Video Scandals

2 08 2014

I can understand being brazen and daring—and maybe adventurous when it comes to sexual encounters. But to be so reckless that after some time it pops out of nowhere? That’s called being uber-irresponsible.


Pacman Pounds the Hitman

3 05 2009

The Hitman hit the canvas as Manny Pacquiao showed the world anew who the king of the ring really is. Man! It was one of the best fights I’ve ever seen. Gave new meaning to the phrase sweet and short.

I was a bit worried because I saw Ricky Hatton’s previous fights and let’s face it, Floyd Mayweather Sr.’s taunts can sometimes get under one’s skin. He has never been known for his modesty, sarcoidosis notwithstanding. And Hatton has been one solid bloke with a shining and shimmering boxing record.

But our Manny is no underdog. He has an outstanding record and he has hurt some of the best boxers in the land. When Manny came in wearing a smile, I was somehow appeased. He looked relaxed while Hatton looked so intense, sporting a glare reminiscent of the now familiar Jayke Joson’s look found in almost every Pacman photo op. I wondered if he was being smug about something.

Then it all began. When Hatton fell down after missing a left hook and getting a smashing right from Manny, I was excited but not too confident because it wasn’t the best of punches from the Filipino pride. But when he fell down the second time in the same round, I was a bit relaxed.

The second round came in a blur and what followed was yet another air-punching moment as Manny drove a left hook and Hatton on his butt and on his back eventually. It was awesome! I love the shot. I love the timing. The force was magnificent! But it cut the fight too soon. Darn! I wanted more! But it was great all the same. And I understood what Manny was so smug about. He handled it soooo well.

Manny kicked the Brit’s butt and the butts of all his fans, some of whom were waving the Philippine flag upside down in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. I am pretty sure they’ve a newfound respect for Manny Pacquaio now. Hatton’s fans still sang Hatton’s anthem even when Referee Joe Cortez proclaimed Floyd Mayweather Jr as the winner in the fight that used to be the only one where the Hitman lost. But when Pacquiao won earlier, they looked dumbfounded. Didn’t expect it, did you? And not that fast, huh?

I was just disgusted with Martin Nievera’s singing of the National Anthem. It was out of tune, out of sync and outta here. The National Historical Institute have yet another sermon to give. They should talk to both Nievera and Ney Dimaculangan (6 Cyclemind vocalist—the band’s the main Tanduay endorser, and Tanduay was the main sponsor of the Donaire fight that’s why). I mean, I don’t like it that our song is so rigid with rules and all that, unlike the freewheeling but more heartfelt Star Spangled Banner but it is our song and there is a specific way of how it should be sung.

I wonder if Ricky Hatton will do another Fatton after this fight.

Manny Pacquiao must be reeling. I know I am. He has once again done the Pinoys all over the world proud. Oh, and I hope the vultures who left Batasan for photo ops with the guy will now get back to work.

Way to go, Pacman! Next stop—Valero or Mayweather Jr.

Filipino, Filipino, Filipino ang lahi ko!

To Birit or Not to Birit

3 03 2009

This is long overdue but I never found the inspiration to finish my entry until now. I had been listening to Regine Velasquez’s Low Key album (I love it!) when I remembered about the draft that has been sitting in my blog for months.

I was never a huge Regine fan but I went to one of her concerts in the UP Theater in the late 90s.  It was sponsored by one of the orgs in the university and one of my dormmates who was a member of that org urged me to buy a ticket and watch it with them.  And boy, was I glad I did.  Not only can Regine hit those unbelievably high notes, she can really be very engaging.  She’s funny and she’s warm.  So while I still cringe every time I hear the last line of her I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing version, I still admire her big time.

During those times, Regine had the monopoly of the belting arena, with her vein-bursting songs and by hitting those sky-high notes in the local scene.  Watching her do it live leaves one’s mouth gaping and fly-hungry.  Yes, Dulce was already there.  So were Ivy Violan, Dessa, and all those ‘biriters’.   But Regine was different at that time.  She owned the stage and she carved her own niche in the music industry from that time on.  She was the star.  She was the queen.

