Scripted and Rehearsed!

17 02 2008

Lozada got me.

Well, at least on the day he came out and spoke to the press.

But the magic wore off. Perhaps his tears washed away what iota of credibility I gave him credit for. His hidden arrogance looms its ugly head every time he talks down on the government albeit cloaked by the frocks of the church. The long hours he spent in the senate hearing made his act corny and quite annoying, in fact. Yep, to me, it is all an act–orchestrated by people whose love for the country has been a mere facade to a bludgeoning and uncontrollable ambition.

Over dinner, my mom and I got into an uncomfortable tiff. The local news was airing and it was nauseatingly all about Lozada and at almost every juncture, I was spitting expletives, disagreement and ridicule—in that order. Midway, my mom just said, “You are so pro-Gloria.”

First off, that’s President Arroyo, not Mrs. Arroyo, Mr. Vice President. Second, I am not pro-Gloria. When I marched and crusaded against then President Estrada’s regime, I did not for even once think that ousting the man means putting the diminutive and pixie lady on the throne. Apparently, that’s the political reality. That’s the way the constitutional succession works. It was further upheld by a Supreme Court ruling. I will not even bother to argue with those who say otherwise.

When I was one with the thousands of people who kept vigil in the EDSA Shrine complex that fateful week in January a few years back, I was heeding the warning bells that pealed at the back of my head. Hailing a cab in the dark alley so late in the evening to go to Ortigas was pure adrenaline rush. I didn’t think twice. The No votes had it. That was more reason enough for me to go there. The rest is history.

Now, hang in there, I am not a lawyer—because it’s not something that I can get by being related to more lawyers than my one hand can count—but I have worked with more than enough of them to know which is legally sound and not. It does not take a legal genius, however, to know that pure hearsay and drama will never get you past the arraignment.

The president is not a paragon of virtue. Her family does not epitomize sainthood. Like any other politicos, they have their agenda. Like any other people in power, they have been caught in the web of corruption and crime. But calling for her ouster two years shy the end of her term is not only ludicrous but is also a major waste of time. The peso has never been this strong ever since the Asian currency crisis–Thanks to George Soros! While we do not enjoy the typical KBL (kasal/wedding, binyag/baptism, libing/burial) kind of politicism, our present government has managed to map out a stable plan to ensure a better life in the coming years. It’s not like it can happen overnight but if we do our share and abide by the rules, I’m sure we’ll get there in time. But that’s just me, giving myself a pep talk. When hunger strikes and the US recession looms over affording us a good view of what famine is all about, we can’t help but hurl profanities in the air in the hopes that it does get to the palace.

But my argument stays. If we oust the president now, Lee Kuan Yew would laugh his brains out and comment anew that the Philippines is indeed governed by mob rule. Perhaps he’s right when he said that the state of our country is what too much democracy does to a nation. If we oust the president now, who will take the wheel? I am pretty sure there are really good candidates out there but why not level the field and wait for the 2010 elections? If not, why don’t we call for a snap elections now? I am sure we have learned our mistakes. The basic rule of thumb should be followed: Stop, Look and Listen. Look before you leap. If we plunge head on into something, we must find a soft ground to land on, and not another rockbed.

The president may even be a rotten egg for all we know. But for as long as no court admissible evidence is shown to us that she has indeed dipped her hands into boiling water, then perhaps she deserves the time to finish her term. The president is not the best of the bunch. But for as long as it’s not yet harvest time, I think it’s best if we wait for other bunches to be right for the picking. Why limit ourselves to the bunch that we have right now? Yes the country can wait. Good things do not happen overnight but every now and then, we have to draw blood to achieve small victories so that in the long run, greater feats will be ours to cherish and enjoy.

As for Lozada, he has to stop acting like a victim. From wearing an oversized white shirt to claiming that he is impoverished to turning a new leaf via religious propaganda and wearing not just one scapular but TWO for crying out loud to crying spells of OA proportions, he has got to clean up his act and do things right. If he’s the true blue bringer of truth that he claims to be, he does not need the props and everything else. What is wrong with being a hardworking Filipino Chinese? Why try to elicity pity by saying he’s poor? When asked by former COMELEC Chair Benjamin Abalos how a poor man could afford to pay the WackWack clubshares, he haughtily said it was ONLY 400something thousand pesos and he could afford that! No wonder he somehow felt offended when Mike Defensor handed him 50thousand pesos. Who’s next? The highest bidder? Come on! I am not looking for a martyr whose character has no blemishes. I’m merely looking for one who is sincere in giving up his life for his country. And as I have said during the Trillanes folly, someone’s got to die for this country to really wake up from its stupor. And if Lozada is as hardball truth crusader as he portrays himself to be, he should let the angels of death take him so the world can rest and this country can finally move on.




