Jumping to Conclusions — Part 2

11 01 2009

So the verdict’s out, at least from Valley Golf and Country Club.  Delfin Dela Paz expelled, young Pangandamans banned, and Department of Agrarian Reform Secretary Nasser Pangandaman Sr. suspended for two years.  Apparently, the management, after having conducted a thorough internal investigation found out that it was indeed Delfin Dela Paz who started the ruckus when he poked Nasser Jr. with his folded umbrella, one which was open when the heated argument started, by the way.

Ok, I’ve heard so many people side with the dela Pazes after having read Bambee dela Paz’s heartwrenching blog entry.  Can’t blame them.  Even Ms. Lea Salonga apologized for jumping to conclusions right away “in fanning the flames without objectivity and the open ear to hear all sides of the story.

I don’t want to discount the possibility that there were some powerplay in the process of the investigation.  There will be people who will think that way automatically.  The people involved in the scuffle will also try to save face to their public.

With this, a multitude of lawsuits will fly from one side to the other.  But I guess we can now leave it to the (i pray!) incorruptible justice system.  We can probably refocus now on more important issues at hand, such as the RH bill, perhaps?  Or the Cha-Cha?

Perhaps, the most important lesson here is that we should never be too quick to judge.  Whatever the race, religion, sociopolitical and economic status, every person deserves his/her day in court.

Another thing to consider is the fact that blogging is very powerful.  While we do have the freedom to express ourselves, it’s best to exercise caution when we talk about other people.  It’s so easy to get heady in hitting those keys.


My Latest Favorite Word (Phrase?): Oh, Position

17 12 2007

I’ve been busy bloghopping lately that I have been writing more comments than blog entries but it’s awesome because I get to see a lot of things that have been written by really brilliant people in this virtual city that we live in. 

There’s this nice blog entry that I share sentiments with.  Lemme post it…

The ‘Wala na bang iba?’ Manifesto

People who want change: hear us.
• We scoff at the actions of Trillanes and other stupid politicians, celebrities, church figures et al BUT we are not necessarily pro-GMA.
• You are making a big mistake if you assume so.
• We are also frustrated at how things are going but doubly so thanks to your bumbling idiocy. To the various oppositionists we say– hello? Can you see how funny you appear to us? Do you even know and hear us? Do you know that we just want to live a peaceful life here?
• By criticizing those who dont care, you fail to win us over.
• Making stupid Trillanic and Guingonic moves doesn’t help either.
• It also doesn’t help that there are too many opposition leaders but all with the collective IQ of a door knob. At least yung door knob may silbi.
• The more you squabble and bungle, the more GMA looks smarter than you. You don’t deserve to lead us if you can’t even lead yourselves.
• Ano pa nga ba ang pwede naming gawin? Sino mang ipapalit nyo ngayon all look puny compared to how GMA has handled the crisis you’ve been trying to stir since day one. Nung una, okay lang. Pero you guys have all proven your incompetence.
• What really miffs us is every time you disturb the peace, di naman kayo ang immediately affected eh. KAMI!
• So please– we won’t even ask you to get your act together. We’ll just wait. We advice na tumahimik din kayo at baka sakaling may lalabas na better leaders than all you selfish brats.

That was posted by Ben C. in Ang Tagal Naman.

As for my title, Durano, my latest favorite blogger coined the term Oh, Position.  In his comment in this same entry that I mentioned, he said, “The current anti-GMA politicos are salivating for Malacanang Palace. They can”t wait to get their slimy hands on the country’s coffers just like GMA. They are of the same breed! We should refer to them as Oh,Position! No one has credibility. You’re right, lets wait for someone new to rise above these scum. These politicians should all make like a fart and blow. After that stink, we can have some fresh air.–Durano, done!” Very well said, comrade! 

You should check his blog out. He’s got really nice whips and spits. 

Another blogger, JC Smith created an ID for Trillanes.  This one’s really funny.  Check it out at his blog

The Philippine Comedian made me laugh with his own Trillanes Fans Club entry

Gotta rest now.  I’ve been hopping around all day that my virtual feet hurt.  LOL.  This is better than getting the eBay fever.  Jeez, that one drained my piggy bank!

Yadda Yadda

22 10 2007

You know what jumpstarts my otherwise mundane daily routine to make it totally different from my now caffeine-operated robot of a self?  Reading something really good online.  And the extra spice?  When it’s for me. 

