alone the ability to dance decently?  I don’t think so.  Lest orange becomes a national color, I don’t think we want this guy.  I do love orange but well, I’m not sure about it becoming a good national color.  How about a coat of arms in orange?  Nah!!!

In this time of turmoil and unrest, perhaps, it’s best if we think of what we want in a leader and who out there deserves the key to the golden door that we call our country.  We don’t need someone who has the charisma to make ladies swoon and men bow.  We don’t need someone who can dole out all the time to the beggars that dear Philippines never seems to run out of.  We need someone who can govern conscientiously, be firm, be a good statesman, maintain decent foreign relations and steal just a little without getting caught.  Believe you me, no one will NOT steal.  So let’s hope for someone who will steal just a little and not truckloads of our nation’s treasure chest. 

I’ve made my pick.  That’s Richard Gordon.  He’s not winnable.  He’s an elitist.  But for now, I think I’ve found my man.  Dick’s my pick!




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18 02 2008
Durano Lawayan

Gordon for President, uhmmmmmmm, can I hold committing a while longer? Isn’t there anyone from UP who can fit the bill? I’m not talking of Loren, or Villar, or Chiz, or the octogenarian Enrile; nor the magpie Miriam, but I’m kinda hesitant to vote for an Atenean. 🙂 –Durano, done!

Oh but he got his law degree from UP, comrade! He is after all a high-profile Upsilonian. The frat is exclusive to UP people. 🙂

20 02 2008
Durano Lawayan

I know about his Upsilonian membership, but I can’t stand seeing him at the UAAP games cheering on with those foul mouthed, condescending cowards of Ateneo. It’s where his heart really is. 🙂

But, there’s plenty of time, he could change for the better.
–Durano, done!

That’s because we rarely make it to most games, comrade. LOL. We hardly ever get past elims! Sigh. Oh well, let’s hope he’ll cheer for the right team this time. 🙂

26 02 2008

that dick, he’ll sell you to americans. he’s a neoliberal too. around the world, and this is very recent, the general analysis among observers and scholars is that neoliberalism has failed immensely to uplift living standards around the world, neither has it improved poverty among third world nations. the trend among countries following neoliberal policies is that they only increased their national debt but did not increase capacity to create wealth.
if you vote for Dick, how would his policies be any different from that of GMA or Ramos (at least Ramos has had some early sucess with neoliberalism but his sucess was utterly exposed as hollow by the 1997 financial crisis)?
is there no one else who could turn this country with other untested policies aside from the neoliberal brand? look at the examples of south korea, taiwan, malaysia (i recommend you to read walden bello). these countries practiced selective national patronage of local industries with the general aim of industrializing the economy. i’d say pimentel is the most likely to adopt such strategies.

pimentel? i’m a fellow mindanaoan, but no thanks. i will never vote for a guy who openly criticizes the president just because she did not pick him to be her veep after raising her hand in EDSA 2. he could have helped her steer this nation better even if he had no official title instead of going to the dogs.

my days of overly zealous nationalism are over. i almost died for my country after campaigning against VFA and i’m pretty sure Gordon was on the other side. but right now, i just need a leader who can govern this politically torn country, not someone with whom i will agree on all policies, ideology and whatnots. if we have someone who’ll rise from the ashes to give us a better alternative, that would definitely be great. but for now, dick’s my pick!

26 02 2008

yes, your days campaigning for nationalism may be over but i think a nationalist policy on economics, politics, etc, is the one thing our country has not tested yet (except perhaps for a short period of time during garcia’s term- which would eventually be overturned by the deregulation policies of macapagal). almost all presidents placed their bets on the neoliberal agenda, and look where it took us now? i just don’t want another dick in malacanang playing on the same bet again. speaking of VPs, i could have said guingona would make a good president if not for his health and age. he and pimentel are of the same breed of politicians (nationalists that is, although guingona is more consistent at being that). and i don’t think pimentel turned on the president because he was not chosen as VP. i think it as GMA who turned on her obligation and responsibility to uphold the spirit of EDSA (by being another erap) that’s why pimentel went to the opposition’s side.