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18 02 2008
Durano Lawayan

Whatever economic pursuits you poured yourself into did not diminish your keen sense of character dissection and evaluation.

Senator Panfilo Lacson is the most dangerous and sinister megalomaniac in the country today. He is in such a hurry to tear down the achievements of this pocket sized President because he knows he will be outdated by 2010. like you and many others, I am no great believer in the cleanliness of President Arroyo and her incorrigible husband Mike, but I am not about to jump into a ship full of filthy rats that temporarily gave way to untitled people, to speak at a Rally of 7,000 which the smurf Jojo Binay counted as 30,000, from the vantage point of his height at 4 feet from the street.

Lozada is the Summa Cum Laude of the Lacson Academy of Witnesses aided by an elaborate web of intrigue that would cast aspersions on all of PGMA’s “credible” defenders. Lacson has been in contact with the brother of Lozada since October, until the launch of this campaign in December.

You are correct about his arrogance and his pretensions to poverty. The money (500K) he returned today must have also come from Lacson, because he had spent a lot of it in HongKong. Lacson and ABS-CBN are doing their best to complete a trial through media, but the majority are not biting. Their pathetic rally last Friday only showed the extent of their credibility to the middle class despite hiding themselves from view. They themselves know they are not credible.

Just think of the price of oil in the world market. If we didn’t have a strong currency, easily the price of gasoline here would have increased by Php 10.00 per liter. In terms of power, commodities, transportation, and all other allied costs, that would have had a staggering impact.

The great minds of Joker, Enrile, and Santiago, have not yet fully quashed this witness who has nothing except allegations and hearsay being passed on as fact. The Senate Hearing is actually selective hearing since they accepted everything Lozada said and poised their queries to the government men in a prejudiced manner, to discredit them in public. Those who were given full information prior to the snitch’s long talk were Cayetano, Madrigal, Lacson, Roxas, and Legarda.

We have yet to develop a really worthwhile candidate for 2010. I am not in favor of charter change at this time. Mike Arroyo is a bungling thief who has not practiced the layered method of the mafia like Presidents Marcos and Ramos, because he’s too greedy and dislikes leaving pieces all over a long line. Talk among the proximate circle of power is that there are things he does that his wife doesn’t know about. I don’t know if I can believe that, but it could be possible. Nice to see you up and about again. –Durano, done!

Comrade, I am back. And thank you for the warm welcome. It’s not just warm, it’s sizzling hot! LOL.

I cannot begin to articulate how totally unacceptable I find the character of the First Gentleman. But then again, I do not care much for this oversized buffoon whose stupidity has made the Tuazons a thing of the past. This is what happens when old money thinks and acts a nouveau riche. If I were on the presidential staff, I’d organize a clean hit on both Abalos and the male Arroyo to get the points back and hush it all up. If this were the mafia, the baptism sequence needs the green light NOW!

I can believe that his wife knows about the trips, but not the about the roadkills.

18 02 2008

I’m glad to find that there’s still a small percentage of us who think this way, with some sobriety and restraint.

I owe it to myself and to my country. My opinion is not exactly popular. But I’m not big on numbers. 🙂 Thank you for dropping by.

19 02 2008

i have the same take on Lozada. why can’t he be direct, and as one other blogger pointed out, be like Clarisa Ocampo, credible and consistent?

one other thing that i’m not comfortable with (other than his crying spells) is the involvement of a lot of clergy among his rah-rah supporters. i am not underestimating the Filipinos’ capacity to think and decide for ourselves, but being innately faithful, any visible involvement of the Church is almost always seen as true and correct.


Clarissa Ocampo, all right. Or Emma Lim! I think this country needs witnesses like them.

Sometimes, it has made me wonder if the religious people’s involvement is the reason why I have troubles buying Lozada’s act. Hmmmm…