I’m not talking about romantic or even semi-romantic stuff.  I’m just talking about e-mails, notes, comments—anything.  I probably don’t get much attention in that department these days save for follow-up for deadlines, questions about agenda, queries about the new concept, etc—nada for the life underneath this gorgeous robot. 

So when I read something so simple yet so finely chiseled, I am blown away and it makes me happy and giddy and more inspired to work.  In the few months that I have reared my head into the blogging neighborhood, I’ve met a few interesting characters—some are very nice and friendly, others are purely vicious and bitchy (typical of us, girls), some are naughty and nice, and some are downright snob.  It’s a free world so there’s nothing to get really hyped up about.  In a world where cliques reign, a non-conformist and sociopath like me, likes to stay away from the maddening crowd and to keep everything under the street—the way the Beast did in the old Beauty and the Beast TV series with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton. 

So to all those who have made my day, thank you.  Hope to see you more often, in my inbox, in my blog, in my cosmic path, anywhere.

Working My Arse Off

21 10 2007

I’ve been unusually busy the past few days.  I do manage to go to sleep—the kind where my body just surrenders itself to the bed and then to slumber—at around half past five in the morning, at least for the past few days.  As if programmed by a Wake Up button, my system automatically reboots at around eight in the morning and my arm automatically extends itself so my hand could grab my phone and check the time, which is of course, always a few minutes shy of or a few minutes over eight.  Then I squint and look at my notebook’s screen to see how many new messages have come in while I was catching a few winks.  I can now make out from a 6-meter distance when I have an important message.  Usually if the new messages were folders filled with paperwork, they’re usually already a meter long up my desk but since they’re just in my inbox, I could say that I can measure them by the inches from afar and they’re always around six inches.  So I creep up to my chair and try to force myself to really wake up.  I check the e-mails, answer a few of them.  Ignore the YM messages and write on the whiteboard the things that I need to finish in a few hours.  And then I slump my still tired body to bed. 

I don’t go back to sleep.  My mom would come in after a few minutes to say that if I will eat at all, food’s ready.  And I would grunt in response.  Talk about ugly sounds. 

So I stay where I am until the image of my whiteboard embeds itself into my memory lane.  Just plain work waiting to be finished.  Sigh.  So I wash my face, brush my teeth, gargle oral antiseptic, change into my house clothes and go down to wave at my dad whose door is always open—he’s hardly mobile due to a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) more commonly known as stroke so he’s always in bed—play with the dogs, clean up their mess, check the beetle, stand motionless by the door and stare blankly at nowhere until my mom asks me something, head back to my room, slump back to bed, take a shower, change into a fresh set of clothes and whatever else—not necessarily in that order. 

But I guess I can’t complain.  In November last year, while I was living my own life, my brother, who I haven’t spoken with for over a year because of our personal differences, patched things up with me, or so I thought.  Well, he needed my “help” because he felt something physiologically incorrect in his body and he didn’t want to alarm anybody else so he went to the person that he knows rarely gets “alarmed” over any emergency–ME!  So, I took him to a hospital in Cebu, got him one of the best doctors whose specialization covered his “illness” and so after that, we became “close” again and he went back home with the assurance that he’s ok.  Then came December.  My sister had a general checkup in May and was given a clean bill of health but in July, she felt a lump in her left breast.  In August, she had a fine needle aspiration biopsy and was advised to have a frozen section biopsy because of suggestive mammary carcinoma, or breast cancer.  Typical of us Filipinos, they put it off.  When I learned about it, I went home and almost dragged her by the hair so she could have that biopsy.  True enough, she had breast cancer and after two days, she had a radical mastectomy leaving her breastless, well, at least in the left.  So until April, I accompanied her to her chemotherapy sessions.  The biopsy after the mastectomy was great.  It showed that all cancer cells were removed during the surgery but she had to go through chemo sessions just to be doubly sure that the chances of recurrence won’t be that high. 

In March, my boyfriend of over five years and I broke up in a very life-draining way.  I suspended the mourning period until my sister was not with me in Cebu because I believed that I could mope and cry my heart out in due time.  And that’s what I did for a whole month from April to May.  Then I packed my things and headed back home to “forget” and to start anew.  And then my sister, who’s a nurse based in NY, announced that she’s coming home for a short short visit.  And since no one at home cared enough to clean up the house, I did most of the scrubbing and whatnots on all fours, contacted carpenters, plumbers, etc to fix everything that needed fixing.  July came and so did my sister.  Then they left. 

