Four Hours

28 03 2011

I watched the minutes pass by.

I felt every squeeze and slice.

I heard every spatter.

My heart was in bits just like that.

But I know I had it coming. I waited because I knew that sooner or later, she would just give up.

Not because she no longer loves me.

Not because she doesn’t want to be with me.

Because until now, she’s scared: of love, of life, of me.

I am a pain in the ass.

But then again, we already know that.

Despite such, I’ve made a conscious effort to tone the PITAness down. For her.

I’ve never really made such effort for anybody else. Just for her.

Because in life, we find people to love and people who love us back. They make us happy and we make them happy. But rarely do we find that one person who make us realize that fairy tales were inspired by real life stories and that while getting there would cost an arm and a leg and then some, happy endings MAY come true.

And she’s that. My one great love.

And I lost her.

So yeah… it’s been four hours now and the tears continue to flow.




One response

4 04 2011

I feel you. I know what losing someone is and trying to let go of something I have lost already.

We just move on, we live by each day. It’s a daily struggle but struggle we must in order to pass this stage of sadness and emptiness.

Time does heal all wounds. Cliche, true, but it is indeed what you need. Time will tell when you will be able to remember the person but not the pain.

May you be blessed with people who will show you they love you unconditionally and will be there with you no matter what. In life, these people are all that matters. For them alone, survive this pit of sorrow you are currently in. They will want to love you too when the time comes when you are truly happy.

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