20 02 2008

pakialam ko naman kung mapatalsik si gloria. kung mapatunayang nagnakaw siya at ang asawa niya, kasalanan niya yun kung mapatalsik siya. at anong kaunlaran ang sinasabi mo? pitong taon na siya sa malacanang. anong nagawa niya? walang trabaho sa bansa. nagkaroon nga pero trabahong call center at tsaka trabahong overseas. kaunlaran na ba yun? tumaas nga ang piso kasi matagumpay si gloria sa pagpapadala ng milyung-milyung pilipino sa ibang bansa para dun magtrabaho at sa pangungutang ng dolyar sa ibang bansa i.e. china. at saka kelan pa naging sukatan ng pag-unlad ang halaga ng piso sa dolyar? ang pag-unlad ay nasusukat sa pagtaas ng produktibidad ng ekonomiya-ibig sabihin may industriya. bumuti na ba ang buhay ng mahihirap dahil nagkatrabaho sila(hindi counted yung trabaho sa ibang bansa) na dulot ng paglago ng mga industriya? bukod sa call center, may industriya nga ba?
wala din akong pakialam kung sino si lozada. kahit pa drug lord siya o jueteng lord. (siguro naman kung executive ka ng ilang kumpanya kaya mo naman magbayad ng 400K para sa wack wack, at kelan pa naging kasalanan ang maging member ng golf club? ) ang pakialam ko lang eh kung totoo ang ibinunyag niya. kung hindi totoo, bakit puro character assasinations lang ang kayang isagot ng mga malacanang henchmen laban sa kanya. bakit hindi nila tapatan ng direct and convincing evidence-showing na walang naganap na overpricing sa zte- ang direct ang convincing testimony ni lozada. bakit nahinto ang ZTE deal kung walang itinatagong anomalya? bakit walang naganap na bidding na labag sa procurement act ng bansa?
kung kritikal tayo kay lozada, diba dapat mas kritikal tayo sa inaakusahan niya na mga public servants and officials pa mandin? sino ba ang dapat na mas hingan ng accountability, yung private witness o iyung public official?

anuman ang katayuan ng isang tao sa lipunan, ang ating palaging isaisip ay ito, sa isang demokratikong pag-uusig, ang burden of proof ay palaging nasa nag-aakusa. sa isang kaso, kailangang mapatunayang ang naghahabla at nag-aakusa ay may kaso nga. ang mga testigo ay kinakailangang suriing mabuti para mapatunayang sila ay karapatdapat paniwalaan. kung paiiralin natin ang panghuhusga kaagad sa mga tao, opisyal man o hindi, dahil lamang mukhang kaawa-awa ang taong naglalabas ng maakusang hintuturo, malamang hindi na tayo magkasya sa mga piitan.

gayunpaman, salamat sa pagbisita. iginagalang ko ang inyong opinyon. sana rin ay galangin ninyo ang aking sariling opinyon.

21 02 2008

mu lang!!!!

lozada’s a little whiny b***h, i mean, pest. we need insectiside. our country needs actually, truly smart people like you, geds. F those bastards!

i got so worked up when i saw lozada bask in all the attention he got from that mass in ateneo. he is obviously enjoying being in the limelight. ick! i wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to go on showbiz.

@kwentongwalangkwenta, sa tingin ko naging mabuti si gloria sa bansa. kahit sino pa man ang maluluklok sa pwesto, hinding-hindi magiging masaya ang lahat ng tao. marami ang makiki-edsa para sa libreng pagkain at pera. lahat gustong yumaman pero hindi lahat ang handang magbanat ng buto.

inday oona! i so miss you! let’s have one of those mutual adoration sessions one of these days. lol.

JLo!!! LOL. I’ll just wait for Nadia’s exclusive on The Buzz and La Greta’s on Startalk. When it all gets too hot in this world, the best way to cool down is to watch actors do some catfight. 😀