Needless to say, the freelancer moi gave up a lot of projects from November up to around July this year.  So I started to contact my old clients and checked if work was available.  I also placed bids in some freelancer haven of a website to get new projects.  Work started to come in slowly in August and September and now, God is good, I’m swamped.  So yeah, I’ve been really busy that I couldn’t even find time to flirt that much anymore.  Jeez!  The only time I get to touch myself even, is when I take a bath or after I pee!  But like any other woman, I don’t really feel that lacking. 

So yeah, I don’t make sense anymore.  But I needed to write something to keep me sane.  there you go.

I Can’t Write

18 10 2007

There are four posts sitting as drafts in my dashboard.  I can’t seem to finish anything here.  Nope, it’s not a writer’s block.  It’s just that I am doing so many things at the same time that sometimes this huge lump of flesh that I call my body cannot keep up.  Run, fingers, run!  While I can still catch up with my train of thoughts.  Jeez.  I give up.  I’ll get back to writing when I can get back to it.  Grrrrh.  You know that feeling when you want to say something only to forget about it when you’re about to say it and regardless of how hard you try you just can’t remember it?  Well, that’s what happened to my drafts.  Have you ever wanted to say something so badly only to stop and ask yourself what your point really is?  I’m my worst critic.  I mean, I don’t care much about how my blog looks or how my entries look or whether I used the right word or tense or punctuation or whether I should put diacritical marks where needed when it comes to my blog.  I do drool at some of the nicest and coolest blogs around in terms of content, honesty and design but I am not writing to prove anything but to try to have an outlet of sorts and to try to resurrect whatever creative energy left I have in my fingertips.  But regardless of how many times we say we don’t care, most of the time, we do.  And regardless of how many times we say we care, we don’t.  Whoever said I’m not complicated?  Tsk.  Now, let’s see.  What have I been doing that has triggered this psychotic episode?  Tsk. Hmm… let’s see.  I’m ghostwriting a memoir of a now successful and now American medical practitioner who used to be one of those boat people from Nam.  I’m also writing a dark, dark, gothic fantasy that would have been Stanley Kubrick’s wet dream of a movie.  My client’s concept kicks ass and I mean it really kicks ass!  I tried to look around for something similar online and offline but I can’t seem to find any.  Man!  And he’s younger than I am.  God, I hope he’ll sow the seeds of his loins into me so I can have dark, dark, gothic kids who can think like their father!  Jesus, what am I thinking!  And I have to sell those diecast action figures by thousands so I can get moolah before the Christmas rush begins.  I want to buy my mom something really nice.  And well, Papa never really cares for anything much anymore but his mango-flavored ice cream.  Now that explains why our electric bill is soaring higher than ever.  We’ve never run out of ice cream so we never get to turn off the friggin’ ref!  And my mom tells me it’s my aircon and not-super used but always turned on (hell, I hate that phrase!) desktop PC in the den! Hmph!  Oh well.  I love my mom and my dad whose speech handicap due to his stroke has never stopped him from making fun of people and of throwing profanities in the air.  Hehe.  And you should see our houseboy’s latest ‘do!  I mean, that Jimmy Neutron kid should be butchered for setting the trend for THAT hair.  But then again, it’s soooooooo last three years! I always say he should be arrested for illegal possession of deadly hair.  And my mom gets into some litany of this and that everytime he applies gel on his hair.  Hehehe.  I told her that she shouldn’t bash him so much, after all, what won’t hurt her won’t kill her.  Wrong move.  Just gave her the opening that she needed to counter punch.  The strong scent of the gel hurts her nostrils and his hair could accidentally stab her to death should they accidentally bump into each other around the house!  God!  My mom’s tongue isn’t really the sharpest but when she gets into it, she really digs in.  LOL.  So, now, I don’t really care if I’m making any sense at all.  I remember the height of Chico and Delamar’s fame when they were still in RX93.1 when Chico had this segment where he would talk about things that aren’t connected to one another but by the words in them.  I forget what it was called.  Oh well.  Guess I should get some sleep.  I’ll practice judo tomorrow.  I just might be able to use it someday.  I wonder if I can do verbal judo instead.  Hay life.  Goodnight world.