Through the years, Regine has somehow matured.  While she still goes for those skyscraping notes, blame it on the arrangers, she has now slowly mastered the more melodic and easier-to-the-ears kind of music.  Her music now is cool and minty.  Low Key, the album, is amazing, for lack of better nomenclature.  Me likey!  On her TV performances, she still taps those high notes with her pipes but it’s not as eardrum shattering as it used to be.

Dulce, on the other hand, seemingly busts her vocal chords but not really.  I mean, way back in the late 80s and all through the early 90s, in singing competitions, almost always, Ako ang Nagwagi is a part of the repertoire. When Dulce sings, everybody listens, mouth agape and all.  I heard her sing a few months ago and boy, she can really SING!  There’s something special with the way she sings.  She definitely has a very wide vocal range because when she goes baritone, she really goes baritone!

Then came Lani Misalucha, Bituin Escalante, Sheryn Regis, etc.  These days, we have Charice Pempengco, Sarah Geronimo, Kyla, Rachel Ann Go, and all those singers who make a living by testing the malleability and the elasticity of their jugular veins.  Even young kids who try out for those songfests stretch those vocal chords to their limits.  People think that a good singer is measured by the pitch of his/her voice.  Singers who don’t do a Jennifer Hudson do not get that much applause these days.  Which is sad because they too sing really well.

Come to think of it, this is the same for music industries all across the globe.

I mean, I am in awe of those who can really belt out a difficult song and all but I respect those who can hit all those notes well, low as they may be, as well.  Perhaps, it’s best if we can appreciate all genres and kinds of music.  I mean, I have an eclectic taste.  I like the soothing variety, as well as the upbeat ones, even those that are headbang inducing and those that seem to signal the awakening of the dead.  It’s a pity that aspiring singers these days gear towards a single direction.  And it’s not exactly voice box-friendly.  It ain’t called belting for nothing, after all.

Ida–Shigi Shigi

10 10 2007

I have long wanted to write something about Paolo Ballesteros and his portrayal of God Officer Poe in the “sequel” of the original Shaider in GMA‘s Zaido.  Why?  Because he looks soooooo beautiful and fabulous in it!  It doesn’t matter if he has never admitted to being gay in real life.  (I hope he does.  I so hope someone would actually own up to be gay without going all loud and screaming in the Philippine entertainment industry.  It’s about time someone holds up the banner of gay-hood without being typically gay.) 

The original Japanese character is a transvestite.  He’s the grandson of the main villain of the story.  In the Philippine dubbed version, he went by the name, Babaylan IdaZaido has retained this name but changed the costume–color, headdress, etc. .  Now Paolo plays the role of Ida and, my oh my, doesn’t he look soooo good in it!

Every time I get to see Zaido, I am tickled pink when I see Ida.  Really! 

Paolo said that it’s just work but didn’t elaborate on the gay issue.  His parting shot in this article, however, is pregnant with meanings.  Admission or not, I love the way he said it. 

Indulge the Groupie in Me — Wentworth Miller

9 10 2007

What is it about this guy that turns me on?  Or many other women, and we-men, for that matter? 

Is it the fact that he doesn’t sport much hair now? 

Or is it because regardless of how he crawls into dirty tunnels or creeps between greasy pipes, he never looks dirty?

Or is it because he poses an enigma and an air of mystery that most men can’t hold on to for so long?

Or is it because he’s multi-racial that makes him look like he’s been genetically engineered to hot perfection?

Or is it because his body looks good enough to eat?  Ya know, that lanky but muscled physique without that I-could-kill-you-in-one-swing or my-chest-is-bigger-than-yours look (and feel!)

Or is it because he’s been constantly rumored to be gay?

Or is it because he’s one of those few actors who come from prestigious schools and well-schooled families?

Or is it the eyes that speak volumes without as much as a twitch?

Or is it because so many other women and gay guys want to get him to bed with them? 

Is it because he’s Michael Scofield?

Why, oh why, Wentworth?  Are you worth my time?  You definitely are.  You’re one of those guys that could make me leave everything just so I can watch your TV series non-stop from sun-up to sun-down. 

