Is Romulo Neri Gay?

19 02 2008

God knows how many gay people I have in my posse.  Needless to say, I have always had high respect for people who have gotten out of the closet to be true to themselves and to others.  But I can only sympathize with those who find it hard to come to terms with their sexuality.  The Philippines is laden with misguided moralists and homophobes who blame whatever misfortune that befall on their families on their gay family members.  Talk about miseducation. 

As my college history professor said, the hardest thing to change in people is the mentality.  The American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders while the World Health Organization reclassified it from being a mental illness to ego-dystonic homosexuality.  But people still pray that gay guys and girls will get well!!! Why, one actress even gave a testimony in her church about how their family was happy when her cousin recovered from homosexuality!  And this lady graduated from UP for crying out loud.  Well, I do know a lot of chauvinist and homophobic UP alumni.

Anyway, the senate hearings have hinted that there is (was?) a special friendship between former NEDA chair Romulo Neri and former Philforest president and ZTE scandal whistleblower Rodolfo Noel Lozada Jr.  Former COMELEC Chair Benjamin Abalos also speculated on what kind of relationship the two had.  Now Senator Jamby Madrigal threatened to expose Neri’s personal secrets.  Could there be a homosexual undertone in all these? 

Regardless of whether Neri’s gay or not, no one has the right to condemn him or even maliciously high-hat him because of it.  Whatever happened to human rights?  Are they a special provision for extrajudicial killing victims?  Why am I not surprised?  This world, after all, is heavily tinted with the glass of double standards. 

Which leads me to wonder, could this be Malacañang’s hold over Neri? When there’s smoke, there’s fire but please spare me the drama. Spare the Filipinos the theatrics and the hystrionics that this gut-wrenching soap opera has spewed on a daily basis. We need to know the truth but can’t we have another Clarissa Ocampo or Emma Lim? And please, don’t let one’s sexual orientation and preference get the spotlight.




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20 02 2008
Durano Lawayan

Romy Neri’s sexual preference has been known in government circles for some time. Jamby wanted to expose the issue to discredit him further. Its a case of the pot calling the kettle black. She who had to fake a marriage to a gay frenchman to hide her own gender. Talk about hypocrisy of the ultimate kind. –Durano, done!

Well, no sense in letting the whole world know about it just because he won’t dance to their music.

28 02 2008

He is! And its a common knowledge!
But i guess exposing his dirty linens won’t let him disclose whatever information he knew!

For sure, after all these, both of them (jamby and neri) if my perdictions are right will become the forefront of the country’s LGBT communities!

let us pray mga kafatid!

If only they’d do the LGBT community proud by coming out in the open because I’m pretty sure it’s hot inside the closet.

28 02 2008
ninoy aquino

There’s a rumor going around that the reason why Neri won’t testify is that his “boyfriend” was kidnapped. I just wonder how true this is?

Could it be that the boyfriend was Lozada? He was allegedly “kidnapped”, wasn’t he?

1 03 2008

i agree with ninoy aquino? (di ba patay na yun? aba naki comment pa..hehhe)
sya nga yun! 😆

23 03 2008
Attracted to Neri

I don’t know if there’s anything wrong with me, but I really find old, intelligent, and well-accomplished gay men very attractive. Magna cum laude and a class valedictorian in UP College of Business Administration; UCLA MBA graduate; former NEDA chief— what else can you ask for? I would be thrilled to meet him in person, talk to him, and maybe become a part of his very controversial life. hahaha. I’m crazy…

Nothing’s wrong with you, sweetheart. I like older men myself. Obviously, he’s gotta be straight coz if he’s not, we can only be friends!

29 04 2008

the issue about broadband deal has been burried 6-feet below the ground… the clever gma diverted the attention on the scarcity of rice in the phils… i hope that we will learn from all this acted well theatrical play…

28 04 2011

He’s gay? Oh really? I always see him during family reunions since he is the younger brother of my Maternal Grandfather but I’ve never heard of the issue that he is Gay..

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