Rape It or Leave It

5 10 2007

As I said, I wanted to write some more about this after having been triggered by Snooky Serna‘s shocking disturbing revelation made me have one of those rare me-times.  I remember a few friends—girl friends.  In one way or another, they experienced the worst physical and sexual assault any woman could ever get—they got raped.  And much as I hate to think of it this way, I think I did too. 

One of the reasons why I was a huge fan of the late Raul Roco way before he became too “mainstream”, was his gender advocacy, and his landmark bills that later on became laws remain very helpful to every woman in the land.  Well, at least on paper.  He was the main man behind the amendment of the rape law in the Philippines—by making the definition of rape broader and ultimately changing it into a crime against persons from being just a crime of chastity.  The amendment to the provisions of the law already included marital rape, and both wife and husband may now be charged with rape. 

I’m not a lawyer.  I am not an expert on laws, implementing rules and regulations and any other legalese.  But I know one thing.  In this country, sexuality is governed by a lot of factors—social institutions like the Church, chauvinism, and most especially the culture of silence.  And because of that, violence against women is kept behind closed doors and bit lips. 

Back in UP, I hung out with a few girls who were really fun.  And fearless–or so I thought.  One of them once went out with a guy who still figures in the Philippine primetime TV.  This happened sometime in the late 90s.  After dinner, the guy drove the car around and parked in a dark secluded area.  They then started to make out.  After a few minutes, the girl stopped and asked him to stop as well.  Baffled, the guy looked at the girl and raised one of his eyebrows.  He told her to stop playing games and get on with it because he has another appointment in an hour.  The girl struggled and attempted to get out of the locked car (um, power locks were not really super common then, well, at least, not in our school!) but she couldn’t.  Not only was the place as black as the guy’s perineum, she didn’t know where they were and no one was in sight.  And so, she let him feast on her unwilling body.  The guy drove her home after that and they never saw each other again.  The girl kept it to herself until it became too hard to contain so she told us.  But made everybody swear never to say anything to anybody. 


1)  Though sexually “emancipated” we never knew that we should go to the hospital right away to get a rape kit.  And much as I was awed when Catherine made an improvised rape kit in one of CSI‘s episodes, that’s not really admissible in the court of law in the real world.

2)  The Anti-Rape Law was not yet a law. 

3) Telling people that you are raped means your reputation is torn into pieces.  In this part of the world, the victim is the one at fault for giving the suspect a MOTIVE!

4)  People would not believe her because she didn’t have any tangible evidence.  She didn’t have witnesses.  And she willingly went out with him to the point of even making out with him. 

Date rape is what it’s called but do people come out and sue their assailants?  Or even their boyfriends?  No.  Some tried to.  The Subic Rape Case is perhaps one of those but I can only speculate.

Another incident flashed in my mind, well, at least the story as told by my friend to me.  It was so graphic that I can’t help but get mental pix.  Influenced by the Kama Sutra and porn, her boyfriend told her to take him from behind.  While it’s not something really new, the girl wasn’t really into it and so she refused.  She tried to guide him, errr, lower (her back was to him).  But her boyfriend forcibly went into his preferred slot without any lube! Not only was it extremely painful, it was against her will and she couldn’t do anything because she was in a position where she couldn’t just run away and she was butt-naked in the guy’s bathroom.  The guy had his fill and took a shower.  She went out and dressed up.  It’s not at all like a movie scene where the girl cries in the shower after a rape sequence.  The guy apologized afterwards and as one’s youth can sometimes be one’s personal nemesis, my friend forgave the guy and although they never did it again, she found it so hard to forget the pain.  A few months later, she caught the guy cheating on her with one of their blockmates.  The nerve!

My ex-boyfriend and I used to tell each other that we should “rape” each other every now and then, for the kicks and well, the kinks.  And we used to, every now and then.  But it’s different when you “want” to be “raped” from being raped or even forced to do something that you can’t regardless of whether or not it’s sexual in nature. 

The best part of the Anti-Rape Law in the Philippines is that people in power who use that “power” to make you do the things that you don’t want to do can be sued and possibly get jailtime.  The worst part of the whole experience is when you can’t even do anything to stop it, and even when it has stopped, you can’t even talk about it…

Not even blog about it.