6 03 2008
batang buotan

If the today is the election, I’ll vote Mar Roxas.

If the prexy elections happened a few years back and Mar Roxas ran, I’d have voted for him. Hehe. But that’s just me and that was then. I’d still go for Gordon. But I’m not sure if he’s even running. His experience in the executive branch has been long and impressive. As a legislator, he’s not over the top, but he’s been consistent. Then again, so many things can still happen between now and the next presidential elections. 😀

Thanks for visiting my blog again, batang b!

11 03 2008

i would rather vote for Doroteo Rocha ( aka Eddie Garcia) his political nemesis in Olongapo City. the truth of the matter he is not that presidential when it comes to public fora of course he is the best city mayor of Olongapo and could be a better Senator and outstanding Red Cross Chair for that matter!

I’m not sure Dorobo is a better option. But hey, this is supposed to be a free country, too free if Lee Kuan Yew were to describe it. Thanks for dropping by.

9 08 2010

I agree,my maternal grandfather(Doroteo Rocha),is a better pick.He could have won the election for mayor in Olongapo City if not for the “rumors” that are spread by the Gordon’s.He would have been a better Mayor than Kate Gordon.
Thanks Martin for the compliment for my Lolo. 🙂

9 08 2010


14 03 2008

if today will be the elction, i would rather vote for bayani frenando than any other. it is because of his effectivity as a leader and the change he can do.

I probably would too, if Gordon isn’t available. Thing is, I don’t think Fernando will be a good statesman.

4 08 2009

the problem with Fernando is that he wont compromise his policies, in order to be admired by the masses. but he’ll never win the presidential election thanks to all the illegal sidewalk vendor and colorum drivers and operators.

I’m actually thinking of a different candidate these days. Perhaps, when I get the time, I’ll make another blog entry. Thank you for your visit. — iamsorceress

24 03 2008

Pimentel? Except for the short period when he was popular for being anti Marcos, people in MIndanao despises him. His son Koko even lost the mayoralty race in the area. Despite my lack of faith in Zubiri during the senatorial elections, I believe him when he says that Koko will never beat him in Mindanao. Zubiri even defeated Pimentel in his own hometown.

A few months prior to that, in the senate, Pimentel successfuly railroaded Gordon’s election computerization efforts when he sent the bill back into debate when it was time to vote for it. After the senatorial elections, Gordon said, “Nene, kung hindi mo hinarang ang computerization, hindi dapat nangyari to sa anak mo” Pimentel replied, “Tama ka Dick!”

If and when the people of Cagayan de Oro votes for Pimentel, any one of the two, I’ll give this Pimentel thing another thought. If they can’t even win in their bailwick, how will they win? And if they don’t have the people’s mandate, they can never just cry foul for not winning all the time. It gets boring after some time.

Thanks for dropping by.

7 04 2008

Dick Gordon? Are you guys serious? His name fits his character, he is a Dick!

When he was Chairman of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority during FVR’s time, his administration has many scandals and corruption issues. From what I heard, he asked for a ‘share’ in most of the companies that invested in Subic, take note, not ‘tong’, but a share in the companies.

That is why he was called “Shareman, not chairman of the SBMA”.

Dick Gordon is a fuckin Dick!!!

Operative words there are: “from what I heard”, mate.

Thanks for the visit. 😉 —iamsorceress

12 03 2009
jon nepomuceno

i really wished that he’ll run, a gordon-bayani tandem for 2010 would be good for the country…..count me in as a volunteer….

thanks for dropping by. they’ll be good for the country all right but i doubt if they’ll ever win. too bad, huh? so who among those who have better chances is the lesser evil? your guess will be just as good as mine. sigh! —iamsorceress