Or is it just Prison Break?  But nah, the show’s not even THAT great.  Well, the first season is!  But the next ones are thrilling and exciting but it somehow departs from the original theme.  Though it looks like it’s bound to get back on track from Sona in this third installment. But still…

Gags At Large

8 10 2007

I read Rina Jimenez-David’s column in the Philippine Daily Inquirer about how Teri Hatcher might be hounded by paranoia all her life from hereon.  It’s funny how this has indeed brought to mind the number of Filipinos and Filipino-Americans all across the globe—especially in the US.  Read her article so you’ll get the real deal. 

I can’t agree enough with her when she said how Desperate Housewives has long been a parody.  Marc Cherry couldn’t be happier with this controversy.  What a way to open the fourth season indeed! 

As for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, well, I have always been a huge fan.  Too bad they had to feature that picture with the word slut in it. I wonder if it had the same effect if they used Kris’s picture instead.  Ooops.  My bad.  I’m sorry.  :p But really, I understand our former prexy’s children’s feelings.  But come on, people, it is after all, a parody.  And I’m sure if Bubble Gang did something similar and called former president Jim Carter a man-whore or a gigolo or any other disrespecting words, no one would have reacted.  Well, Habitat for Humanity would have said something but I don’t think US lawmakers would write letters to the Philippine Embassy or something.  I guess it’s time we toughen up our hides and shrug off things that can’t kill us. 

Nuff said. 

TV Series–Episode ONE

6 10 2007

I don’t have patience for TV series.  I forget schedules.  I can’t take cliffhangers.  And so what I do is forget about something I really like and when it’s all over, I get the DVD of the whole season and watch episode after episode until I get pissed because a cliffhanger at the end makes me want to teleport to the future just so I can see the next season. 

In a way, this is the reason why I like series that have already marked the end of their run.  Friends, Sex and the City, The Sopranos, Alias, Gilmore Girls, and many others.  Well, if you haven’t seen CSI from season 1, then it’s also good.  Bad if you work for a company or for the government because I remember calling in sick on a Monday night just so I could finish the last 4 episodes of the 4th season three years ago after going at it straight for almost 3 days. 

I love the SHOWTIME series The Tudors.  Not only because my mom infected me with that fondness for anything that involves monarchy, but because I looove Jonathan Rhys Myers.  He was with Scarlett Johansson in that Woody Allen movie, Match Point. He’s not the conventionally good looking guy but he is HOT!  Well, I am drawn to sexy sexy bad boys who have personal issues–he’s an alcoholic.  Hehe.  And having a looooooot of sexy scenes in both Match Point and The Tudors doesn’t help.  LOL.  Which is why, I can’t wait for the second installment. 2008 is inching up way tooooo slow for me.  Peter O’Toole is set to join the cast, which makes it all the more interesting.  Thing is, every time I see Peter O’Toole, I remember his scenes in Caligula and even if Malcolm McDowell topbilled that movie, I remember O’Toole more.  I even had to watch that sick movie again when I realized that Helen Mirren was in there.  Jeeez.  Hehehe.  I mean that movie was ok but, man, that was really just sick.  I respect people’s sexual perspectives and their “methodology” but that movie was really disturbing.  But then again, I think it had lots to do with Malcolm McDowell as well.  He always makes movies and TV shows unforgettable everytime he figures in them. 

I also love Grey’s Anatomy because Meredith Grey is clumsy and funny and real.  And because I am in awe of doctors.  I want to be one but I can never be one.  Ugh!  And of course, who wouldn’t love George O’Malley! Unless of course, you can’t separate the character from the real-life actor and you are a homophobe.  I am also wowed by Addison Shepard.  She’s the poster girl for glam.  I can’t wait for Private Practice, Grey’s spin-off, to officially go on air and wrap up the first season at least, so I can watch the whole season uninterruptedly.

I am hating CSI (Vegas, Miami and NY) now because I can’t wait for the new seasons.  Sigh.

I also like Rome.  I love anything that’s historical, which is why I also like the Korean TV shows Jewel in the Palace, Jumong and Hwang Jin-i.

I love a**holes who play lead not only because I like the ATTITUDE! but because they justify my being a bitch in a way as well.  LOL.  And that is why I love Boston Legal, the awesome spin-off of The Practice, and HouseAlan Shore reminds me of Napoleon Chotas, the lawyer of Constantin Demiris of Sidney Sheldon‘s The Other Side of Midnight and Memories of Midnight.

More of this later…