One Big Fight!

27 09 2007

I have long accepted the fact that the UP Fighting Maroons will NEVER win another championship.  Well, at least, we have entered the history logs once more as the team that has never won a game this season.  So, since the next best thing is to pick another team, I’ll just cheer for our neighbors, the Ateneo Blue Eagles. 

My previous post has reminded me of the game today.  LOL.  It’s gonna be bloody!  Hehe. 

It has also reminded me to repost a funny spoof of Harry Potter from Niel’s blog.  For the credits, please check his blog. 

Harry Potter Ateneo Version
(Background Music)
We stand on a hill
Between the earth and sky
– “Song For Mary,” Fr. James Rueter SJ
Chapter One: Before The Storm

Fr. Bienvenido Nebres SJ was just finishing the day’s work when Harry Potter, a senior of the Ateneo de Manila, burst into his office.

“Fr Nebres!” Harry shouted

“Harry!” a surprised Nebres said. “I thought you were out of school destroying the horcruxes to kill Lord Voldemort.”

“That’s what I wanted to tell you. I discovered that there are two horcruxes here in Ateneo itself. Voldemort has enlisted the help of the De La Salle University and the University of Santo Tomas. They are coming.”

“Don’t worry, Harry.” Nebres said “You know for a fact that Ateneo– its teachers and students — are more than capable of defending our Loyola campus. We will hold them off while you search for the horcruxes and destroy them. You will need this.” He waved of his wand and out of the air appeared a sword. “The sword of St. Ignatius.” Nebres said. “Powerful enough to destroy the two horcruxes.”

“Thank you, Father” Harry said. And with that, he sped off to find the last two things which protect Lord Voldemort.

Nebres then waved his wand once more and this time, four people appeared in his office. “Marlu, Rudy, Toby and Joey. The school is in danger”

Nebres then explained the situation to the four Deans of the Ateneo de Manila University.

“I want you to assemble all remaining students in the college covered courts. We must evacuate the freshmen through Marikina. The sophomore, junior and senior students may stay and fight if they want to. Next, I need you to assemble all the teachers, both part time and full time.”

Without a word, the four deans Disapparated and went on with their tasks. Nebres too Disapparated back to the Jesuit Residence and briefed the Society about the impending attack.

Fr. Adolfo Dacanay was the assigned to lead the Jesuits to battle “My team is ready to fight anytime anywhere. We will crush them!”

“Excellent.” Nebres said

After a few minutes, Nebres, the four Deans and some members of the faculty and administration gathered in Xavier Hall to discuss the battle plan.

“The School of Humanities can summon mythical creatures to help defend us.” Marlu Vilches said “The English Department professors are summoning creatures from Dante’s Inferno and Greek Mythology as we speak. The Filipino Department is summoning all the manananggals and white ladies from the haunted trees on campus”

“The Philosophy Department” interjected Fr. Ferriols “is summoning creatures from Meron pond right now. Those rascals will soon feel the wrath of Meron! Magiging WALA silang lahat! Konsepto lamang sila!”

“Now is the time to test the newest chemicals and inventions from our SEC laboratories.” Toby Dayrit said, “The Department of Environmental Science professors are enchanting the trees to life right now. We will purge them with the help of Mother Nature.”

“I have just received a call from MVP” Rudy Ang said “Reinforcements from Makati are coming soon.”

“My apples and sunshine are ready to fight as well” Tim Gabuna said. “Go CERSA!”

“I have just finished briefing my school. The Department of History is ready to fight. The Western history professors led by Dave Lozada and JoEd Tirol are summoning the three hundred Spartans and soldiers from the World War II to fight. Fr Bulatao and the Department of Psychology are locked inside the SocSci Conference room right now. They will use their psychic powers to toy with our enemy’s mind.”

“I have roused the athletes also.” Norman Black beside Ricky Palou said. “They are ready to put up One Big Fight with their super strength.”

A voice interrupted them. “I KNOW YOU ARE PREPARING TO FIGHT! You are no match for us! I have allied myself with the La Salle brothers and the Dominicans of UST. You cannot win against me, Jesuits. Push the limit! Animo Spirit! Give us Harry Potter and the sword of St. Ignatius and we will let you live! We will even let you win some of the games.”

