Coke Anyone? Juicy Tales from the Online Rumor Mill

15 03 2008

If you haven’t heard/read about it yet, then you must have been nursing a Jun Lozada fever still.  For some who have been fed up with all the heady (no pun intended) theatrics, the latest catfight online is a welcome distraction.  Beautiful release, Ms. MacLachlan? 

I’m talking about the whole Brian Gorell vs. Delfin Justiniano “DJ” Ocampo and the whole “Gucci Gang” hooplah that overpower the much hyped about Sergio-MariMar wedding, Lobo’s much-awaited transformation, Leo San Miguel’s not so surprising surprise, and the widely monitored Clinton-Obama race.  As Le Superstar Fabuleux Bryan put it, it’s “bigger than the Edison Chen scandal in Hong Kong.”  That’s quite something considering the last one’s really huge too!  I almost forgot Governor Spitzer’s major mishap!  Move over Ashley, we’ve got a new star.

I actually just stumbled upon it by accident.  A few clicks here and there later, it unfolded before my very eyes.  It’s sad for shallow gossipy me to have missed the Comments section of the now uber-popular resurrected blog but what I have read pretty much gave me a clearer picture of the whole hubbub.

Let me try to sum up the now much talked about scandal.  Brian Gorell, a man from Down Under, created a blog in (dis)honor of his ex-lover Delfin Justiniano “DJ” Ocampo Montano II.  He dissed the guy and his friends because the ex-boyfriend allegedly still owes him $70,000.  He said in his blog that he won’t stop until he gets his money back.  Now what’s shocking, other than the staggering amount of money, is that the blog talks bad about people move around in Manila’s party scene far more frequently than the rest of us mere mortals.  They, the Gucci Gang, according to the blog, are the young set of the Manila alta sociedad.  I’m sure you’ve heard of Celine Lopez (Philippine Star writer and daughter of former solons Albertito and Emily Relucio-Lopez), Marcel Crespo (Lopez’s ex-fiance and Mark Jimenez’s son), Wendy Puyat-Hotung (a swimwear designer), Tina Tinio (a L’Oréal executive) and Tim Yap (another party animal and entrepreneur).

Everyone loves a juicy tale.  Well, not in huge doses and snorts(!) but every now and then, we lurvvv it.  Schadenfreude after all, is a guilty pleasure.  But this one’s wild!  Not only does it talk nasty of a love affair gone sour, it also talks of the massive and reckless use of cocaine.  If it were to be taken in without question, it will definitely crush to pieces what remnants of reputation these people have left.

A few days ago, the blog was closed but it went live again sans the comments section because apparently it got nuked because of that.  Not that they can’t touch it now.  I mean anything is possible ’round here.  Hell hath no fury than a woman (and the like) scorned indeed but by golly, it gets really uglier by the minute!  Brian Gorell is HIV positive, by the way.  He said so himself.  He claims to have given up his farm in Australia and a lover of 20 or so years.  But he’s back there.  I am not sure how he’s getting on though.  I have one word for him.  Thailand.  The others?  I’m not really sure.  All I know is that they’re getting their share of the limelight one at a time.  And I’m sure they don’t like it this time.  I wonder if ABS-CBN will run this story if this blows.  Or PhilStar.  Tim Yap has been very visible in GMA but I don’t think he’s got that kind of power on the news and public affairs turf.  Gorell said the blog will close as soon as DJ Montano pays up.  I wonder when he’ll post the Western Union receipts.  That should somehow make a case.  This drama marathon is addictive in coke-like proportions!  LOL. 

Sniff.  Snort.  Aaah!

Before the blog closes again, you can check it out here.

Qué horor! Qué barbaridad!




14 responses

15 03 2008
Durano Lawayan

Hello Iamsorceress,

Jesus Christ! This is some story! He is a grandson of an erstwhile powerful politician and I think they still have some clout over in Cavite.

I read a few posts and they have been crashing and bombing the guy’s site and e-mail addresses, but he’s still there. Is DJ gay too or does he just victimizes them? What a lowlife huh. Thanks for the tip. I will pass this on. But don’t mistake me for a gossiper now. 🙂 –Durano, done!

I’ll never mistake you for anything comrade. LOL.

The DJ guy’s gay too. Rumor has it that even MJ’s son is too. Most of they male people in their “gang” are gay. There have been stories about another Lopez brat (not gay but a first-rate junkie) and if all the things coming out are to be believed, I begin to wonder if MJ told the truth when he accused his wife and kids of substance abuse.

What the fart is wrong with the world! — iamsorceress

15 03 2008

rich as they may be..
they play poor man’s game.
that’s just human nature!