21 02 2008

iginagalang ko naman, sori hehe. pero iyong sinabi mo na:”kailangang mapatunayang ang naghahabla at nag-aakusa ay may kaso nga. ang mga testigo ay kinakailangang suriing mabuti para mapatunayang sila ay karapatdapat paniwalaan. kung paiiralin natin ang panghuhusga kaagad sa mga tao, opisyal man o hindi, dahil lamang mukhang kaawa-awa ang taong naglalabas ng maakusang hintuturo, malamang hindi na tayo magkasya sa mga piitan. ”
hindi ito applicable. kasi wala tayo sa legal na kaso. pulitikal ang isyu. hindi naman natin ipinapakulong si GMA ngayon (immune sya sa kahit anong kaso hanggat presidente siya sa malakanyang) kaya hindi nag-aaply ang striktong pagsunod sa rights of the accused at iba pang standards sa rules of court. siguro kapag napatlsik na si GMa at pinapakulong na siya, dun ako mismo ang mananawagan na sundin ang kanyang mga karapatan bilang akusado (bagamat di na siguro kelangan dahil tiyak madami siyang abogado.) kahit ang legal presumption na the accused is innocent until proven otherwise ay hindi magagamit dito, dahil ang presumption sa pulitika, the public official must always prove his/her worthiness to hold office until such time that he/she relinquishes it. ganun din ang presumption na the burden of proof is always on the plaintiff, hindi mag-aaply kasi wala tayo sa criminal procedure. political procedure ito– legislative inquiry on a government transaction wherein the bruden of proof is on the government to show that the transaction is legal and clear of irregularities. and even on that presumption, Lozada has carried his burden well. now it is up to malacanang to lift EO464 so that they may have their fair chance to be heard by the public.
ikatlo, papanong mapapatunayan na mali o tama ang sinasabi ni lozada kung ayaw harapin ni GMA o ng malaknyang ang akusasyon. ginagamit ang EO 464 para di makaatend sa hearing ang mga tauhan niya. napakasimpleng bagay ng hinihingi natin sa kanila– magpadala lang kayo ng tetestigo sa hearing para sa inyong panig at ng marinig naman namin ang side ninyo. hindi naman namin sinabing aminin ninyo ang kasalanan ninyo kung meron man. mahirap b yun? kung may itinatago ka, siguro mahirap nga iyon. eto pa, may balak pang mangidnap ng witness (kung totoo man iyon). mag-aaply ba ang rights of the accused ek-ek sa ganitong sitwasyon kung pinakamakapangyarihang tao ang inaakusahan mo, at siya ang may kontrol sa gobyerno? hindi. kasi nga uulitin ko, wala tayo sa korte, tayo ay nasa harap ng publiko. kung walang itinatago ang pangulo, hindi niya gagamitin ang EO464 at iba pnag teknikalidad para taguan ang umaakusa sa kanya. haharapin niya iyon at tatapatan ng sariling ebidensya dahil yun ang pinakamabisang paraan para malinis ang pangalan niya. kung magtatago siya sa teknikalidad, aba mas kapani-paniwala nga si lozada at ang burden ngayon to prove innocence ay nasa kay GMA na (after all she must always prove her worthiness as a public official -and the most powerful one at that.) and anyway, on his testimonies alone, substantial ang evidence niya. he sufficiently described the process na pinag-daanan ng ZTE deal para makapasa. tumugma pa sa testimony ni devenecia III. di pa ngayon mapabulaanan nina neri.

21 02 2008

to oona, sabihin mo yan sa mga namatayan ng kamag-anak na aktibista. sabihin mo yan sa mga magsasakang nawalan ng fertilizer fund noong 2004, sa mga estudyanteng walang eskwelehan ngayon dahil yung pondo ay ipinangbribe sa mga congressmen noong impeachment. sabihin mo din yan sa tatay ko at sa milyun-milyung pumunta sa ibang bansa para maghanap ng trabaho, kasi sweldo pa lang nila dito ubos na agad na pambayad ng kuryente. sabihin mo dn yan sa mga katulad kong bagong graduate pero call center lang ang mapasukan. diba trabaho lang to ng mga preso sa US. tama , sinabimo na nga pla sakin. ang sagot ko, hindi ko nakikitang magaling na pangulo si GMA. kung hindi dahil sa utang panlabas (na kinukurakot pa) na babayaran din naman natin sa mataas na interes, at kung hindi dahil sa mga padalang dolyar ng mga OFW, tiyak walang ekonomiyang ipinagmamalaki si GMA ngayon. teka, may ipagmamalaki nga ba sa ekonomiya natin ngayon?

pangalawa, maraming nagbabanat ng buto sa pilipinas. lumabas pa nga sila ng ibang bansa para magbanat ng buto doon. kitam sobrang sipag diba. ako din, hinde natutulog para magbanat ng buto. mula alas onse ng gabi hanggang alas-onse ng umaga gising ako, pero sadyang kulang ang sweldo kahit pa magtipid. marami kaming nakakaramdam ng ganito. overworked, underpaid. hindi pa ba pagbabanat ng buto iyon? bakit kaya mahirap pa rin kami at bakit mahirap pa rin ang pilipinas na sobrang sipag ng mga mamamayan? itanong natin kay GMA.

21 02 2008

maraming nagbabanat ng buto sa pilipinas, pero hindi ganun karami.

aminin na natin. tamad tayo.

at hindi ito sakit ng mga filipino lamang.