19 05 2009

@jay: do you have any proof that Dick Gordon is a corrupt person? I myself is from the city of Olongapo and by comparing the situation of SBMA today and during his term..i can say that it was way different. First of all, he establidhed jobs in our city during his term, he has invited good investors such as FedEx, Acer, Thompson, Enron, Coastal, SGS and more…by the way sad to say but some of them are not there any more… I feel proud everytime I enter SBMA during his time because as a local, seeing many tourists not only from our country but outside as well will make you feel that way. If you will go to SBMA today majority are local and small time investors nalang. And if he really is a corrupt person…how come no body has came to the open to reveal his true color? Because those people who are saying those kind of things about him are just sour graping from his achievement. If your accusation is true; he’s a senator and everbody can investigate him like what they did to Manny Villar, or Ping Lacson etc. Please do not easily believe on heresay things…investigate, read more facts about issues.

By the way, do you know that there is an issue at SBMA regarding the lands that were rented by Payumo(DIck’s rival) people and his relatives at a very little amount to SBMA during his term (50pesos or less per square meter) and now potential investors are renting the lands to them for a very large amount….how about the forrests that were being protected during his term? We are very proud to have a virgin forest before…sad to say it’s being cut by the Korean Inverstors for their Houses and hotels. The woods are being transported outside the area and god knows where they are taking them. A friend of mine who works as a security officer was once stationed at Tipo gate, was shocked after he tried to pull over a track filled with logs so that he can check if they have a proper permit…then his officer waved at him tried to stopped him from pulling over and shouted at him…”It’s ok…sagot na ng Malacanang yan”. That’s how sad it was after he left.

Thanks and peace to all.

15 07 2009

im here at America, and i just registered for absentee voting last week..
and that’s an additonal vote for Gordon!
tama na ang haka haka..
kung corrupt man xa, xa na ang pinakamagaling na corrupt na government official sa pilipinas.
no more description, tignan na lang po natin ang sobrang laking improvement ng sbma at olongapo under ng governance nya, in addition to this, considering highly urbanized city ang olongapo,meaning, d na kailangan maging dependent nito sa mismong probinsya ng zambales etc kasi nag gegenerate na ang gapo ng sariling pera para sa pagpapalakad ng mismong syudad. kung xa ang magiging presidente, somehow, (somehow lng ha), na magiging independent tau kahit pano, d lang nakaasa parati sa tulong ng ibang nasyon.. (and that is one of his vision)
Im more than positive na kayang kaya nyang maging presidente ng pilipinas…. 🙂

4 08 2009

No to gordon for the following reasons…

He’ll make a slave out of us.
his vision is that everyone should have a job…. EVEN FOR A MINIMUM WAGE. It doesn’t matter how SMALL your salary is as long as there are numerous persons in your family working, sounds convincing?…. NOT
during Gordon’s term in subic salary was 160/day compare to 250/day standard salary in metro manila and other cities. Let’s also mention those “Volunteer group” they maybe heroes but has empty stomach.

He’s old into this game, he knew how to play it. ask those establishment that was force to put up ‘congratulations, welcomes, we salute you, happy birthday dick’ead banners etc in front of their establishment. was it out of admiration or was force?

For congressional seat in Zambales wherein the vote for olongapo decides the outcome. Gordons losses in the other nearby towns but when votes from olongapo arrives they’ll win via landslide… thank god this was stop when a “Magsaysay” enter the congressional seat.

His barangay captains whose motto was “it’s your either your with us or against us”. Their team of baklas poster and signage of the opposition during campaign period. I remember an incident wherein a barangay captain poke a relative of a councilor candidate with a gun, when he approached the BC and his group removing the opposition’s posters with liquid soza.

Numerous political grievances, what happen to the 21 owners of lot 21? most of the land title in olongapo were “rights” only.

