Men Should Act Like Men–How?

8 01 2009

The first time I caught a glimpse of the Colt45 ad, I did a double take.  A woman in a two-piece swimsuit is admired by the guys in the beach but one of their friends say she would’ve looked better had she chosen different colors or something like that.  And then his friends look at him funny and a big beer bottle lands on him from nowhere and I guess it’s safe to assume that he gets buried in the sand.

My niece, who saw my reaction and understood what I was thinking, told me there’s another one from Colt45, and that one was worse.  Indeed!

Four (not sure if there’s 4 of them) men are watching a game on TV when one of the guys’ phone rings, he goes out to take it and says he missed whoever is calling in a cooing manner.  And then the big beer bottle does its thing again.

Ok, let me think it over.  Who the hell came up with the concept?  Who, in this age of sexual revolution, gender sensitivity and call for equality, came up with an ad that makes people take a 360-degree turn? I know all about classical conditioning and the power of the media.  It may sound frivolous but it’s very powerful.  Reminds me so much of the Marlboro Man.  You know how its subtle depiction of a man–a cowboy romanticized–has influenced the smoking habits of millions of people?  I mean, it’s subtle but it’s there.  You can’t miss it.  And now this?

I have a close friend who is a kick-ass graphics guy.  He knows magenta, teal, burgundy, mauve and those other colors in between.  He can name them all better than I can.  And he can be the worst critic in the land when it comes to hairstyles, clothes and makeup.  I have news for you, he’s no softie.  But does that mean he’s not acting the way real men should?

As a woman, I would always want a guy who can say he loves me any time and be all cheesy every now and then.  I’m sure all women could relate to that “want”.  I’m not one of those who like to torment their men by asking them to say i-love-yous over the phone loud enough for their friends and family to hear to test if they’re “proud” of the feeling or if they honestly love them.  No, that’s overboard.  That’s so juvenile.

Colt45, the beer, is strong.  Well, for me, at least.  It’s the kind of beer that you can drink a lot of when nothing else is on stock, on one of those drinking sessions with friends, and get a really bad hangover the morning after.  I mean, I’m speaking for myself but I know quite a few who feel the same.

If it wants to sport a macho look, I get it.  But they could’ve done something better.  Why go this low?




8 responses

1 06 2009

Just saw one of the ads today too. A guy wiping a glass before drinking from it.

I mean, seriously? So what does a ‘real man’ act like then? All this macho bullshit is what’s driving us down into ignorance. I’m a gay man, and I’m not even in the least bit effeminate, but the ads are unrepentantly misogynistic and homophobic.

NOT drinking Colt 45 anymore if I can help it. I think their marketing dept is headed by a foreigner or something and thought that since we’re mostly Catholic that we put a high price on this cherished image of masculinity. Well, guess again. Filipino families have always been ruled by the mother. And this ad is waaay out of line.

I hear ya! My sentiments exactly. Dang! And I wonder why none of those gender-sensitive groups are reacting to it. These ads are pretty potent. No wonder we have more homophobic kids instead of open-minded ones! — iamsorceress

3 06 2009

A big toast to this entry. Good to know I’m not the only one who thinks this way. 🙂

I don’t mind watching garbage, but what about all the kids??! We don’t need any more mindless brutes in this world.

I linked you in my latest blog entry if you don’t mind. 🙂

Hi! Thanks for dropping by and for the kind words. And yes, please go ahead and grab whatever you need. 🙂

I love your blog, btw! —iamsorceress

7 06 2009

Well, the set of ads were aimed at Filipino men, a lot of whom are, sad to say, still very protective of that John Wayne macho “I hate them faggots” image that were instilled on their heads since birth by the same media force who brought them these ads (exhale).