lahat ng nagtatrabaho, isa lang ang karanawing reklamo, “overworked, underpaid”. isa lang ang masasabi ko dyan. live within your means. karamihan sa mga filipino maseselan. makapag-call center work or anumang almost always night shift na trabaho, nagkakape pa sa kung saan saan. at komo walang uniform kadalasan, rumarampa sa opisina ng kung anu-anong damit. nag-uukay-ukay nga, gabundok naman sa dami ang binili. alam ko dahil napagdaanan ko yan. at nalampasan ko yan. naniniwala akong makukuha mo ang gusto mo kung determinado kang gawin ito. hindi ako naging reyna ng kung anong bansa at wala akong sariling pamilya pero masaya ako at hindi na ako nagrereklamong kulang ang sinusweldo sa kin dahil ginawa ko kung ano ang tingin koy dapat kong gawin para maiangat ang antas ng buhay ko at kaligayahan ko. at para sa akin, sapat na dahilan yan para hindi mawalan ng pag-asa pero sapat na rin yan na dahilan para wag maniwala kaagad agad sa kung sinu-sino. responsibilidad ng mga namamahala sa ating pamahalaan ang pangkalahatang kaayusan at kabutihan ng ating bayan pero hindi natin dapat inaasa sa bayan natin ang paghahanap ng trabaho para sa atin. sabi nga nila, kung gusto, maraming paraan pero kung ayaw, maraming dahilan.

aminin na natin, mabilis lang tayo umalma at mamansin ng dumi ng iba. mabilis tayong mag-akusa at mambintang ng kung anu-ano sa kapwa kapag tayoy nahihirapan.

ang ate ko, OFW. nars sya pero pinili nyang manilbihan sa pilipinas ng pagkahaba-habang panahon bago sya nagdesisyong mangibang bayan. hindi lamang dahil mas malaki ang kita kundi dahil napupulitika sya sa ospital na pinapasukan nya.

ang kuya ko OFW. nagtitiis syang mawalay sa piling ng kanyang pamilya ng ilang buwan para kumita ng mas malaki at mamuhay ng mas maginhawa. ang asawa nya ay isang manananggol. hindi sila salat sa kung anuman pero pinili ng kapatid kong ipagpatuloy ang gawaing nagustuhan nya noon pa man.

may isa pa akong kuya at isa pang ate na andito sa pilipinas nagtatrabaho. pareho silang nasa gobyerno nagsisilbi. ako man ay andito rin pero mga banyaga ang pinagsisilbihan ko. (naghuhubad ako para sa kanila! lol.) hindi kami mayaman pero namulat kami sa pag-iisip na hindi ibang tao ang susubo sa amin ng pagkain kundi ang aming pagsisikap. bagamat nahihirapan sa buhay paminsan-minsan, hindi nawawala sa amin ang pagiging masayahin. kaya siguro, nahihirapan may nakukuha pa rin naming ngumiti at tumawa, na sadyang pinoy na pinoy.

nagtapos ako sa isang pampublikong paaralan sa isang scholarship. tumira sa dormitoryo at kumain sa mga turo-turo. nagtiyaga sa mga photocopied readings and books kasi limitado ang aking book stipend. noon pa man, mahirap na ang buhay mag-aaral.

ang nanay ko, mag-isang itinaguyod ang aming pag-aaral. ang tatay kong hindi nakapagtapos ng pag-aaral ang syang naging “nanay” sa amin. hindi uso ang chauvinism sa bahay namin. sa kulang-kulang sampung libong piso kada buwan, napagtapos kami ng mga magulang namin. ni minsan hindi ko narinig ang mga magulang kong nagmaktol at nagalit sa pamahalaan. oo, politikal ang kinalakhan ko. bata pa lang ako, isinasama na ako ng tatay ko sa mga pagtitipon. pero ni minsan, hindi ko sya narinig na nagmura sa pamahalaan dahil hindi sya nakapagtapos. pero nasa tao yan. ika nga, pag may tiyaga, may nilaga.

kaya hindi umuunlad ang pilipinas dahil sa mga politikal na isyu na yan at sa mga palusot ng kung sinu-sino para lamang makapag-grandstand. kulang na lang gawing showbiz ang politika. he said, she said ang drama. may immunity nga si GMA pero hindi naman sya ang tahasang inaakusahang may kasalanan. pribadong tao ang unang ginoo. bakit hindi sya dalhin sa korte kung may kaso nga? bakit hindi dalhin si abalos? o baka naman, parang ABS CBN at GMA network war na naman ito? puro witness kuno na halata namang mga mersenaryo pero walang kaso? o baka naman dahil malaki ang papel ng ABS CBN sa gusot na ito kaya iisa lang ang diskarte? bago tayo magpagamit sa kung sinu-sino, mag-isip muna tayo.

sabi ni jun lozada, inipit sya kaya sya napilitang magsabi ng katotohanan. ganito rin ang sinabi ng mga dumaan sa iba’t ibang uri ng torture. ibig sabihin ba, totoo ang totoong sinasabi nila? di naman siguro tayo tanga, kaya wag na tayong padadala sa mga luha. si marimar lang ang nauuto ni angelika!

at sabi ng kuya ko, wag ilagay ang pera malapit sa bunganga. tyak mauubos kaagad.