Chapter Two: More Help

The Ateneans ignored the warning and instead began to prepare for the impending battle. A few minutes later, the voice shouted for a second time:

“I can see you are not listening! It is such a pity. What happened to your Prayer for Generosity? Give me Harry Potter and the Sword of St Ignatius. Give without counting the cost, you always say! You have until midnight. I also call on all students of La Salle Greenhills and La Salle Zobel. It is not too late. Come and join us. Convert! Repent!”

Fr. Dacanay, interrupting his briefing with his exorcists turned and said “The idiot is taking the prayer out of context. Besides, St Ignatius also said to fight without fear of being wounded. And we will do just that.”

Three figures — two women and a man — suddenly appeared. “We are from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology” said the man.

“Ricky Abad!” Fr. Nebres exclaimed.

“I brought with me our Department Chair Bopeep Saloma-Akpedonu. And this is Czarina Medina, one of our newest lecturers. We apologize for being late. We were preparing our I-bombs.”

“I-bombs? What are I-bombs?” Nebres asked.

“Ideology bombs. Once they detonate, they will spread false consciousness in the area — the La Salle brothers and the Tomasians will think they are winning. It is all false really. We will use their pride against them.”

“Excellent. Excellent.” Nebres said. “And here comes Andrew Ty and Mark Escaler for the Department of Communication.”

“Yes!” Escaler said “we will infiltrate their communication processes by adding “noise” and ambiguity between the message relay of the sender and the receiver so orders can be reversed and thwarted!”

“The creatures from my horror films are coming!” Andrew Ty said. “We will use them to our advantage!”

“Father President! Some people are coming!” somebody shouted.

Some five hundred people then Apparated out of nowhere. Wearing either red or white shirts, they marched towards Nebres. A young man then stepped forward.

“We are from the University of the Philippines.” said the young man. “For years, our academic communities have built a strong relationship with each other. We have shared professors. We went to rallies together. We have had our differences. Yes. But in the end, our similarities and accomplishments outweigh our differences… We are here to help! We are honored to fight with Ateneo once more!”

Cheers and applause errupted from all sides.

“Let’s make baka! Don’t be takot! Let’s make baka! Don’t be takot! Let’s make baka! Don’t be takot! Let’s make baba from the hill” the Ateneans cheered

Five minutes to midnight.

The School of Humanities stood with their mythical creatures summoned from the Classics, and the haunted trees and the gigantic swamp creatues from the Meron pond.

The John Gokongwei School of Management with their reinforcements from Makati, along with Venus Ibarra, Ricky Pilar and other professors.

The School of Science and Engineering with their mysterious inventions and weapons. The gigantic trees in the campus now walking sluggishly by their side.

The School of Social Sciences with their unique yet powerful defensive weapons; the Psychology Department ready for the psy-war.

The Ateneo Professional Schools ready to defend their Loyola-based counterparts; the two fraternities in the Law School forging a temporary alliance.

The Alumni, the D.A. (Dalandan’s Army), led by Benjie Laza and Mon Cualoping.

The statues of Tomas More, Horacio dela Costa, the Blue Eagle come to life.

The students from U.P.

Two horcruxes left.

Now all is still, where Loyola’s colors fly.

Chapter Three: One Big Fight


There was a burst of light emanating from the sky, brighter than the moon and the stars. What seemed like a horde of fireflies turned out to be arrows. Thousands of arrows. Tips on fire.

The arrows struck the Blue Eagle Gym. The oldest building in the University. The symbol of their athletic pride. Now aflame.

Toby Dayrit tossed a beaker of water to the burning building. He pointed his wand at the beaker now mid-air and shouted his spell “Magis.” The water transformed into a surf huge enough to douse the fire. The Blue Eagle Gym was safe.

The archers outside roared their disappointment. But they shot again, this time targeting the Erenchun soccer field where some of the Ateneans were camped. Nebres pointed his wand at the arrows raining from the sky and shouted his incantation “Cura personalis” and the thousand arrows turned into bubbles.

The Ateneans cheered. The first two attacks of the LaSallians and the Tomasians have been thwarted.

“You have had your fun, Ateneans.” a voice boomed. “Now it is time to get serious.”

Darkness suddenly enveloped the University. The enemy had sabotaged their electricity. Immediately all the Ateneans took out and flickered their wands, “Lux in Domino” they chanted. Light emanated from all the wands.

