18 03 2009

A short-haired chocolate brown dachshund

One of my greatest pet peeves is hearing people mispronounce this particular breed of dog’s name. The Dachshund. It’s not dash-yand! It’s not das-shund! And it’s NOT dutch-hound for crying out loud!

I’m a true-blue dog lover. I have a purebred German Shepherd Dog named Sasha. She’s 11 months old. I also have 2 adult mongrels and 1 mongrel pup. Ever since I was a kid, I have always had a dog. My father wasn’t exactly into purebreds but we’ve always had dogs of mixed breed in the house.

Last year, I was invited (they didn’t have a choice! I was always in the vet clinic!) to join a local canine club. They needed an extra pair of hands to help organize their dog show, that’s why. I was bored and I wanted to see the dogs in the city gathered in one place so I readily agreed! I prepared the program, the certificates, the awards and what-nots. Baptism of fire! And all in less than one week! I also had to be the emcee. Now, I’m a behind-the-scenes person. I hate being in the spotlight, much less talking on a microphone, with people who don’t know me. Perhaps it’s because I get the kick out of laughing at people’s mistakes when they do the thing that I was supposed to do then. Well, don’t we all have guilty pleasures? It’s easier to see other people’s mistakes, right? Come on, admit it! Get real! LOL.

But I had a mission. I wanted to let people know how Dachshund is pronounced. I asked one of the vets in the clinic where I used to hang out how he pronounces Dachshund and he told me that he didn’t use it because people would always look at him funny every time he did. So he opted to just use the more popular way of pronouncing it—which is really not doing anybody any good!

Not a single doxie was pre-registered. But I was really hoping that on the day itself, there’d be walk-in registrants. To my utter dismay, none of them came.

So I hope I can still rectify whatever errors in pronunciation we have when it comes to this cute doggies by blogging all about it. We owe it to them. Really! As I said in one of my older posts, the best way to show respect is to pronounce one’s name correctly—or in this case, its breed’s name.

dachshund — dak sund; däks-ˌhu̇nd DAHKS-hund

It is an Anglicized German word. According to Merriam-Webster, it comes from the German words: Dachs (pronounced as Daks) and Hund (pronounced as Hund, like gunned, stunned). Dachs means badger. Hund means dog.

Spread the word! If people look at you funny and you are not comfortable in being the object of such, just say Doxie!




8 responses

18 03 2009

hihihi….dutch-hound???? I mean, seriously? I can’t stop laughing… I was thinking of a name for my future maltese pup, I might start calling it dutchhound, hahahaha kidding!

Haha! Seriously! I got irritated no. It’s the reason for this post actually. I forgot all about the dachshund probs until I heard somebody say “dutch-hound” last night. I won’t say who and where na lang. Hehe. Hay! —iamsorceress

9 04 2009

OMG – I just have to vent here. An annoying woman I work with recently adopted a dachshund and insists on calling him her “dash” and refers to other dachshunds as “dashes” every chance she gets. Enough to make me crazy for sure. You are not alone in your pet peeve!

Ewww! Come, dashes! LOL. Doesn’t she go to a vet clinic? I wonder how her vet reacts when she brings her “dash” in for a shot. Thanks for dropping by!. —iamsorceress

1 06 2009

Actually it’s ‘Daks-hoont’. Since the original german ‘Hund’ is pronounced as ‘hoont’ or ‘hoond’. The ‘hund’ as in ‘gunned’ pronunciation is anglicized. In the same way that Americans mispronounce Volkswagen as ‘Vokswagen’ when it’s actually pronounced originally (and correctly) as ‘Foksvagen’ (or “people’s carriage”). Same with common german loanwords and family names. Schwarzenegger for example which means “Inhabitant of the Black Mountain Ridge” or “from a place called Schwarzenegg” and it’s not pronounced ‘shwarzeneger’ as he pronounces it himself, it’s pronounced ‘shvartzeneger’. (Schwarze- means ‘black’ also evidenced in another famous placename in Germany – Schwarzwald, the “Black Forest”, again, pronounced ‘shwartzvald)

1 06 2009

Oh btw, doesn’t mean that ‘hund’ as in ‘gunned’ is incorrect. It’s accepted of course as the English colloquial pronunciation.

1 06 2009

Oh there you go! 😀 Thanks!

1 06 2009

Thanks for the very informative comment. 🙂 I did say the word is Anglicized, hence the Anglicized pronunciation. 😀

9 04 2011

27 01 2012

7 paragraphs just for one simple thing. and then you give an ambiguous answer.

God damn it.

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