22 02 2008

hala, ginawang buong blog entry ang reply! 🙂
i’m loving this thread…

hahaha. now i’m self-conscious. to kasi si kwentongwalangkwenta eh. napapatula tuloy ako. :p

22 02 2008

“sabi ni jun lozada, inipit sya kaya sya napilitang magsabi ng katotohanan. ganito rin ang sinabi ng mga dumaan sa iba’t ibang uri ng torture. ibig sabihin ba, totoo ang totoong sinasabi nila? di naman siguro tayo tanga, kaya wag na tayong padadala sa mga luha. si marimar lang ang nauuto ni angelika! ”

tong tungkol kay lozada, wala na namang duda na may nangyaring mali eh. una, may isang government deal na muntik nang matuloy pero nasilip na may anomalya. walang makakatanggi kahit na ang nasa administrasyon na ang ZTE deal ay maanomalya (kaya nga binawi ng pangulo yung deal). walang public bidding, dun pa lang ilegal na ang kontrata. fact un at hindi pwedeng itanggi ng kahit na sino. dun pa lang may pananagutan na ang malakanyang at kelangan na nilang magpaliwanag sa legislative inquiry na isinasagawa.
ang tanong na lang ay kung papaano ito ipapaliwanag ng malakanyang. bakit nakalusot ang deal? sino ang may pakana? sa tanong na ito nagkakatalo, kasi nga pumasok si Lozada at si JDvIII. sabi nila ganito nabuo ang deal, ito ang mga taong involved, ganito kalaki ang overpriced na pera. kahit pa hindi totoo ang sinabi ni lozada, at kahit pa binobola lang tayo ni JDVIII,may utang pa rin na paliwanag satin ang malakanyang. bakit nakalusot ang maanomalyang deal?bakit binawi nyo lang kung kelan may nagbunyag na nito sa senado?
eh kaso hindi sumasagot ang malakanyang, may balita pa na binalak mangidnap ng witness, hindi pinapadalo ang mga opisyal na involved sa hearing, etc.etc. dun pa lang ba hindi ka na magdududa sa malakanyang? kung hindi ka pa rin nagdududa, iinvoke na natin ang right ng mga mamamayan sa transparent information sa mga government dealings. nasa konstitusyon ang right na yun. iinvoke pa natin ang admin code, public trust clause. ayaw pa rin magsalita ng malakanyang, nagtatago pa rin si neri sa EO464. anong tawag dun? the president is breaching public trust.
totoo man o hindi ang sinabi ni lozada, hindi pa rin lusot ang malakanyang, may kailangan silang ipaliwanag, and their failure to do so is sufficient ground for removal from office.

kaya irrelevant nang pag-usapan kung scripted ba at rehearsed ang pag-iyak ni lozada. wala akong pakialam dun, malaya siyang gawin yun. kahit magpaawa siyang parang pusa, ang mahalaga, credible ang substance ng sinasabi niya at hindi masagot ng ayos ng malakanyang.

Yung tungkol sa hirap ng tao sa pilipinas, di yun dahil sa tamad tayo. lahat ng bansa may tamad na tao. kahit sa US, daming gangster at palaboy pero di sila mahirap na bansa. mas masipag pa nga tayo kung tutuusin. biruin mo, walong milyong tao, lalabas pa ng bansa para sa trabaho.
kung sa isang bansa na may 80 million populasyon, 1o percent ang nag-ofw na, ang ekonomiya na mismo ang may problema, lalo na kung iisipin mo na lampas ng 60 porsyento ng populasyon ay mahirap. bakit yung engineer at IT graduate dito, pupunta ng amerika par mamulot ng apple at maging truck driver? kasi mas malaki ang sahod ng truck driver at namumulot ng apple dun kesa sa mga professional dito. katamaran pa ba ang problema dun? malinaw na mali ang patakaran sa ekonomiya. import ng import, tapos uutang sa ibang bansa para makabayad. ang ineeksport ntin hindi produkto kundi tao. kaka-import pa, namatay tuloy ung mga lokal na industriya . eh di madaming nawawalan ng trabaho (na ipapadala na lang ng gobyerno sa ibang bansa o kaya bolahin na magcall center na lang).

22 02 2008

ay sori, nagcomment na pla ako kanina hehehe

ok lang yan. comment lang ng comment. nakakapagod na magtype! lol.