He was NOT chosen to be the chairman of SBMA, HE LOBBIED. He’s family is guilty of establishing political dynasties in Olongapo. He didn’t step down of his post as SBMA chairman when the president of the Philippines ask him to. He is in league with Ferdinand Marcos… he’s another DICK-TATOR in the making…

Thank you for dropping by. I respect your opinion. 🙂 Keep the democratic fire ablaze! — iamsorceress

19 10 2009
Its Him

We’re gonna have a harsh time in life when Dick Gordon rules us. One hell of a pepeng boat ride. Kinda Vietnam bloody dude! Like your cutie sissy dog helplessly falling from a high rocky cliff. We will feel raped, ravished, abused, mis-used, forgotten. Look at what Lee Kwan Yew did to Singaporeans. But generations that followed enjoyed the best of the land after all the chastisements. Dick Gordon is a _hammer wham on your fingers disciplinarian_. Want change? Real change? Maybe your not ready for Dick Gordon. You want to have a cake but not the dizzying dough mix and the hot blazing oven. How can you have the cake? C’mon!!

28 12 2009

Dick Gordon is not synonymous to the word “Discipline” nor your daddy’s leather belt. Filipinos were not ready to be discipline maybe your right that is why Filipino never voted for Ping Lacson. He’s more disciplinarian and guaranteed less corrupt than Gordon.

24 09 2009

@ semenelin – Gordon never wanted to step down because he knew that Payumo will take away everything that the people of Olongapo made. And people of Olongapo faught for it. So don’t you dare say that he is another Marcos because he is far from Marcos and you hurt those people who worked hard making that place for YOU and the country. Where were you when people from Manila went to SBMA to buy goods?

28 12 2009

“Gordon never wanted to step down because he knew that Payumo will take away everything that the people of Olongapo made.” – yeah right! from dick’s self righteous, greedy mind. remember – He was not chosen to be the “Tyerrman”, He LOVIED,

“And people of Olongapo faught for it.” – what are you fighting for? the promised land? you made me laugh! What sort of example does this leader has? An Anarchist, if he didn;t get what he wants. SBMA includes large part of Zambales and Bataan. Luckily the United of States decided to put the Main Gates in Olongapo due to the Beach/Bar resort accessible in Barretto and Magsaysay. We Olongapeño doesn’t own SBMA. Lets us not be as greedy as our beloved “Tyerman”.

Olongapo now blossoms after the Gordons took their eyes off the freeport. And Bong Gordon (NOT DICK or Kate) as Mayor. That’s a fact.

During an event in Quiapo, Manila. Gordon was asked about Employees Welfare (party list group asked for it, for this were the critical issues during his chairmanship) and his answer were very generics if not irrelevant. – Great! If he becomes President, more and more skilled workers will be soon joining the OFW bandwagon. Well I’m thinking of permanent migration…

“Where were you when people from Manila went to SBMA to buy goods?” – hmm probably I was in Pampanga assisting friends filling their labor grievances, for the Labor Center in SBMA tends to favored the “Locators” than the welfare of workers.

1 12 2009

Change, Is For Real This Time with Gordon & Bayani

28 12 2009

Change should start within ourselves.

We heard it all before with Cory, FVR, Erap and now PGMA and now where were we?

17 12 2009

Sa sitwasyon ng ating bansa ngayon, bobong Pilipino ang hindi boboto kay Gordon at Bayani.

A lot has changed since I made this entry and I can look you in the eyes right now and say that I’m not voting for him anymore, and I’m pretty sure hindi po ako bobo, maraming salamat po. Kung pupwede po sana, iwasan nating magbitiw ng mga salitang pwedeng mapagsimulan ng hindi kagandahang pagtatalo. We all have varying opinions and while we all want what’s best for our country, we can only hope for the best and do our part. — iamsorceress

28 12 2009

I’m a licensed professional. Bayani is actually a colleague. A quizzer during my school years. My salary were triple if not quadruple the minimum wages in Olongapo and I’m working here in the Philippines not from abroad. What are your credential to gauge that only dumb Filipinos will not vote for Gordon?

28 12 2009

Hi everyone, I appreciate your taking the time to check my blog out and actually leaving comments. Let me just remind you that this is my wall and I can say everything I want here. In turn, you are free to say anything to ME about MY entries but always keep your tone and language respectful at all times especially when making remarks about somebody else’s comments. We will always have different opinions about things and my lovelies, that’s what makes it more interesting.

Much love everyone.

