24 04 2015

I never gave it much thought because I just went ahead and did it—freefall.

I continue to fall further.  I have no fear until I have gotten so far too deep into the plunge.  I have come to realize that while the fall is everything that I could ever have hoped for, I will eventually reach the bottom.  And when I do, I will be shattered.  And by then, there won’t be any chance of healing.

But what scares me most was not the full stop.  It is that big realization of how far I am willing to go for someone.

One great fall.  The one great fall.

But Remnants

12 12 2014

I fell in love and hard.
In a way even I could not begin to fathom.
With depth that defies fathoms.
But something happened and it shattered my being..  and changed everything, tipped the balance and spilled some ounces of love out.

Despite all that and then some, I still love you in ways still indescribable and still immeasurable.

Can you just imagine how much that love when it first started really was? Bet you can’t.

But you chose to test and disrespect that love. And it hurts no one else but me and you. Me because I’m only human. And you because deep within you, you know no one can love you as much.


29 11 2014

They say if you can’t be alone, you’re not supposed to be in a relationship because you’ll just confuse wanting to be with someone with fixing loneliness.  See, I like being alone.  And the past few weeks have reminded me how much I love being alone.  But I long for you.

I have done everything I could to amuse myself and I have been amused.  But when I laugh out loud, I think of you.

When I am working and listening to Iggy Azalea, all of a sudden, my playlist gets shuffled and I hear Falling.

I wish you wouldn’t be so goddamn stubborn and just come back to me.

But then again, I can’t really force someone who is no longer interested to come back.  Love isn’t enough, darling.

So I guess some songs will have to be removed from the playlist and I just need to get busier.


10 11 2014







to realize….





oh hell, definitely not.


no one


no one

has ever




the -est of things


and with




you made me












see you in another lifetime.





another 9.



Video Scandals

2 08 2014

I can understand being brazen and daring—and maybe adventurous when it comes to sexual encounters. But to be so reckless that after some time it pops out of nowhere? That’s called being uber-irresponsible.

Best Fit—Not!

2 08 2014

~ I’ve always looked at challenges as opportunities to learn but I also understand and acknowledge that some things simply suit others better than they do me.

And Then Some

23 10 2013

It all boils down to loving freely and embracing everything that comes with it.  
It’s all about meeting halfway.

It’s all about giving your all without expecting anything in return.

But I do expect something and every now and then, the pain of knowing you are not deemed deserving of such gets unbearable. 

Some wants are too powerful they become real needs.