Books, Conspiracy Theories and Cynics

19 06 2008

I always encourage my nephews and nieces and any kid that I get to talk to to read. I am pretty sure it’s the only sure route to a million and one destination. I have always been a voracious reader. There’s something about a book that makes me really happy. I’m talking about the good old book that feels really good to the hands. While I read electronic versions of Harry Potter and controversial pieces, there’s something really romantic about the hardcover books, or even the paperbacks. So where am I leading? Conspiracy theories that’s what. Reading far too many of them has somehow made me really cynical about life. Well, in some respects, I think it has also awakened the realist in me but let’s go back to conspiracy theories, assassinations, doubles, espionage, charades, staged events and whatchamacallits.

Still vague, huh?

Well, I’ve been following the Ces Drilon and company drama ever since it was just whispered in some small circles here and there. And with the media coverage that it’s been getting (hello! That’s Ces Drilon!), I couldn’t help but watch the events unfold. I must admit, I never really doubted its authenticity when it first rolled but I got really turned off by the unabashed politicking that squeezed the life out of the story. I was breathless when Angelo Valderama, the assistant camera guy, was released although I thought it was weird that they had to make people believe that it was him who was huddled in that car with the lady vice governor when it wasn’t him. The swagger of the two Isnajis was a major flipper. Their involvement, notwithstanding the fact that their proximity made it their game, really got me thinking about a lot of things. And then when Ces and Jimmy Encarnacion, her cameraman, were released with Jimmy wearing a Love ko Si Mayor pink shirt, I got all the more cut. Of all the shirts that he could have been made to borrow!

And now the rumor mills are at it again. People say it was a farce. That it was staged! Are we that low now?

And is Loren Legarda that big a negotiator for her to add the Drilon and Company kidnapping incident to her list of feats? Not to mention she did this last in the comforts of her office in Luzon? Well, she did have a few people down south to do the legwork for her. But still!

Look, I’m not pointing fingers at anybody. I’m sure you couldn’t fake grief. I feel for their families. Going through something like that is never a breeze. One thing’s for sure. Drilon said so herself. There’s something about the place where they were held captive that drives people to do what they do. The government really has to do something about it. On top of graft and corruption, rice crisis, inflation, gas madness and whatever the hell else.

Let this be a reminder to everyone of us.  Nothing is worth risking our lives for.  Nothing.  And definitely nothing is worth risking other people’s lives for.




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21 06 2008

Wow! I really have been gone too long cz I have absolutely no idea what’s going on back home. But then, I have no idea what’s going on here, either. I know there’s a coup downtown as I write, but I have no idea what it is about. Just goes to show what an excellent citizen of the world I am. The only conspiracy theory I’m privy to right now is Julius Caesar’s death – and only because I’m reading Antony and Cleopatra! 😛

On another note, I’m loving your blog, Ged. Off you go to my blogroll, I think. 😀

You think!!! Hehehe. Your blog looks so virginal my dear.

Nice of you to drop by, you gorgeous you. I’ve just gotten out of my self-imposed blogging hiatus anyway. 🙂 See ya ’round! —iamsorceress

22 06 2008

I totally agree with you about the romance of books in your hands. I have never been much for reading e-books. You simply cannot take your laptop to the beach, read a romantic e-novel, and then hug the laptop and sigh. I would look totally stupid!!!

5 07 2008
durano lawayan


It’s been a long time. Your self-imposed blogging hiatus over for good or is this an old itch that has been temporarily scratched? He he he.

My love affair with books will NEVER be forsaken nor betrayed by an electronic mistress. I like turning pages and dog-earring the edges; or holding the page with my fingers on it while I answer the phone or eat a snack. There’s an immeasurable amount of connection with books even as they are filed on a shelf which makes me reach out to them time and again. Can’t do that with an electronic gadget. It looks like an idiot box.

The Ces Drilon stories are not over. The new versions coming out these days are demeaning to say the least. If ever those things mentioned were done to her, I don’t see any good telling it with lustful and malicious intent. I don’t like Ces personally but I certainly would not trash anyone when they’re down. You only look down on a person when you’re trying to help them up. Now, where did I read that?

Anyway, thanks for your return. Intelligent opinions well written and organized are a bit of a rarity these days. Welcome back!!! 🙂 –Durano, done!

21 08 2008

How can it be considered a successful negotiation if they paid a ransom. They were not even able to lower the price. P5M for the driver and a proof of life + P15 M for Drilon’s release is a disaster and not a feat.

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