Black and White

18 02 2008

I am not pro-GMA. 

If it’s the TV station we’re talking about, then I’d say I am without batting an eyelash, which is impossible by the way because you can’t just bat ONE eyelash!  But really, I am not the president’s die-hard fan.  Let’s just say that I am for this country.  But I won’t claim expertise on what’s best for this country as so many people have already been holding the megaphone.  I guess my time with the mob is over.  I want to grow old real fast but I don’t think I’m getting that old yet so my hiatus is perhaps just that—a hiatus. 

Where does the right begin and where does wrong end?  Does the world really have to be just a choice between black and white?  I am trying  to stifle another bored yawn over what’s going on in our country.  As much as I hate to admit it, I guess I have become someone that I used to hate big time—apathetic.  Not pathetic, you dumbarse.  Well, perhaps partly. 

But really, I’m confused.  This country is so used to corruption.  Since time immemorial, politicians have stolen from us.  And no we don’t have the monopoly of a graft and corruption-infested soil.  Other places have it too.  And so people like me is no longer a rarity.  So there’s a new scandal, what’s new with it?  People steal anyway.  My mantra has become, he/she who steals the least without totally crippling the country is least despicable of the all.  It’s hard to tell, really.  So when it’s hard to tell, I try to just pick whoever’s in power so long as he/she’s not THAT stupid regardless of height or mole size. 

My next confusion steams from the size of the loot.  Ok.  So everybody steals.  Who steals the least is the lesser evil and so that’s the way it should be.  Yeah, so it’s ok to steal so long as it’s not as big as what others steal.  It’s ok to make mistakes so long as they’re not as bad as the ones the other guy made.  This has become our standards and in this grueling world, we can’t really blame people.  Sometimes, we just have to be happy with our small feats.  Yeah it’s not right.  But beggars can’t be choosers.  No one can afford to be choosy.  Yeah it helps to save some dignity inside and maintain ones moral standards but then again, who set those standards in the first place?  Tune in the the radio or turn that TV volume up.  That’s not what’s happening.  People have been hurling accusations against one another as if their lives, and not their political agenda, depended on it. He/she who sinneth not cast the first stone.  My god!  I’ve never seen this many hypocrites in my lifetime!  JDV has been going at it like the fly to the poop!  Is it just me or is eternal damnation really just around the bend?  What with wolves in sheep’s clothing parading here and there like there’s a huge offering coming up I’d be surprised if all of a sudden I’ll see the scene where Moses excitedly came down from the mountain with the tablets of ten commandments in his hand only to find his shenanigans of relatives worshipping an idol! The audacity of people to use the name of God to bring their cases to the streets!  And who are these prophets who act like they have never sinned or partaken of anything that came from under the table!

I am indeed very confused.  And what’s making it worse is the gripping feeling that has been eating me all this time.  I am scared.  I am so scared for this country that I fear waking up the following morning because it might be the day of the great catharsis and it may not be what we all want to see.  I am young by world’s standards and because I am so, I don’t want to spoil the fun by watching it just slip away when I have not yet filled the half-full glass in my hand. 

Will this end?  Will blood flow?  Will people die?  Will I die?  Who is telling the truth?  And how do we measure truth nowadays?  Is it something that our gut tells us?  Or has the standards change?  Is it signified by tears and melodrama?  If I knew the answers, I’d be able to sleep well.  And I’ll stop worrying about tomorrow. 

Tomorrow’s just another day.  Today’s a gift.  That’s why it’s called the present.  But I don’t want to get any more gifts if it’s just like this.  I want to have tomorrow.  But somehow that petrifies me more.

So what now…




One response

18 02 2008
Durano Lawayan


In this country, evil has long won over good. Looking for the lesser evil is a losers choice. And Filipinos are the losers in this game – all the time! You pointed this out in your post, on the relationships between politicians who intermarry to keep the loot within the family. Its a small country with a young democracy, and the chances that you have a relative that has ties with a politician is always a possibility.

The thing that keeps the country on a somewhat even keel is the fact that this President has somehow done something to improve the economic situation, which has shielded us from the full impact of the US recession ( the US is in denial about this). Based on that can we ask, so what is 130 million dollars? It’s still a lot, considering that the only jobs available are call centers which will kill the energy of the youth and sap all their intellect in a job that has no future. The other option is going abroad.

Should the Democrats win in November – and chances are they will if they don’t succeed in destroying their party with their divisive race, gender and generational campaigns- call centers will be removed and transferred to the US for their citizens to have jobs; and menial ones will be left for those going abroad.

Bayani Fernando is an administrator and would make a good President, but he will never win. I do like him a lot and I believe he will implement the Law fairly. But there has to be a visionary in this country who has technical skills that can map out an industrial development agenda coupled with an ecotourism mind set, which can sustain the economy despite the volatility in global markets. I have no nominees. Perhaps after 2010, if it’s not too late. –Durano, done!

Because of what you have said, comrade, I’ve now become more convinced that Gordon should run and win in 2010. He fits the bill. Unless we’re talking about the younger De Venecia’s technical skills. He feels so good about being able to mention Cisco and other IT-related brands. LOL.

But about the recession…I remember one West Wing episode where they had to concoct a word so as not to mention the word recession in the White House because they did not want the people getting all hyped up about it. It’s a global thing. I’m no economist but if I were a would-be US president, I can only surmise that getting back all the outsourced jobs so my people can pay the mortgage is the best thing to do. This is what broke it for Kerry.

One can only pray for a better day. It’s a sad sad world. And while rooting for the lesser evil makes one a loser, I believe we have lost a long time ago so that’s no news. Identifying the lesser evil is a challenge, after all. Who sinneth the less, errr, more moderately?

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