17 03 2008

ang daming good looking pinoy!
sya pa?
as tasteless as coke! 😀

hahay. sayang na sayang. i guess he didn’t have time to explore his possibilities na rin. too bad. — iamsorceress

24 03 2008

I do not believe Brians story. This man is crazy. Why would he do a blog to get his money back,The blog is so one sided and all gate blogs comments. whenever he could just go to court. He juat wants fame.
I heard this Brian came from prison.
The Montanos are a very simple family, they have a foundation for the poor and they are not corrupt. Also he Lopezes. So what if they are rich. They were born that way.
Really cant judge.

I agree. Who are we to judge indeed? But don’t you think that also applies to Mr. Gorell? We can’t judge him either, can we? Just because his vitriol hits a seemingly powerful clique, doesn’t mean he’s the lesser person here. I mean, the concerned parties can very well strike back, sue BG or whatever else but they seem to have chosen to keep quiet so perhaps it’s not too big for them after all. Just my humble two cents. — iamsorceress

25 03 2008

In response to the comments of Fred (22:52:15) :

I totally dissagree that Mr. Gorell is crazy. Please read all of his blogs and proofs. Consider that fact that this man just wants his money and the blog will shut down. Plain and simple. Just makes sure that you really know DJ Montano before you butt in. Maybe you still don’t know how a con artist he is???
You said that “You really can’t judge”, but you already did. You judge the person that he wants fame when hes just desperate to get his hard earned money.

30 03 2008

Since Internet laws are not yet that defined. My attitude is just let the ‘phenomenon’ go by. See what comes out of it. The Filipino who has discovered a new avenue of expression in terms of blogging from the many hundreds of years of suppression has observed the country’s culture from another’s viewpoint(Gorrell and Aussie Law). This I think is the flexing is internet muscle against a well entenched media giant owned by the country’s elite ‘alta sociedad.’ Aside from the news that is screened by national security agency’s every time a glance at the TV, all I see is ‘showbiz trash’ that continues to erode and corrupt the values of the people.

The controversy is real life. It is unscripted. The outpouring of an individual’s sentiment who has got nothing to lose. It is spontaneous and uncontroverted so far. Of course, Brian loves the attention he gets(60K hits per day). That’s something else. He couldn’t have anticipated that. Remember that this is a manifestation of ‘public opinion’. Above and Beyond any established jurisdiction of any court.

31 03 2008

i agree! this is the trend nowadays! too bad for delfin kasi nagpaka brave sya in facing his nightmare! <a href=”” this may help “>

5 04 2008

I do not believe Fred’s reply. This man is a total class “A” idiot. Why would he reply to a blog which he hasn’t totally read yet? Fred’s blog is totally one sided and obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about especially when he mentioned about the “courts”. This Fred just wants fame for his stupidity.

I heard this Fred came from a butthole of a Gucci Gook member.
The Montanos are a very crooked family, they have a foundation for the poor that supports the clan’s coke sniffings and they are not corrupt inside a toilet (hmmm?). Also the Lopezes are pretty much the same… passing to consumers their 17 billion peso debt to NPC (or was it transco… oh well). So what if they are bitches. THEY WERE BORN THAT WAY!

Really can’t judge your intellect because you have no proof of having any.

5 04 2008

Oh that… that was in reply to Fred (Flintstoned) ignoramous comment. 🙂

LOL. Of course. Thanks — iamsorceress

7 04 2008

I’ve seen all the pictures of those women so called “socialites” that BG mentioned in his blog. Di hamak na mas mukha pang socialites ang mga pinay domestic helpers sa hongkong kaysa kanila…

11 04 2008

Its an eye opener for all Filipinos that not just because your rich e you’re better than me or something like that haha Ang nakaka shock lang talaga e vinalidate ni Kitty Go na totoo nga yun at hinde tsismis and nasa book niya un haha

16 04 2008

“I heard he came from prison” – what an idiot that guy is. You lot should have a look at the receipts Brian Gorrell is now posting on his blog. And what do you think of Montano saying on Filipino television that a/ he was honest and b/ he didn’t take drugs. So honest that he can’t account for the $70k+ he ripped off. Bad luck DJ boy – there are photos of you and Celine Lopez and the other Guccis snorting their arses off. Coming soon.

24 06 2008
charlie solis

Manuod lang kayo ng MTV. Di ba lubog na MTV kasi tinalo na ng MYX? Why? Coz halos lahat ng shows ng MTV are openings of whatever bar or event of this and that at laging same rich people ang mga nakahambalang sa camera. tim Yap, celine lopez, etc. Di alam ng MTV na ang foundation ng channel sa States eh keeping up with the various fads sa youth. eh my gad di na youthful-looking yang mga yan. case in point: the accusations being hurled kina dj montano, celine, tim yap have evidences on cam… via MTV, nakakasukang maunood na adik adik sila sa events nila weekly.

24 06 2008

The blog was just too fucking long!!! I got tired reading all Brian’s hate this, hate that blog entries. Shit happens but was it really necessary to put his face in it? I believe the better approach would have been to take legal action. It was just too much hate, hate, hate. Then again, I can understand about hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and all that stuff. Hay, buhay nga naman =(

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