25 02 2008

hehe, napapahaba tuloy ang usapan. pati buhay natin naikuwento na

25 02 2008

i tend to agree with Kwentongwalangkwenta. the administration cannot deny that it approved an anomalous deal, if not for the exposes made in the Senate. GMA is now right inside the opposition’s net.
whether or not Lozada is saying the truth is beside the point that Malacanang approved the deal. with that alone, the opposition already has a case to bring to the streets. Lozada and Jose de VEnecia 3rd can be useful as direct witnesses to prove all the circumstantial evidence, although their testimonies only end with FG and abalos.
the case is similar to the Sigma Rho’s on the death of one of their neophytes. there are many exact comparisons. first: sigma rho members brought a dead body to a hospital and all autopsies point to grave physical punishment as the cause of death. on that point alone, the frat is caught red-handed as the culprit. on the other hand, the GMA administration came up with a deal involving ZTE, and all scrutinies point to the deal’s inability to comply with the LAw’s standard operating procedures on government transactions.
second, the sigma rho case has a lot of circumstantial evidence saying that the dead neophyte was a recruit of a sigma rhoan (who was a popular college student leader in UP) and that the neophyte contacted his friends about a scheduled initiation rites with the frat. on the other hand, the existence of the ZTE deal itself is enough evidence to point that Malacanang was its source. then came lozada and company to prove what is already obvious.
Third, in both cases, the accused chose to shut up and ignored public outrage. they did not participate in hearings and investigations, snubbed sub poenas, employed technicalities to avoid the issue.
fourth, the whole public knows they did it, only they can’t prove the crimes because of the accused’s non-cooperation with the investigating bodies.

26 02 2008

to thewordwarlock,
napansin kong mahilig kang magkumpara kina GMA at Sigma Rho. may nabasa na rin ako dating sinulat mo tungkol dito kaya same comment pa rin ang sakin.
salamat sa pagsang-ayon. tama ka, ang ZTE deal mismo ang pinakamalaking pruweba laban sa malacanang at hindi ang mga sinabi ni Lozada. hindi ko rin maintindihan ang mga taong nagsasabi na nagsisinungaling siya. para sa akin, pandagdag lang sa akusasyon ang mga tinuran niya, at magsinungaling man siya o hindi, may kelangan pa rin ipaliwanag ang malacanang. kumbaga, flavoring lang (pampalasa) ang mga sinabi ni lozada sa ZTE deal irregularities na siyang main dish sa iskandalong ito.

Subalit hindi ako sang-ayon sa mga comparisons mo. “first: sigma rho members brought a dead body to a hospital and all autopsies point to grave physical punishment as the cause of death. on that point alone, the frat is caught red-handed as the culprit. on the other hand, the GMA administration came up with a deal involving ZTE, and all scrutinies point to the deal’s inability to comply with the LAw’s standard operating procedures on government transactions.”

una, ang sigma rho case ay isang criminal case at hindi isyung pampulitika. hinde pwedeng magpadalos-dalos sa pagbibitiw ng statement dun sa kaso kasi wala pang napapatunayan sa korte. kung ang sigma rho man ang nagdala ng bangkay sa hospital ay kelangan pang mapatunayan sa isang hukuman. for the sake of argument, sabihin na nating sila nga ang nagdala, pero maraming paliwanag na pwedeng ibigay. halimbawa, sabihin nilang napulot lang nila ang bangkay o kaya ay tinulungan lang nila ang namatay na nakita nilang ginugulpi ng mga tambay sa tabi-tabi etc. maaaring nakakatawa ang alibi na ito para sa iyo pero hindi imposibleng mangyari.

sa kaso ni GMA, ang pag-approve ng ZTE deal ay hindi pwedeng gawan ng alibi, i.e. “hindi ko alam na naaprove pala yan ng opisina ko, ” hindi ko nareview, basta pinirmahan ko na lang, busy kasi ako ng araw na yun,” “hindi sa malacanang nanggaling yan, province of tarlac ang nag-approve ng deal na yan.” ang kontrata ay sa malacanang lang talaga nanggaling, dahil ito ay may involved na foreign debt at presidente lang ang makakapag-approve. pangalawa, national ang scope ng project, national gov’t lang talaga ang panggagalingan. at lalong hindi pwedeng sabihin na negligence ni GMA ang dahilan kaya napirmahan niya. responsibilidad pa rin niya yun kung negligent siya.

“the sigma rho case has a lot of circumstantial evidence saying that the dead neophyte was a recruit of a sigma rhoan (who was a popular college student leader in UP) and that the neophyte contacted his friends about a scheduled initiation rites with the frat. on the other hand, the existence of the ZTE deal itself is enough evidence to point that Malacanang was its source. then came lozada and company to prove what is already obvious.”