There are 4 variations of the Men should act like Men ads…

-The bathing suit comment ad
-The facial oil cleaning ad
-The glass cleaning before usage ad
-The i love you sweety over the phone ad

I’m a 30 year old Filipino man who likes to treat himself once in a while with beer-buddies (those are man friends FYI) to a facial cleaning, manicure, pedicure, foot massage and foot scrub all at once. Yet when I do this with 3 of my closest male friends at the salon, guess who’s doing the laughing? The other customers at Let’s Face It who happen to be women, marvelling at and ridiculing the fact that we are men doing things that those women think only they should be doing!

Would they air these ads in the western world??? No… unless of course the makers of Colt 45 want to declare bankruptcy any time soon. They’re targeting a male population who see nothing wrong with female matinee idols posing for liqour ads, who look up to athletes with million peso endorsement deals with SMB and Ginebra, who still laughs at female tricycle drivers, who look at female police officers as incompetent.

I don’t have a point… I just wanna pour my thoughts out.

I posted this entry when there were only two variants of this really annoying ad.

On the contrary, you have a huge point. Sad to say, the world out there will never see it. Sad, huh? I don’t think this will ever be rectified in my lifetime. 😦

Thanks for dropping by. — iamsorceress

11 06 2009
super sawsaw

One of the main purpose of a TVC is to catch the attention of the viewers. In this case, they accomplished that. And to top it off, people talked about it and shared the TVC in youtube and discussed on may blogs. That’s tons of free publicity for the product.

If you’ve watched those animated TVC of MTV, they suck! But it catches my attention. I hate it but it sticks to my mind. As a result, MTV will be etched on my mind and will be part of my system.

Sometimes, you have to see beyond what it seems.

Of course! That’s exactly why I’m yapping about it. Because its medium is very powerful. It’s provocative. It elicits the kind of response that it desires. And many people are talking about it. So yeah, it’s very effective and that’s what scares the sh$t out of me. Because not every one will know better. —iamsorceress

13 07 2010
Nathan Gray

And your point is? I tell you what, why don’t you make yourself useful and write about real issues?
I, like your friend, am very good with colors. I’m also great at interior design. However, I completely understand the humor of those commercials and I laugh every time they air.
At some point, despite this age of abandoning gender differences, people like you are going to have to grasp the simple fact that boys will be boys. We will think things are funny that you don’t understand, we will continue to enjoy our vices even though they are bad for us, and we will strive to be like the Marlboro Man, if only from our cubicles.
Let me now re-emphasize, use your talent to write about things that matter. It’s okay that you don’t understand why guys think that these commercials are funny, and not the least bit worth writing about.
Please don’t try to come back with something smart. Instead, just say, “Oh. I guess I must really just not understand guys like I thought”, and move on from it.

Lesson learned.

19 09 2010
Nathan Gray

I would hate to be you or the gay guy. Sitting around like two women wondering why some men think it’s good to act manly. I don’t priss around on my blog and discuss silly issues like why so many women get pedicures, cry during Jane Austin films or why women can’t drive worth a flying pair of gym shorts. There are gender distinctions. It doesn’t take a genious to figure that one out.

Thanks for dropping by, Nathan. You hate to be me so much you actually had to visit my blog twice, eh? From two different blog accounts. 🙂 Good for you that you don’t talk about anything silly on your blog. –iamsorceress

20 09 2010
Nathan Gray

No. I don’t hate you, I just would hate to be you. It is also interesting to me that I have dropped by twice. The first time you must not have posted my comment, or I just didn’t see it. Really I just stumbled upon you two times by chance. I think I like my first comment significantly better than my second. I was less frustrated when I wrote that one so it seems to be more clear. Well, I think I should go find something to do that I actually enjoy. I do kinda regret that I might have sounded hateful. I just really disagree with your world view.

I know you don’t hate me, hun. I did say that “you must hate TO BE ME so much…” 🙂

Oh, I actually took your advice the first time and moved on. I don’t necessarily agree with your views either but they’re yours so I respect them.

Stay passionate about what you believe in. Thanks again for dropping by. —iamsorceress

23 09 2010
Old Grey Lady

A trashy advertisement deserves some good trashing.

Thanks for dropping by, Old Grey Lady. 🙂 —iamsorceress

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