28 12 2009
gapo girl

We have Gordon for so many years and since when i was young i saw him really active helping people and doing things as possible, we could not say that he is a perfect person but he is the one that everyone needs. He works hard so other works hard for him too and helped him whenever its possible.Olongapo had this kind of manners helping each other, we did it so many people there who comes without job and no place to stay or to eat people from Olongapo helped them taking care of their childrens that they abandoned too, and the Pilipino Hospitality that others forget we have it in Olongapo.
That’s what others did not know too when a lot of American’s helping Pilipino’s how many Pilipina got married every month i was even suprised when i know that much. I worked in the store where our furnitures,wooden handicraft etc…was always out of stock because of them.We deliver items to the big ships,submarines and others using aircrafts too to bring our Handicrafts to America,and if you look from Manila to Olongapo all the way are those people who works everyday to sell their stuff.And in our provinced people are so busy doing some embroidery. The American’s doctor’s are helping too in going to some place or school for free vaccination,and when theres a typhoon disaster or whatever they are the one who gives the most helped than our government. Building School and building houses in other place they did some civic action too with the Gordon’s helped. I will not mentioned all the bad things that some Pilipino’s did to Americans as sometimes other point only Americans for on that time others do bad things just because of the money that they can get to Americans.A lot of story that as a Pilipino i am even ashamed to say what we do in returned when someone is helping.They helped cleaned up Olongapo during Pinatubo and my aunt told me they give enough money for all of the base workers at least to helped them build their house again i don’t remember if its a 100 thousand or more and they told them one who works for 15 years service to them can go to immigrate to America with their family. And my aunt was there now because of working as a Saleslady inside the base. And a lot of people who even worked for 6 years when they were young now they recieved a pension that others are even suprised how it happens.But they know they never get ignored as long they have those papers to proved that they worked there. Many Pilipina’s who worked not even a month and went back home and wait for other support for those American’s knows that the bussinessmen in Olongapo used a lot of Pilipina to bait the Americans only for money and ruined their health in drinking alcohol everynight.So other military who stay at sea for a year or two without seeing anything but the letters of those Pilipina who sent to them and did support those Pilipina for they know that they live and die for that worked they had so helping or supporting Pilipino are also a favor for them, i can tell you how many Pilipinos can go to School and how many of them did not die in hunger and sickness because of them and still no ones know it. The neverending chain that until now it goes on and on that the family of them goes to America so even theres no more American or Naval Base there,a lot of them already in America and if you want to know how the people surivived in Philippines?.Because of those Pilipino’s who worked everywhere abroad.They will say a hell lot of thank you, for all who is in there so when the American leaves is not bad to Americans but mostly a lot of Pilipino’s sell their land and try to look for a job abroad and some other good fooled by recruiters.So without jobs a lot of childrens was born and those ricefields you can see houses over the other and childrens playing on the street.1975..When Richard Gordon sent us to the dangerous place to helped people in need,the first thing i had in mind if theres something happen or NPA ambushed us is it worth helping those people or let them die instead of hunger than us dying in helping because we had also dreams and good plans for our life. But when we arrived there safe and seeing those childrens like skeleton no foods,no school and almost no water to drink and lots of sick childrens around that they’re leg are infected.Those 3 nurses who cure them and we did bring foods and medicines and this place like seeing africa.And how happy they are when they see us…then i said worth in going there and i am wondering also how Gordon knows that place.The people goes to Olongapo we never says anything bad about them because we know they only knows what was their reason to go there and some of them are victims of other Pilipino too.So many talked bad things about Olongapo but if you all think not all people worked there is from Olongapo. Here in Europe or elsewhere is even worst if you can think of it but no one talked about it.Its their bussiness that other normally don’t care not all was born rich, so everyone can do the jobs specially others i know on that time goes there who cannot even read or write. Gordon had more experienced he did visit a lot of places in Philippines and he saw the beauty of each place…I do hope someday that he can bring back others who scattered in the big city and had a miserable life to go back to their provinced and helped them make their provinced