Circumstantial evidence are useful but they cannot prove guilt in a criminal case. kahit pa sabihing may preponderance of evidence, guilt beyond reasonable doubt pa rin ang standard, kagaya nga ng sinabi ko na sa una kong mga comments. para maparusahan ang sigma rho, kelangan may direct witness na nagsabing sila nga gumawa. eh kasong walang direct witness o evidence(kaya nga hanggang ngayon walang naisasampang kaso kasi puro circumstantial ang evidence. sa piskal pa lang tiyak dismiss na agad ang kaso laban sa sigma rho for lack of evidence). the public may condemn the Sigma rho but they cannot be liable under the law based only on circumstantial evidence.
on the other hand, circumstantial evidence is enough to make the public demand GMA’s resignation. as i said, nakay-GMA ang burden of proof to prove that the deal is clear of irregularities.

“Third, in both cases, the accused chose to shut up and ignored public outrage. they did not participate in hearings and investigations, snubbed sub poenas, employed technicalities to avoid the issue.”

the Sigma rho can remain silent as long as they want. they have the right as accused to remain silent and to avoid giving self-incriminatory statements. pwedeng-pwede nilang sabihin na “talk to our lawyers” (na balita ko ay mas malaki pa ang legal team nila sa kasong ito kesa sa legal team ni Erap noong impeachment, kasi, this frat is the exclusive frat sa UP college of law–puro bigating lawyers ang alumni nila) at hindi ako magtataas ng kilay. pero pag si GMa ang nagsabi noon, magtataas ako ng boses. kapal naman ng mukha niya, public office ang pinag-uusapan, di pwedeng talk to my lawyers lang isasagot niya.
ang Sigma Rho, pwedeng isnabin ang subpoena ng NBI at mga pulis. ang korte lang naman ang may karapatang magsub-poena kapag may pagdinig na sa kaso (at ang kongreso pag may pagdinig tulad ng sa ZTE hearing). ang NBI nag-iimbestiga lang. trabaho ng NBI na mag-ipon ng ebidensya laban sa sigma rho. papadaliin pa ng sigma rho ang trabaho ng NBI pag dumalo sila sa imbestigasyon. hangga’t walang naisasampang kaso laban sa sigma rho at walang warrant of arrest mula sa korte, malayang-malaya ang mga fratmen na ito. pero sina neri, hindi ko alam kung bakit inisnab nila ang sub-poena ng senado. pwede silang macontempt at ikulong sa senado dahil dun.

eto ang diperensya ng criminal case at isang isyung pulitikal. what applies for the sigma Rho (rights of the accused, legal presumptions on burden of proof and innocence) does not apply for the case of GMA who is now before a political scandal. sabi ko nga, kapag napatalsik na si GMA, at kinasuhan na siya sa hukuman, dun pa lang niya magagamit ang mga rights na sinasabi ko.

26 02 2008

hehe, eh bakit ikaw ang nagrereply, di naman ikaw may-ari ng thread na to hehehe. joke lang

yaan mo na. tinatamad din kasi akong sumagot eh. what’s with you guys and sigma rho, by the way?

26 02 2008

taga-up kasi ako. di mo ba nabalitaan yun? eh mukhang taga-up din si kwentong walang kwenta. i just found it sad na very agitated siya pag si GMA ang topic pero nawawala yung agitation niya kung yung frat na ang pinag-uusapan. I know di ka galit kay GMA, pero para sa akin, wala syang pinagkaiba sa sigma rho, tago ng tago. kaw ba, ano tingin mo?

15 03 2008

Sa tingin ko, hindi talaga na-address ang pinaka-core na issue regarding the controversy.

Are we going to tolerate the wrongdoings of government? This is corruption at its finest. It is happening right under our noses. That’s the ultimate issue here. I don’t know how anyone can criticize on the basis of very superficial things such as shirts or mannerisms. That’s pure callousness. When large amounts of government resources are mis-used and deliberately being siphoned at the expense of the people. Are we going to accept the common sayings that ” why should you care? After all it’s people’s money? Which is the very attitude of those in power. Its still taxpayers money, to think that it is perpetuated through a loan than would only burden us more.

When pGMA recently addressed Congress to come up with a more comprehensive law against corruption., it means that it is being done and she just got away with it. Honesty should start from the top. It comes with the office, yet she only proved that she’s not up to it. Totally bankrupt on the moral aspect.

For me, this is the most important issue that should never be sidetracked to be able to find ways to arrest the profuse bleeding. Its only when people are content with the way things are that change can prove to be illusory.

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