The illumination came just in time as suddenly a stampede crushed the fences between Gate 2 and Gate 2.5. The Ateneans have realized the magnitude of their danger: it was not just the LaSallians or even just the Tomasians they were confronting; the other schools were there as well. A thousand green archers were riding the backs of the giant tigers of UST. Charging with them were the giant tamaraws and a hundred warriors whose bodies were painted red war paint. Above, falcons were soaring in the sky.

“YOU FOUL THINGS, noh?” somebody from the Ateneo crowd shouted, charging at the stampede; it was Tessa Rosana “How dare you attack us, noh? You don’t know who you are dealing with, noh? TAKE THIS, noh?” She hit her gong with all her might. A powerful sound wave spread throughout the area knocking a hundred archers and animals out.

“Haha anoh?” she triumphantly yelled.

And so the other Ateneans started counterattacking as well. David Lozada and his 300 Spartans. The ROTC cadets. The mythical creatures of the School of Humanities. Dalandan’s Army.

Ricky Abad and the Department of Sociology soon deployed their Ideology Bombs prompting some of the LaSallians to cheer instead of fighting. They cheered, “strawberry shortcake nananananana.” instead of “Recticano! Recticano”. This allowed some of the Ateneans to easily knock the LaSallians out.

Somewhere near the Covered Courts, Norman Black was briefing his team, “Nonoy. I want you here. Chris, here. Jai, there. Alright? Any questions.”

“Aaaaah! GOD DAMN IT!” a raspy voice screamed. It was Joe Lipa, former coach of the Blue Eagles, who arrived with the contingent from UP. “Just charge! Attack them! Now!” And so they did.

The LaSalle brothers and Francisco of UST were outside, watching the battle, waiting for their turn to strike.

A handful of LaSallians were found trotting back to their base.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?” Francisco yelled.

“You told us to retreat!” the archer said.

“You idiot! That’s just Escaler and Bulatao toying with your minds! Go back! That’s it! I am joining the battle!”

She then stepped forward lifted her two arms and shouted “Tiger Power! Raar! Tiger Power! Raar!” The LaSalle brothers thought she had lost her mind. But then she suddenly transformed into a giant tigress, twice larger and fiercer than the ordinary tigers. Seeing their comrade ready and willing to fight, the LaSallians cheered.

“HOY!” Goldie the Tiger roared “NO CHEERING DURING BATTLE! NO CHEERING!” Then she advanced.

Her first target was Fr. Dacanay who was busy exorcising some of the archers and paralyzing them.

“FATHER! Behind you!”

Quickly, Dacanay whirled and performed his own counterattack “Expellus Inferius” blasting her into the middle of the Erenchun field, knocking her out.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!” The La Salle brothers shouted upon seeing their comrade down. “It is time we even the score.”

The earth began to quake. And out of the night came a gigantic robot. It was DLRT; the LaSallians had transformed and brought the LRT-1 which passed Taft Avenue into a robot.

DLRT was making quick work of the Ateneans and their creatures– crushing the mythical creatures here and there, tossing the trees brought to life by the Department of Environmental Science.

“Let us not lose hope!” Nebres said. “We are after all committed to hope.”

“Now is not the time to talk about GK, Father!” somebody said.

“I am not talking about GK. I am talking about SECtor.”

He pointed his wand the Science Education Complex. The building shook and assembled itself into a robot. SEC A was the head and the torso. SEC B became the left arm and leg and SEC-C became the right.

“Mang Freddie!” Nebres called.

“I am ready, Father!” shouted Freddie the man in charge of Escaler Hall which has now become the control room SECtor.

“Attack, Freddie! One Big Fight.”

DLRT was no match and quickly collapsed under the strength of SECtor.

“Fr Nebres!” Harry Potter appeared. “Two horcruxes have been destroyed!”

“Animo La Salle!” “Animo La Salle!” “Animo La Salle!”

There were screams of terror. The LaSalle brothers had entered the battle. They were using their most dangerous spell: The Animo LaSalle — the Killing Curse!

Finale: The Animo Wand

Ateneans were dropping dead left and right. The Animo La Salle curse was unblockable. Some of the more veteran teachers provided extra defense and protection to the students but most of their efforts were futile.

Dacanay and his Jesuit team however managed to stun a few archers.