like a tourist spot so they can have job as well near their family.For mostly President think only the big city and famous place in Philippines but those provinces and others are part of the Philippines too. (My english is not that perfect but i want to say what others perhaps did not know about). The important also for him is the education….in OCNHS i know that they helped also some students there.Sometimes in helping people the money comes in their own pocket too. Instead of helping only Pilipino’s from Olongapo before mostly got helped are the people who is not from there and they come and go, if you go to their province then you can see that they had nice place and house than the one who lives in Olongapo. School are so expensive in Philippines,and also the food,sometimes a miracle needs how other people survived there. And who helped us in time when we had those disaster that mostly got ignored by others he and those people who loves other people too even helping is the most dangerous things and others risk their life you all not to ignored. He needs also to fight for the right of other soldiers who always have their life at risk or either Policemen or firemen that they can offer their children to have a free education even you could not give that to everyone at least those people who served people and our country will be proud to do their job and happy to risked their life. Yes maybe some other point those people who worked free to protect the US base…why first point the one who did not give permission to extend the contract whatever the stories in there i don’t know much for i am living here abroad. You know how many people got no job all over the Philippines got also affected. Not only Olongapo.So why they all point Gordon because of doing so…yes, i called a hero those people who was there in helping him for if not Gordon, perhaps they were all in despair and shocked for many years working and suddenly nothing.All those people who rents rooms for living and sent their childrens to School they loose that job too?.Gordon works more than a Pilipino could do.Amazing…when my mom told me that when the Pinatubo eruption happened the banks and the store don’t like to give them what they need.Gordon did everything and right away they did follow and give all the things what the people need especially the foods.I don’t like sometimes us Pilipinos that we talked a lot and this jealousy that when others do good is nothing that we look for a deffect that doesn’t exist he is a man who had family too that he needs to take care not only other people and our country.So if you do things a lot more than he do then you can talked bad things about him but if you know you cannot do what he does then better not to say anything for you are not helping others no one in so many years that i know who goes around in every province when theres a disaster and helped and you can see also that he did not go there to pose for camera but to show he was like others in helping, a normal guy who goes there when you need him.They do that to my place too with lots of speed boat with american’s around him and before the water gets high they were around telling people to be alert or helped each other when in need his father i saw him doing that going to my mom and tell everybody to wake up for the flood is high than expected for americans have more the instrument to tell us whats happening and because no electricity so they go around and speak to everyone. They are not sitting in their house to look on others,they worked.So this is the one i want to share to everyone seeing those Red Cross active like seeing Olongapo.
When i was young i said to myself,maybe i am 10 years old on that time.His the best President we have.I don’t know why it comes to my mind seeing all those things how he loved the people and his country thats the one we need most.
And for him i think it will not matter what he is but always a simple person that who will always there when it comes to do things in a humble way.He is there for the people and for the action to helped and to lead the way of what we need tespect..dignity and Pride. Aim High Philippines and AIm High to all those talented and intelligent Philippinos who cares for the people and protect their country. I don’t like pollution so i don’t like factories in Olongapo for i’ve seen for so many years how US military protect this base too and they come and go to our country without stealing anything from us. You know they did gives a lot of money but we all know later on that where it did goes and still a lot of people are pointing American’s as a bad one.And what our government did to us like nothing for others. While because of American’s they did not even concentrate what others do as long they had other relatives abroad that can send them they need instead of asking it to our government.I heard a lot who missed Americans specially to those who works inside the base and me too that i earned a dollar for babysitting.The jobs that others learned there others had priviliged to go abroad.Gordon likes that this base will stay there and as a small part of America that they can always gives job to others who needs it and not to much people can go abroad while they can stay in Philippines with their family and loved ones.For we had everything there. Not a luxury but a family.

