You Gotta Be Kidding!

30 03 2009

One of my brothers makes fun of my desire to own a goat.

Yep, G-O-A-T, that small horned animal that has been the poster animal for horndogs. You see, he has a small farm somewhere. And he has a few goats and whatnots. When I first said I wanted to raise a goat, he was very encouraging. He even reinforced what I already knew about them by saying that indeed they are low-maintenance animals with very high income potential. Food won’t be a problem so long as there’s available forage in their feeding area. If not, grass isn’t exactly that hard to come by. Birthing is uneventful so I won’t even have to stay up and wait for those babies to come out. So all I needed then were a place for the goat/s, food and goat/s!

When he noticed that I am dead serious about goat raising, he started talking about how one of his goats is so spoiled, it’d jump up the table when he eats, and that it bleats like there’s no tomorrow when ignored. My mom said it’d be too embarrassing because we live in a residential area, for crying out loud. You see, in the not so cosmopolitan parts of the Philippines, it is all right to have farm animals in your domain so long as no one in the neighborhood complains. Well, no carabao is seen sashaying in the village but there are backyard farms here and there.

A few days ago, I’ve been so worried because Sasha, my 11-month old female German Shepherd has not been eating very well and she’s very thin. I’ve been told that it’s normal. But we can never be so sure so I did my own research. Now, I stumbled upon a site that discusses the basics of goat raising, etc. Since I’ve been very interested in the topic, I decided to read on and educate myself.

And in a matter of less than an hour, I was so sure about goat raising. I will raise goats.




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