Victory however seemed far-fetched. Francisco had been revived from the Stunning Spell by Dacanay. Back in human form, she was battling Jai Reyes, Kirk Long and Chris Tiu at the same time. While the players were certainly skillful, Francisco was able to block all spells launched by the Blue Eagles.

Francisco pointed her wand at Chris Tiu and shouted “Animo La Salle!” But the curse missed him by an inch.

“Not Chris Tiu you BIATCH!” somebody shouted; it was Achoot Cuyegkeng. “Out of my way! Out of my way! FRANCISO’S MINE!”

Francisco laughed. ” You are no match for me! I am the greatest servant of the Dominicans! What’s gonna happen to your Loyola Schools after I kill you?! What’s gonna happen to your Blue Eagles after I kill Chrissy?”

“You will never touch any of our students again!!” Cuyegkeng said.

Francisco laughed. And with her unerring skill as jack-of-all-trades professor Cuygekeng sent a Stunning Curse at her opponent. The curse hit her squarely on the chest, knocking her out once more.

“Enough!” Harry shouted. “Voldemort! Where are you? You have been using the LaSallians and the other schools to come after me. Where are you?”

“I am here, Potter.” a voice hissed. The voice came from Bro. Armin.

“Brother Armin?”

“No! I am Voldemort! Armin is my past, present and future. See?” he wrote the word Armind then with a flicker of his wand the word became Voldemort.

“I don’t get it.” Harry said

“Ako rin!” an Atenean said.

“Ha? Can you make ulit?” another one shouted.

“How did Armin became Voldemort?”

“Bai, nalibog na ko!” A Cebuano Atenean shouted.

“Bah! Never mind! Anyone knows the LaSallians can’t spell. So anyway, I stunned Armin a few days ago and using his name and face I used the school and all the other schools to come and find you!”

“But you are too late. I destroyed all the horcruxes”

“No, Potter. I win. You see, while I was Bro. Armind. I was able to find the long lost and most powerful wand in the entire world– the Animo Wand! And you will be its first victim!”

“Are you kidding me, Tom?” Harry said “Don’t you get it? The wand chooses the school. The Animo wand does not belong to La Salle! It belongs to the Ateneo.”

“No! You are the fool! The LaSallians have been cheering Animo La Salle for such a long time. The LaSallians truly own the wand and since I am a LaSallian for now, I own it. Die Potter die!”

“But you see, Riddle, you did not review University histories. If you did, you would know that the Ateneans used Animo Ateneo first. And they still use it now. There is even a website right now named AnimoAteneo.com . The Ateneans have reclaimed Animo Ateneo!”


“So. It comes down to this isn’t it?” Harry whispered “Does your wand know that its original owner still values it? If it does, I AM THE TRUE MASTER OF THE ANIMO WAND!”

Voldemort points his wand at Harry who in turn has prepared for the final duel.

“ANIMO LA SALLE!” Voldemort shouted.

“OH! GET. THAT. WAND!” Harry shouted.

The curse rebounded and hit Voldemort instead of Harry who caught the Animo Wand with his other hand. Cheers from the Ateneans and even some La Sallians, who realized that they were duped were all around.

That morning both Ateneo and La Salle forged a cease fire, a temporary one because the next day was the Ateneo-La Salle basketball championship. Francisco who was revived after hours of being stunned by Dacanay and Cuyegkeng decided to lift the “No Cheering!” rule during time out. However, she still flinches whenever Dacanay (or any Jesuit for that matter) would approach her.

There were however, a group of La Sallians who disagreed with having a cease fire. They believed that the death and defeat of Voldemort was unfair so they decided to file a protest. This was later junked due to lack of merit.

Epilogue. Nineteen years later.

It was the day of the ACET.

Harry Potter was accompanying his son Ben.

“Dad! What if I fail the ACET and end up in DLSU?”

Harry looked at his son and said “Bienvenido Adolfo! You were named after two of the most powerful Jesuits in the country. One of them is a good friend of ours. In fact he was the one who officiated our marriage.”

“But… but… so what if I DO fail the ACET and end up in DLSU?”

Eh di bobo ka talaga! Harry thought. But he didn’t say that. “But we will still love you as our son!” Harry said. “Alright. Your test starts in a few minutes. Make us proud. One Big Fight.”