29 12 2009
gapo girl

I have a hard time with my english for too many different languages here that i got mixed up. If not i can tell everyone all the stories about the good thing that Gordon did i think he can do a lot more than what he says.
I can tell you that he is a type that he knows when his right his stand for it.No matter what others says against him but as long he is doing his job and others knew him and support him, he knows others good than him for the moment did not exist or else he will not even campaign for President for so many years his doing a lot of things that more than our President was doing so i don’t think theres a difference for him.If he got elected as a President..then i think he knows more what to do for now his campaigning and doing still his job at the same time. He knows his fighting for the peoples right and freedom for others, theres a lot of pinoy who wants to comes back to our country too.But the more they see what’s happening in Philippines the more they could not decide to do it.For the security in our place still not like what other countries had.His not only thinking about childrens or education he knows that we need to think of elders and health too.He had also lot of experienced that mostly Pilipino are ignoring those sick people in hospital specially if they don’t have no money. My mom was crying so desperately and we are all crying my brother had an accident and nurses was snubbing him and doctors too.And my mom don’t know what to do, and she was lucky that Gordon is there in his office he called the American Base for helped and i can tell you in how fast they are to take my brother in the hospital bring them to the base and operate it even theres nothing to do but they really did their best.I was there in our hospital too before suffering for stomach troubled you think they will even look at you?.But when i worked as a babysitter inside the base free checked up and medication that i could not even had from before. Now tell me why other people goes abroad.Why other worked and sell themself just to have their family out of Philippines this is not because of American’s but because of us Pilipino’s too. 1994 first time i visit Philippines seeing all the old women in the street begging for food and what i’ve heard that some of their childrens abandoned them for no worked and could not take care of them and some of them says are dying for they got hit by cars or either trucks.Well, no one cares for them. Perhaps someone could not say anything about his family for they are in the situation that others had.So you can be selfish to look only for yourself without thinking others. I want the hope and dreams of others comes true.
They were not making dynasties in Olongapo for us, they are our family we knew them and we trust them. They helped a lot many years ago they sent also my brother to free school as an electrician. The Gordon’s they did not write all the things they do or to show it infront of the Camera just to be known by others.I was in elementary they sent a bags of powder milk at School you don’t know how happy we are.We had nothing every Christmas for as a big family and my mom alone.Then a big van stopped and my mom recieved a red cheese came from them and will be distributed to others too, dress from the red cross you know where you got it if you need it. They asked my brother to put all of the chairs outside the basket ball court and they sent the projector and we all watch the movies with all of our neighbors.They organized in our place to dance cha-cha and tango for weekends or fiesta in basket ball court.They organized theaters,all kinds of Philippine dance,music concert,theres also a jazz band who goes around our street when i was young and i remember famous actress visits Olongapo for free so what are those people talked about things against Gordon…i don’t know what kind of mayor they had in their place.But i know only this Gordon family in our place. They worked hard for us, and we are proud of them.

10 02 2010
First Light

I will not vote for Richard Gordon nor Bayani Fernando. Why?

1. Olongapo in those days was a protitution den.
2. Gordon will just ask the U.S. to help our country in exchange of something.
3. Look at the un-used fences, un-used men’s urinals, and other materials na naka-tambak under the flyovers along EDSA. Not mentioning the un-used materials in their warehouses na nabubulok din.
4. BF wasn’t able to have good relationship with MM mayors. Why? Ok, mayors didn’t agree with him most of the time. But he should be able to convince the mayors since he was an MMDA leader nga.
5. All structures na nagawa ng MMDA were all kinakalawang at temporary. Mas ok pa yung mga old cemented footbridge (overpass). Matagal masira at hindi nasisilipan ang mga babae.
6. Mga men’s urinals, ang babaho at not maintained properly.
7. Pink color is an eye sore at dumihin. I rather go for leafy green color para pro-environment.

Yan na ba ang maipag-mamalaki na nagawa ni Gordon at Bayani?

10 02 2010
First Light

By the way, kaya po umalis ang mga companies sa SBMA ay hindi dahil nawala si Gordon. Kung di dahil po sa asian crisis noong 2000. Most companies have transferred to China because the wages there is much cheaper than Philippines and China is a gateway to many countries. And most of the materials na ginagamit ng mga companies in their assemblies are also from China.

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